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Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by murphywmm, Oct 20, 2017.

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    Greater Vancouver
    Wishing you all the good luck @Vinowino but
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    You're presuming they know or care where NZ is. Amazon. AU coming soon so try that.
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    Another update to my previous two, #23 & #25.
    Well, just 6 days since I returned the Geo Disc to amazon.
    Box arrived this morning with new Disc. This time in cardboard box about 10cm (4 inch approx) deep and disc protected with that large bubble stuff.
    I am pleased . Really, it should have been like this first time, but I must commend Amazon for quickly fixing this issue.
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    I ordered a CD a few days ago with my Prime account. It was supposed to be delivered yesterday and I logged into my account to track the package I noticed it said Purilator was delivering it. All my other orders have been through Canada Post. I searched the shipping number on the Purilator website and it's being held for 5 days at a location 2 cities and a 45 min drive away. I called Puriltor and they rescheduled a delivery for Tuesday. Not sure Amazon is using them now for delivery of small packages.
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    Call Amazon and tell them you're unhappy and they will extend your Prime a month, if you try really hard maybe 2 months.
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    Purilator didn't attempt to deliver, instead sent it to another location that's slightly closer, 1 city and 30 minutes away. Amazon extended my Prime a month and credited my account $10 since I picked it up. Hopefully this isn't how they will be delivering things now.
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    The fact that you mentioned this as being a "shockingly bad" experience means that you are used to amazon being good. Which they are. You also got your money back no questions asked. They're a great company, you just had a shockingly bad experience. Stay a member
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