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Singer with great voices that smoke cigarettes

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by jakobian1946, Jun 7, 2011.

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  1. Greg1954

    Greg1954 New Member

    I think Jo Stafford smoked until she was older. In candid pics on into the 1960's you can maybe catch her with a cigarette. Never seemed to be evident in her voice, and she had one the smoothest sounding voices off all pop singers.

    They used to often smoke straights (unfiltered) in those days, too. Like Billie Holiday in the above pic.
  2. paulmock

    paulmock Forum Resident

    Hollywood, CA
    Legend has it that Tony Bennet was quite the smoker until his good friend Nat Cole passed away from cancer. Tony quit soon thereafter.
  3. Chris Gerhard

    Chris Gerhard Well-Known Member

    Joe Jackson must still be a smoker.
  4. cabowabodude5150

    cabowabodude5150 Well-Known Member

    joe elliot of def leppard smoked for years. i heard in an interview around 2004 or so, that he quit. that's probably why he has put on a bit of weight. i don't know if it's his age or the smoking that took away his upper range. he still has a good voice, just can't hit those high notes like he used to.

  5. pantofis

    pantofis Well-Known Member

    Berlin, Germany
    I always found it odd that once Paul McCartney gave up cigarettes around the early 80'es his voice began growing gruff, thin and screechy... When I think of it, all the Beatles had fantastic voices when they were smoking!
  6. Pureprairie1972

    Pureprairie1972 New Member

    USA Heartland
    Jim Morrison was up to nearly 3 packs a day by the time of recording LA Woman compared to the earlier Doors days when he would just bum the occasional cig at a concert.
  7. ziggysane

    ziggysane Active Member

    Jackson, MI
    He was pretty militant about it a few years ago, so I'm guessing he'll continue to the bitter end.
  8. Done A Ton

    Done A Ton Forum Member

    St. George, KS
    Ryan Adams
  9. lpecucci

    lpecucci Member

    John Lydon!....and he's one of my all time fave singers!!

    also Zevon,Cobain,Joey Ramone,David Johansen,Pete Doherty & Carl Barat.....
  10. keifspoon

    keifspoon Forum Resident

    New Jersey, USA
    Huh? :confused: That's called youth.
  11. Baldoni

    Baldoni New Member

    Vancouver, Canada
  12. pool_of_tears

    pool_of_tears Music Appreciator

    Eastern Iowa
  13. Dark_Globe

    Dark_Globe New Member

    North Carolina
    Damon Albarn still smokes, and his voice is as great as it has ever been. Hell, I'd argue that it's gotten better, but not necessarily because of him smoking.

    Gotta love his cigarette trick
  14. keifspoon

    keifspoon Forum Resident

    New Jersey, USA
    And statistics show that heavy smokers get more severe colds and more respiratory illnesses. :shh:
  15. blind_melon1

    blind_melon1 Forum Resident

    Another one is Beth Gibbons from Portishead, she smokes often through performances too!
  16. Rosskolnikov

    Rosskolnikov Designated Cloud Yeller

    Believe it or not: Jon Anderson. Although I'm not sure if he still does after the near-death respiratory failure.
  17. Belsnickel

    Belsnickel Forum Resident

    Hitsville USA
    As I mentioned earlier, he smoked well into the 70's. It's curious too considering that he was always considered "frail". Of course, that affirmative band were really into weed according to Eddie Offord, if you trust his memory.
  18. keifspoon

    keifspoon Forum Resident

    New Jersey, USA
    When John Cougar Mellencamp sang "And I can breathe in a small town", I had a hard time believing him. Especially since he was a 5 pack a day smoker at the time. :confused:
  19. ssmith3046

    ssmith3046 Forum Resident

    Someone named Nat King Cole but I'd thought I'd throw in that he was a KOOL smoker. Smooth!
  20. Vidiot

    Vidiot See It in Dolby Vision!

    Hollywood, USA
    I did the video mastering on all of Cole's NBC 1950s shows, and I was struck by the fact that he was smoking in quite a few segments on the show. Very sad.

    I'm dumbfounded that anybody who depends on their voice for their livelihood (as a singer, actor, or announcer) would smoke anything.

    Mellencamp did an interview on the Howard Stern radio show some years back, and insisted on smoking during the interview because of his nerves. (Despite the fact that it's against the law to smoke indoors in NYC.) Howard pointed out that Mellencamp had already had one heart attack, but he shrugged and said, "I've cut down." :sigh:

    Note that John is about to get remarried to actress Meg Ryan, according to the tabloids...
  21. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    well could it be that they like to? Why do people force their beliefs onto others?...

    we still have a choice of what we can do..or do we?

    he lived his life the way he wanted...too bad for us.

    I am so sick and tired of hearing those smoke free this and that...

    how about STOP CONSUMING ALCHOL...haven't heard a word EVER on any form of media pertaining to that killer...I lost a half dozen friends to that demon...:realmad:
  22. Dark_Globe

    Dark_Globe New Member

    North Carolina
    ^agreed 100 percent.
  23. ceevert

    ceevert Well-Known Member

    Fullerton, CA, USA
    Maybe I should just be blatantly hostile: this thread is the biggest bunch of nonsense I've ever seen. So many contributors picking apart so many great artists on what MIGHT have been and disregarding what MIGHT NOT have been. Who on this forum is fit to judge how different any artist's voice might have been with or without their smoking habits? Voices change, regardless. That someone smoked - or didn't - throughout their entire life may or may not be an important factor in the quality/range of their voice after many years. But who is to judge? The music is what matters.
  24. Baldoni

    Baldoni New Member

    Vancouver, Canada
    You really buy that? It used to be a common excuse for him, but it stopped working a long time ago.
  25. Michael

    Michael I LOVE WIDE S-T-E-R-E-O!

    and you are surprised by this?:laugh:
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