Sleeve City and Backordered items.

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    I hate doing complaint threads.

    The moral to this story, If Sleeve City tells you an item is out of stock, cancel that item or be ready for an endless loop of waiting. If you want to read the whole story go ahead, but its me venting.

    Last January 6th I placed an order for some inner an outer record sleeves from Sleeve City. I payed with Paypal. On January 9th they sent me an email that 1 item was out of stock and would not be in stock for 12-14 weeks. I could modify my order, or leave it as is. I chose to leave it as is and wait. Funds had already been sent from Paypal to Sleeve City.

    Today I check my order status and discover more items from my order are now out of stock. I send sleeve city and email to verify the status of the original item and ask if my other items are held or now out of stock. I receive a response that the original item will arrive in 2-3 weeks, but the other items now out of stock will not be available for 8-12 weeks. No guarantee that other items will not go out of stock, or that they will set aside items for my order. As of now, according to Sleeve City 75% of my order is out of stock, their website shows 100% is out of stock.

    I email again because I want to cancel my entire order, and be refunded through Paypal.

    I have received an email stating the order is cancelled. the order is no longer visible in my account, no mention of the refund.

    I have not received a refund. I have emailed them again about the refund, they say 24-48 hrs... Is this reasonable? Remember, the order appears to be completely erased from my account. Should I file through Paypal as a friendly reminder to them?
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  2. Rentz

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    man that stinks. i've learned the hard way when offered a refund or wait, take the refund.
  3. grsmnkey

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    New Hampshire
    Ok Update:

    Because my order was no longer view-able (I don't know how their system works), I sent them a friendly reminder through PayPal so they could actually find the transaction.
    I was refunded in 20 minutes.

    But again, if they tell you an item is out of stock...cancel that item, or be stuck in limbo.
  4. Reese

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    I'm sorry you had a problem. I feel compelled to mention that I have consistently received excellent products and customer service from Sleeve City over the years and would view your experience as an aberration. I would, however, take Rentz' advice to heart.
  5. grsmnkey

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    New Hampshire

    Yep, I have ordered from them before. No Problems. I just wanted other people to avoid the particular problem I had. I would still recommend them and their products, just with the proviso of not holding an order with back ordered products. I only cancelled because I would be in an endless loop and most of my order was now on back order. The rather terse replies I received did not help.
  6. sberger

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    I use their Diskeeper inner sleeves but I order them through Amazon Prime. Free same day delivery.
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    It's not unusual for a PayPal refund to take 24-48 hours if you made the original payment through a vendor's web site (as opposed to paying them directlyt from your PayPal account web page).

    What does seem strange here is this rotating cycle of things being out of stock - from your original post in this thread, it sounds like they didn't send out any of the items in your order, and so while they were waiting for the sleeves to come in, other items in your order went out of stock.

    If I have that right, then I have to ask why they didn't immediately send the other items out in January when they were in stock, and just send you the sleeves when they came in? If they didn't want to send your order in multiple shipments (because it would cost them more money to do so), then they should have held your in-stock items for you until the out-of-stock ones came in.
  8. grsmnkey

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    New Hampshire

    Their first email to me indicated that 1 item (7" sleeves) were out of stock and, to avoid separate shipping costs, they would not ship the order would be held until the sleeves came in. I could cancel the 7" sleeves and they would have shipped the remaining items immediately. I was fine with them holding the order, I was in no rush.

    What you stated is correct. They did not hold the items that were currently in-stock for my order. I received no response as to why this happened.

    Like I said lesson learned. I should have cancelled the 7" sleeves months ago.
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    If they didn't make it clear that they wouldn't hold your other items while waiting for the 7" sleeves to come in, then they did not give you the necessary information to make an informed decision about whether or not to cancel that portion of the order. Like you say, that's a lesson learned - but it's also not a good practice on their part.
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