Smashing Pumpkins' classic line up recording a new album & tour*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by ponkine, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. soniclovenoize

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    Read the texts folks.

    She has a shoulder injury and possibly needs surgery, wouldn't meet the band because of "health problems".

    Sorry D'arcy, I love you but gimme a friggin break.
  2. marblesmike

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    Philadelphia, PA
    Yeah, having just read the text messages, it sounds a lot like WPC is being very accommodating and doing whatever he can to get D'arcy involved in the tour/album.
  3. daveidmarx

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    And I prefer to listen to it with all the original Aeroplane songs mixed into the line-up! This makes for three 79 minute discs:

    Disc One
    Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness
    Tonight, Tonight
    Clones (We're All)
    Here Is No Why
    You're All I've Got Tonight
    Bullet With Butterfly Wings
    ...Said Sadly
    To Forgive
    **** You (An Ode To No One)
    Jupiter's Lament
    Cupid De Locke
    Mouths Of Babes

    Disc Two
    Porcelina Of The Vast Oceans
    Medellia Of The Gray Skies
    Take Me Down
    Rotten Apples
    Where Boys Fear To Tread
    Tribute To Johnny
    Marquis In Spades
    Destination Unknown
    Meladori Magpie
    In The Arms Of Sleep
    The Boy
    Set The Ray To Jerry
    Tales Of A Scorched Earth
    Thru The Eyes Of Ruby
    The Bells

    Disc Three
    The Aeroplane Flies High (Turns Left, Looks Right)
    We Only Come Out At Night
    A Night Like This
    My Blue Heaven
    Lily (My One And Only)
    The Last Song
    By Starlight
    Tonite Reprise
    Farewell And Goodnight
    Pastichio Medley
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  4. bek0727

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    If anything, Billy is giving her the go ahead for D'arcy to do as much or as little as she can do, which is extremely kind. To me, those texts look like he's concerned about her well-being, but also wants the tour to go as planned, so he has a backup bassist (who will be playing most of the time).

    My impression is that she's a little overconfident that she can do this massive tour w/ her injury, a history of substance abuse and years of anger toward Billy. I really hope she can get herself together to just make it work. Like in the texts, he pretty much says (and I'm very much paraphrasing) — "If you can do it, let's do it — but no worries if you're in pain, etc. — we have Jeff to make it work either way."

    It's clear he wants her there, but she has a not-so-great history w/ the band, and Billy just wants some assurance that arguably the biggest moment for SP in the past 20 years is about to happen w/o a hitch.

    He's taking the high road. She should be embarrassed for sharing those texts.
  5. amoergosum

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    If you read the texts, you would have noticed that she doesn't need surgery:


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  6. soniclovenoize

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    If you read my post, you would have noticed I said "possibly".
  7. Vern

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    This is exactly why I asked a page or so back whether she still plays bass for fun. I would imagine it'll take her a serious amount of practice to get up to scratch for a big tour if she hasn't really seriously played the bass in recent years.
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  8. Vince Gill

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    2018: the year we give Billy Corgan the benefit of the doubt for possibly not being a jerk...
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  9. Wild Frank

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    Wow. I'm gonna sync that up as three playlists and give it a listen. Set the Ray to Jerry is such a cool song.
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  10. Almost Simon

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    Very cool.

    I have the original Aeroplane box but never got the deluxe version, which I do have all of albums prior to this. Not sure what I am missing, should've got that when price was reasonable.
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  11. Adam Bosman

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    Following the drama, it's tough for me to take D'arcy too seriously. No one has heard from her for years. She hasn't released music for years. The texts show Corgan at least made SOME attempt to accommodate her. Now she's blasting social media with her grievances.

    It's frustrating that THIS is the news. Not that SP is going to release new music and tour or whatever. James, Jimmy AND Jeff! Wonderful. I personally couldn't care less who plays bass.
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  12. telepicker97

    telepicker97 Got Any Gum?

    Well, to be fair, that IS the classic lineup...
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  13. Runicen

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    I'm still looking for the point that Corgan comes out looking like crap here.

    Honestly, classic lineup or no, were I him - dealing with a former friend/co-musician whom I hadn't seen in nearly two decades, much less played with - I wouldn't have been nearly as open to accommodation as it seems he was. Not sure what got up D'arcy's nose about this exchange. What was she expecting? "Oh, you were such an integral part of the musical makeup of this band that you could show up with an out of tune bass missing three strings and it'd still be amazing?"
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  14. GuidedByJonO)))

    GuidedByJonO))) Forum Resident

    Yeah, I'm shocked to see that Billy is actually coming across as the better guy in those exchanges. I don't think it quite tells the story D'arcy was hoping it did. And trust me, I'm no Billy defender. As much as his music meant to me from 1992 to about 2004 or so, he's pulled some pretty despicable crap over the years and lost a lot of the goodwill I had for him. Until those text messages, I'd been pretty much Team D'arcy based on other things he's done, but this reveals that maybe it's not as much his fault as I'd imagined.

    Now if only we could do something about the conspiracy theory kick he's been on....
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  15. drbryant

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    A “Steven Adler” role is exactly what I posted somewhere in this thread. It’s the best they can do, and the fans would understand. Even if she’s over the drugs, she seems a bit, errr, unstable?

    Frankly, I think it’s great publicity that she’s publishing the texts, airing her grievances, etc. Now, everyone is aware that they’ve got something in the works and will be heading out on the road.
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  16. telepicker97

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  17. marblesmike

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    Who cares what his current "political" beliefs are? Not every celeb needs to be a SJW.

    Also, I think a lot of reputation Corgan has garnered may be the result of the excessive bitterness hurled his way since he's the creative mind behind 90% of the SP product.

    As much as I'm happy James is back in the fold and as much as I'd like to see D'arcy reunite with them, their contributions to the original run of SP albums are pretty slim.
  18. GuidedByJonO)))

    GuidedByJonO))) Forum Resident

    I never said anything about "politics", nor "SJW". I couldn't care less about his political leaning, but some of the really fringe, easily debunked stuff he's spouted off rubs me the wrong way.
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  19. Vince Gill

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    There's like a 30% chance that all of this was orchestrated by Billy to be like a wrestling feud and this is exactly how D'arcy is involved in this reunion...
  20. GuidedByJonO)))

    GuidedByJonO))) Forum Resident

    Heh, I had that thought. Is this Billy the wrestling booker? D'arcy will walk out triumphantly on stage anyway! :laugh:
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  21. Runicen

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    If she doesn't clock him with a folding chair, I'm not sold.
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  22. Vince Gill

    Vince Gill Forum Resident

    Hoping this ends with Jimmy turning on him and stealing his NWA title belt...
  23. marblesmike

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    Philadelphia, PA
    That's why I said "political" in quotes since there's a lot of crossover.
  24. dobyblue

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    Those texts are incomplete so it's hard to really gauge what's happening with that gap in between the penultimate and final pics.

    Does read to me like once D'arcy said she'd be good to go and doesn't need surgery, that Billy pulls a full 180 and distances himself from the original vibe of "we want you involved in the tour however you'd like to be involved. It would mean A LOT to fans if you are up on stage every night"
  25. Edwin Hawley

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    I agree. Billy's coming off as disingenuous. If he was serious about having Darcy involved, he would have met with her privately months ago. Big mistake throwing out feelers when he was clearly on the fence about it from the beginning.

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