Smashing Pumpkins' classic line up recording a new album & tour*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by ponkine, Nov 14, 2017.

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  2. That's what I got from it too.
    The moment she said she didn't need surgery, his vibe completely changed.
    I don't think he had any intention of including her fully and should never have strung her along like that.
    He wanted her to appear for a couple of songs every night, like some kind of added attraction.
    He made it sound like he was being so kind too.
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    Well, to be fair, she hasn’t been part of the band for 20 years. BC doesn’t really owe her squat.
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  4. Absolutely, but he doesn't need to string her along either.
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    A Perfect Circle has a new album coming out and dates booked in April and May. I assume James will be on that tour. So, we’re probably looking at July at the earliest, perhaps the fall. If it’s three of them, I’m definitely in. Jimmy is critical, and a ay what you want about James’ contributions. The bottom line is that on all the music that matters to the general public - from the early days to the final Machina tour, he and Billy were the constants. Besides, he can play and more importantly, still looks the same - long, lanky and cool, bent over his guitar. Visual presentation is important for a live show.

    They should interview James about D’Arcy. I bet that he would have some stories to tell. Talk about dodging a bullet!
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    Basically, nobody knows how well she can play now. I think it’s totally unreasonable to expect Billy Corgan to offer her the position without having heard her play a note after nearly 20 years. He’s being cautious as he should be. Wouldn’t it be horrible for Smashing Pumpkins and D’arcy if she was stinking it up on bass every night?
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    Considering that D'arcy's goal is to make BC look bad, I'm left to assume nothing would have been left out if it served her case.

    I'm a little weirded out by how quickly this has become a three ring circus with D'arcy talking to every news outlet that'll have her. First, there were the inconclusive text exchanges that made her look weirder than BC, and now we have this article where there's all this stuff about, "Well, he didn't say, but you know he meant it because of how he is." All this trumpeting about how healthy she is (better than the other guys, in fact) and all I can think of are people I've known who got into drug use who got into these weird, self-justifying rambles about how, "It's not really a problem, some people are just judgmental."

    Maybe I'm projecting, but she comes off sounding like a hot mess to me here. Also, it's kind of damning that James doesn't talk to her by her own admission but somehow he's back in touch with BC... If anyone was going to get frozen out, I'd have assumed it was BC, not D'arcy.
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    Reading that article, it's kind of amazing she's still alive, to be honest.
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    Or bailing out on shows last minute or whatever. These kinds of tours are expensive and it doesn't seem like anyone really knows how reliable D'arcy will be. It would be a risky financial decision to market an album or tour around her inclusion.

    That's what I am getting out of all this at least...
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    That article, while awesome in a Jerry Springer kind of way, does nothing to help D’arcy’s case that she’s reliable enough to be a part of a major arena reunion tour...
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    I think this tour will be like Soundgarden. Couple big shows then it's mid size venue and packaged shed tours that are the same as Billy plays. I just don't think promoters want to throw money at them, with the possible exception of Lolla Chicago. It's been 2 years since the 3 of them appeared onstage together in LA and every promoter in the world had the chance to make an offer, with Billy admitting he's been motivated by money in recent memory.

    The catalog is strong enough to warrant big venues if you played the right cards, but Billy being Billy will form how this plays out.
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    I see everyone here forgot about D'Arcy's 10 minute radio interview in 2009.
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    Wow, unbelievable amount of drama here. Have to admit, looking forward to the new smashing pumpkins lp and tour!
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    D'arcy is 2018's Bill Ward.
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    holy **** i just read all that! finally the truth comes out.
    She had a huge resentment against billy,
    She has now overcome that. But to get her to agree. Billy himself has to ask her to do it and spell it out exactly "darcy will you play bass for me?"
    But billy could never do that she says because who knows(we need billy's side). Darcy thinks it's because Billy doesn't even want her there. It's the fans that do. not him.
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    Listen to the audio clips--they're sort of like Scott Weiland's last interviews. They're both aware and cognizant and can remember details but they sound so distant and dull.

    (Not trying to imply that D'arcy is at death's door here--but she's clearly a bit impaired. Everybody is probably better off that she won't be touring.)
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    This Brett Buchanan guy strikes me as kind of a sleazy charcter. I realize D'arcy is an adult and can make her own decisions, but it's obvious she's kind of a fragile person and this whole saga with the texts and now the audio just seems kind of exploitative.
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  22. I agree, It would be horrible if she couldn’t play well enough.
    The arrangement should have been “let’s get together and jam, see how it goes”. Billy should have offered nothing else to begin with, but that’s not what he did. It’s clear her never wanted her to fully participate, regardless of how well she can play. To offer so much and then backslide is unreasonable, in my opinion.
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    Billy couldn't even be bothered to meet her during the last two years in order to see if she's still able to play bass like she used to.
    He wasn't interested in giving her a chance to show him that she's capable of a full reunion. If he met her a couple of times, he would have been able to see how she's doing musically, physically and mentally.

    "He would never invite me, but he told me that it didn’t happen. He said that I was invited to do all of this stuff, and that I said later, later, later. There was only one thing that was later, later, later, that I had invited him to come out to my farm. He never invited me to his house ever to meet his girlfriend or his son, nothing."
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    How Not To Do A Reunion In 12 Sloppy Steps
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    Yeah, I'm avoiding visiting any links related to it. It all comes across as a deliberately created drama for website clicks.

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