Some ebay sellers just don't get it.

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Majestyk, Dec 4, 2017.

  1. Majestyk

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    Sony DVP-S7000 27242518780 | eBay

    A 20 year old DVD player for $1000 plus $80 shipping with "tentative shipping in January 2018". If it wasn't for the fact that this unit makes a relatively good CD player, it would best be used as a door stop.

    BTW, the going rate of these Sony's is around $20 to $40.
  2. tmtomh

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    I agree $1000 is nuts. There do seem to be some special/rare versions - in champagne gold and gunmetal grey, with some kind of outboard remote/editor/shuttle-dial unit - going for $400-$500.
  3. DRM

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    I have wondered before what the rationale is for pricing some items WAY above what they are worth.

    It crossed my mind that it could be some type of accounting/tax/financial/insurance scheme.
  4. InStepWithTheStars

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    "Higher price = higher quality" - "I can get this for $1000 and never have to buy another DVD player again!"
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  5. aoxomoxoa

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    Dayton ohio
    It says you can make an offer. Maybe that’s what the seller expects? Seems pretty dumb to me though
  6. live evil

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    I’ve thought the same thing myself. I only buy cd’s on eBay (I’m about to stop - but that’s another story....), but I’ve notice some crazy prices recently. The volume of this seems to
    Have shot up recently.
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