Some of the 1960s teenybopper stuff is actually really good!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Joshua277456, Nov 25, 2014.

  1. CliffL

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    I'm a 1974 graduate and I felt the same way...the top 40 stations in those days played virtually every genre and all I cared about was whether a given song was good or not by my standards. I dig a lot of
    Lesley Gore too!
  2. trumpet sounds

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  3. ReadySteady

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    Damn, didn't know they were going for that much now. I bought a mono California Nights for about 8 buck (not mint, but plays fine) a few years back. But that's nothing, I was able to snag a near-mint mono copy of I'll Cry if I Want To for 99 cents at a flea market.
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  4. Michael P

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    Well when you see who produced and co-wrote the song, it no wonder: The late great Bob Crewe!
  5. Michael P

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    1967 is when Mercury started experimenting with mono labeled LP's with stereo disks inside. If the dead-wax has "2/6xxxx" for the catalog number the "mono" LP will actually play in stereo. I have a "mono" Blues Magoos "Psychedelic Lollypop" that plays stereo.

    All of you with mono copies check you dead-wax!

    The stereo sounds great, unlike other records from the same era.
  6. zen

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    60's....70's....80's....even this century. There's good "teenybopper" stuff in them their hills. :tiphat:
  7. Driver 8

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    And, of course, the Beatles' first two albums were loaded with covers of American girl groups and Motown artists from the supposedly "terrible" '60-'63 era that they came to save us from.
  8. Driver 8

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    70s hit/Top 40 radio was so wonderful in that regard. The diversity of what you would hear from song to song was amazing.
  9. Chip TRG

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    The CALIFORNIA NIGHTS album is essential in mono, and this song in stereo proves it. Such a kick-a$$ song with a typical crappy 1967-era Bob Crewe stereo mix (Just think of any 4 Seasons song from that era. Yep. The mono kills it every time.)

    Lesley had grown up by then but sadly aside from the title cut no one really gave a damn anymore. Her next album (Magic Colors) was even better, and it ended up never even getting an official release. By this time, the words "Lesley Gore" and "Teenybopper" were anything but similar.
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  10. ReadySteady

    ReadySteady Custom Title

    Wow, I never knew that. My California Nights is the actual mono (I knew just from listening), but I checked the deadwax anyway. And I agree with the poster above, the mono version is superior.
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  11. Licorice pizza

    Licorice pizza Livin’ On The Fault Line

    Phil Spector had a lot to do with it. And thank god for Phil, the Wall of Sound!
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  12. Javed Jafri

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    Who or whats to say you cant enjoy The Archies, Grateful Dead, ELP, Clash and Sam and Dave.
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  13. Peter Pyle

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    The 60s and 70s...when even teenybopper music was good. :)
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  14. saturnsf

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    A really good collection is called Bubblegum Music is the Naked Truth. Mostly Kasenetz-Katz and associated acts, and I certainly would get a toothache playing it all the way through, but even the kiddies need to stomp their hands and clap their feet.
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  15. Joshua277456

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    That's a great price for I'll Cry if I Want To. I got a minty mono copy for $14 on Discogs. Let me ask you sometime, do some tracks on your copy play with distortion and are they sibilant? Mine does, but I fear that it's just a pressing issue instead of groove wear/damage
    The mono is 1000x superior!
  16. andy749

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    Banana Splits - "I Enjoy Being A Boy (In Love With You)"
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  17. BadJack

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    Lesley Gore's finest hour, and I don't think it was even a single. Beautiful melody and lyrics, beautifully performed.

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  18. notesofachord

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    Utah's Dixie
    Woah - somebody's been listening to Pet Sounds!!
  19. BadJack

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    This song's from late '65! Quincy Jones and Jack Nitzsche were at the helm.
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  20. Joshua277456

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    Love the vocals on this version. The (mono) album version on My Town, My Guy & Me is double-tracked and sounds kinda artificial a bit weird.
  21. Joshua277456

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    I love how this thread turned (mostly) in a Lesley Gore appreciation thread.
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  22. Glenn Christense

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    I know it's an old fuddy duddy thing, but man, I enjoy the pure innocence of these records. It's refreshing compared to what female pop vocalists have to sing and do these days to push their product.
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  23. Glenn Christense

    Glenn Christense Foremost Beatles expert... on my block

    Heh. Good thing Gary had the double kick drums for this song. Thundering drums.:D
    The song was written by Al Kooper among others and Gary's record was arranged by Leon Russell, with some Wrecking Crew members playing on it.
    One of the Playboys lived near me at one point and he said he used to complain that some of the parts the studio guys came up with were too difficult to learn to play live.
    I have no idea how often they actually played somewhere live though.
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  24. drbryant

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    Interesting. I wasn't aware of the earlier usage, as I wasn't around in the 50's. My recollection of the word seems to be from the late 60's and early 70's - music marketed to young girls who had zero interest in Creedence, the Doors, Iron Butterfly or the Box Tops.
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  25. melstapler

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    For goodness sake, Lesley Gore is very underrated! Her studio albums were consistently good and she doesn't just sound like her hits. A good friend of mine saw Lesley perform on a cruise a couple years ago and she was very impressed. From what I was told, to accommodate her voice change due to age, Lesley uses slower tempos and has changed the key to many of her songs in order to stay within her range. The Bear Family box set is enjoyable from beginning to end, but it would be nice if Collectables or a comparable label would release the mono versions of those LPs, maybe as several two-fers.

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