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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by zonka, May 19, 2017.

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    With the furniture setup I have I will have to place some new bookshelf speakers so that the tweeters will be a foot, or so below ear level from my main listening area. Should I put a door stop (or a more elegant solution) under the speaker to angle it up a bit?
    Just curious if this will make much of a difference.
    Thanks for your advice.

  2. Sounds like a good option. Most important, get the speakers off the floor and at ear level. For my needs, I had to build my own speakers stands about 5' tall and in the front corners of the room with the other side and rear speakers on the walls well above ear level. This works out great with my flat-screen TV mounted above the fireplace in the front of the room giving the kind of effect you'd get in a movie theater.
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    Tweeter off-axis response usually falls away pretty quickly, so how well they are pointed at your ears will make a big difference in how they sound from any given position. Speaker stands are great for helping this out, and also keeping the boxes away from the back and side walls. I measured my ear position at the seating spot and had speaker stands made to get the tweeters right at ear level.
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    Yes, the speaker can be tilted up for tweeter on axis alignment. Some floor stands are angled for this reason precisely.

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