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  1. Andy Tain

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    Sad but it seems they've just taken money and choose to ignore folk afterwards. I've just started charge back proceedings via the credit card company. Ordered something "in stock" on 22nd November - lots of emails to them, the odd one back with unfulfilled promises - no actual product ever. Ignored all my emails from last 4 weeks and not answering phones or even allowing messages back.
    Sad state of affairs for a company who were once great.
    Just re-ordered my stuff from Juno and Amazon, better to pay a fiver more and actually get something.
    I know a lot of folk only review on negatives but when there are so many really bad and similar reviews, it is obvious I am far from alone.
    Sad day for another independent.
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    AVOID THEM! - Ordered items - Tired of waiting after 6weeks - Quick to charge onto credit card - VERY SLOW to Refund ( Still wanting) & VERY SLOW to respond to emails. - Ordered same items from AMAZON & received within 3 days!
  5. Andy Tain

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    Sadly I ended up getting my money back by doing a chargeback via my credit card company - they will get cash back and quickly. Even sadder is that there is zero correspondence or response from Steve at Spin who used to be a decent guy.
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    Unfortunately I did not research these folks at spincds.com but have found them to be either just plain lazy or at worst, dishonest. And here there appears to be a perpetual trail of disregard.

    After three weeks on order and no response beyond the initial receipt of payment, though I must have contacted their “support department“ half a dozen times by email, I received a brief message from Steve Brooks suggesting that they were trying to locate a copy of what I ordered from their suppliers (which by the way, I knew this item was well out of print) and their pricing was far too fair to be believable. If it sounds too good to be true, guess what?!

    When I requested that if they did not have what I ordered in stock (right now), please just go ahead and refund my money and then they apparently ignored me for several more weeks... I don’t know about you but, when someone fails to communicate with me promptly while holding on to my funds, I start getting nervous.

    Being prompt and having good communication is a must to establish trust, this was woefully lacking in my experience with them.

    Finally had to call my bank card holder for a chargeback...

    Very disappointing.
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    Simple scam. They spot product that will have a high demand, is expensive, and market it at a bargain price.
    We all get suckered in, they charge your card on day 1, and bingo recieve money for a product they will never have to buy.
    Meantime they trade or maybe go on holiday with your money.


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