Star Trek and Quentin Tarantino

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    You fellas have already covered it all, but the fact is that Tarantino has never made a movie that wasn't loaded with graphic violence and an abundance of obscenities. Literally every movie he has done. That's not a judgment, I mean good or bad, his movies are always entertaining. But his style is basically the opposite of the style of the Star Trek universe. So this is a match made in hell in my opinion.
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  2. Everything, and much more.
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    Soundtrack could be fun.
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    There was also talk of Tarantino to do a Bond film, and maybe a Hendrix biopic. They never fell through. The question is: is whoever owns the Star Trek franchise ready to bastardize it after JJ Abrams has had his way with it?
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    Instead of defeating the enemy with the Beastie Boys, the heroes of Tarantino's trek will win the big finale space battle by playing some obscure slice of AM Gold.
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    It's already been done in Discovery.
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    The only thing I see that resembles Star Trek in any shape or form, is Seth McFarlane's Orville show.
    Everything else has tried to be trendy, and dark and dreary.
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  9. :laughup::laughup::laughup:
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    I'm blatantly borrowing this from a different thread, but sill applicable for my reaction
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    I was gonna say.... though "Guardians.." have that AM Gold stuff locked.
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    Starring Samuel L. Jackson, Uma Thurman, Harvey Keitel and Kurt Russell. :)
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    Tom Hardy as Picard.


    Well, he's already had practice...
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    Hey it could work,have oh say-Travolta as the evil Romulan[Plasticface]and his equally evil second in command-Samuel L. Jackson as[Angryguy With Big Jerrycurl],blood everywhere until our heroes step in and save the day...GO FOR IT..LIVE LONG AND PROSPER!!!
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    What other sci-fi movies will Tarantino be ripping off when he writes the script? Wrath Of Khan has already been done.
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    I would absolutely love to see a Tarantino version of Star Trek!
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    Funny because this is from a remake.
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    If David Lynch was able to make movies like The Elephant Man and The Straight Story, I absolutely have no doubt that Tarantino could create a superb Start Trek movie. He's a talented story teller and the best Start Trek films/episodes were drive by strong stories. He know how to create tension and danger and it's about time we had a Star Trek film with a scene as powerful as the opening scene from Inglorious Basterdz.
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    "Dead Mugatu storage".
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    "I didn't cross the F'in Smokay Mountins and 2-hunded lite years of spaced to just waste Romulans, no, I's wants their pointy ears on a stick. So. boys ya'all err gonna need a sheet-load auf sticks cause there ain't know wood in the cold vacuum auf spaced...."
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    Star Trek is an unlikely playground to do it in, but it could be a good exercise for Tarantino to be forced to make a film that didn’t rely on violence and swearing for its impact.
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    Where I will agree is that Quentin is very anti-digital for a lot of things. He notoriously dislikes digital timecode slates and demands traditional "dumb slates" on set, which makes post-production a bit more difficult. And he insists on shooting on film... although the movie is digitized from that point forward, cut digitally, screened digitally, color-timed digitally, and released in digital form (except for a handful of print theaters still in existence).


    I think it's being cast right now but there's some very heavyweight names attached. What surprises me is that even though it's about the Charlie Manson mass killings, Manson is reportedly only barely in it.

    "It's already known Tarantino has his eyes on Margot Robbie for the role of slain starlet Sharon Tate (sorry, Jennifer Lawrence). Now, Vanity Fair also reports that Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio are in talks for leading roles."

    Quentin Tarantino Is Ditching Weinstein for Sony
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    " I hear they got some tasty burgers on Vulcan." :)

  24. Explain! :D
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    Dr Evil. :)

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