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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by greelywinger, Jan 15, 2011.

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    Yes, I know, which is why I chose my words carefully when I said "I would think that true science fiction fans would have been more enlightened".

    I can understand the claim that there is sexism in science fiction, particularly in classic scifi, as those stories were typically written by men that grew up in a patriarchal culture and so was a reflection of the times. Of course, there were notable exceptions. However, my broader point was that true scifiers (ie, those interested in intelligent, thought provoking, challenging stories, rather than endless space battles and monsters eating humans for no reason), that they would be more enlightened when it came to gender roles.
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    I tend to like all Star Trek. As a trekker I try to keep an open mind.
    Some things that I didn't care for at first, grow on me over time.
    Isn't that what the philosophy of the show is about?

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    Over the last few days I watched what turned out to be a sequence of six interconnected episodes in Season 4 -- "Message in a Bottle," "Hunters," "Prey," "Retrospect," and "The Killing Game," parts 1 and 2. While the two-parter falters a bit, the other episodes are strong, especially "Prey," where 7 of 9's defiance pushes well past the limits of the typical clean and tidy Star Trek command structure. This is further proof to me that when this show's elements all came together, it could be far more challenging than any science fiction TV shows before the Galactica reboot. And an observation: the effects in Voyager still hold up pretty well, while Galactica's have already begun to show their age.
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    I watched the first 2 episodes. The pilot, Caretaker, was just OK in my opinion. The follow-up, Parallex, was much better. My problem with Caretaker was the formulaic action sequences, especially the bridge scene with Chakotay hanging off the bridge and his friendly rival Paris saving him just as the bridge collapses. It was a little cheesy. Parallex was much better in that it took place entirely aboard Voyager and was primarily about the characters and their development. The event horizon story line was almost a backdrop. It was more of a vehicle to drive the character development, particularly that of Torres, forward. Good episode.
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    As with most Trek series, the first season was rather patchy in quality. Personally, I never cared for the Kazon arc, which dragged on for way too long. They seemed to want to create an ongoing Klingon-like adversary, but, meh. The most interesting part of the Kazon was the Seska development.
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    These are plots I have yet to encounter, but eventually will. I'm still doing DS9. That is where my Trek priorities are right now. I might watch the occasional Voyager episode here and there and watch more often when I'm done with DS9.
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    I always thought the Kazon looked like overgrown Oompa Loompas!
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    Gotcha. I remember the Kazon now. They were in the pilot. Sometimes names of individuals and alien races need to grow on me.
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    I watched Future's End, Parts 1 and 2, over the weekend. I had much higher hopes, since it's where the Doctor gets his holo-emitter, but the casting was so off that I couldn't get into it. Sarah Silverman, in one of her earliest roles, is terrible, and Ed Begley Jr was the wrong person for the "villain." Lots of sour notes throughout. Not one of the series' best, but essential in understanding the plot point about the Doctor.
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    Now watch (from the 1999 season) "Relativity." All connected.

    "Tempus fugit."
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    I couldn't disagree more with you on ALL counts! :) I love those episodes to bits especially the adorable Sarah Silverman's performance. The whole two parter had so much charm, lighthearted humor and a decent villain plot. Sure, there were some holes, but overall, a most enjoyable two parter.
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    The Doctor is hilarious, I'll give you that. I liked how Tom was getting into being in the 20th Century, too. The whole idea is sound, I just wasn't fond of the execution. Either way, if you're compiling an essential set of Voyager episodes, this would be in it.
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    Oh yeah, I watched that one last week. Fantastic episode! In fact, most of seasons 4 and 5 are outstanding.
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    As people may be aware, there was a rocky relationship between Kate Mulgrew and Jeri Ryan on the set, where Jeri was being seriously mistreated at the time. The feud is longstanding and during a recent DragonCon panel, Jeri appeared with Garrett Wang where she was asked to speak about that period.

    She began diplomatically, but was obvious that she was uncomfortable speaking about it and so Garrett jumped in with a very emotional recollection of what it was like on the set for him watching things unfold. It's a very powerful moment...

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    Interesting. I was there for all of that. And I have a very different perspective on all of it than Garrett. I have no idea why this would bring him to tears. Jeri was not being "seriously mistreated" at the time. Not at all. She was the darling of the show and much loved by the cast and crew. She had just become involved with Branon Bragga. She was definitely not being mistreated. Kate OTOH was being mistreated at the time by production. The "rocky" relationship between Kate and Jeri was boarder line trivial. It really came down to this. Jeri had a lot of wardrobe that had to be dealt with just before coming to set. So she was often late getting to set when called from her trailer. Kate hated waiting on Jeri on set and so she started waiting until Jeri was on set before leaving her trailer. Jeri hated waiting on Kate so you can imagine where that went. They never had a fight on set, they just annoyed each other and made the crew wait from time to time. Ironically at the time both Kate's new husband and Jeri's father were frequent visitors to the set and the two of them became best buddies. Both Jeri and Kate were dealing with much bigger issues in their lives at the time and I suspect that getting on each other's nerves was the proverbial straw for both of them every so often.
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    I guess the actors involved have a different perspective to your's.
  17. Scott Wheeler

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    Oh they all have their own unique perspective on it.
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    I asked for this thread to be re-opened since there was some lively discussion about the show in the DS9 vs Voyager thread, and because I've been going through the episodes again myself. I'll have more thoughts to add soon, but until then, carry on!
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    BBC America is airing binges of Voyager on Mondays and Wednesdays.

    And they brought back TNG on Thursdays.

    I tune in and am now more forgiving of the Voyager series since watching it as it was originally aired way back 'when'. As a whole, it has aged well as a series. Some stories are silly (still), some compelling, some very moving.
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    This is a show that is cool to badmouth but I can't see why.

    Picardo was fantastic as the Doctor. All the actors were great, although I think they could have done so much more with Kim as a character. He was rather bland and unidimensional.

    Having said that, there are a bunch of great episodes. The Year From Hell was a great 2-parter. I forget the name but one where The Doctor was losing his mind and the fix was to take the template of his original program and fuse it to his own.

    I can't stand children in TV or movies. They are almost always terrible, undeveloped characters, or completely boring. Any and all of the episodes where a child was there for longer than just one scene made me wince. Just can't stand them. When the Borg children were introduced, they lost me for a while as it seemed like almost every story tried hard to involve them somehow. There are exceptions like Joel Haley-Osmond's performance in The Sixth Sense. But you can't expect that in Star Trek.

    The dynamic between Tuvok & Neelix always made me laugh. The 7 of 9 wanting to be human was a bit of an eye-roller considering it had been played to death with Data on TNG but I went with it for the benefit of seeing other storylines emerge from it.

    Overall, a strong show that has been maligned for unknown reasons. Infinitely superior to DS9, IMHO.
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    Worked with my son (now 21) and daughter (15) to come up with this list of our top 100 Star Trek Voyager episodes....

    1. Caretaker I 1.01
    2. Caretaker II 1.02
    3. Parallax 1.03
    4. Time and Again 1.04
    5. Phage 1.05
    6. Eye of the Needle 1.07
    7. State of Flux 1.11
    8. Heroes and Demons 1.12
    9. Faces 1.14
    10. Jetrel 1.15
    11. Projections 2.03
    12. Maneuvers 2.11
    13. Resistance 2.12
    14. Prototype 2.13
    15. Alliances 2.14
    16. Meld 2.16
    17. Dreadnought 2.17
    18. Death Wish 2.18
    19. Lifesigns 2.19
    20. Investigations 2.20
    21. Deadlock 2.21
    22. The Thaw 2.23
    23. Tuvix 2.24
    24. Resolutions 2.25
    25. Basics I 2.26
    26. Basics II 3.01
    27. Flashback 3.02
    28. The Chute 3.03
    29. The Swarm 3.04
    30. Remember 3.06
    31. Future’s End I 3.08
    32. Future’s End II 3.09
    33. Macrocosm 3.12
    34. Coda 3.15
    35. Unity 3.17
    36. Before and After 3.21
    37. Real Life 3.22
    38. Distant Origin 3.23
    39. Displaced 3.24
    40. Worst Case Scenario 3.25
    41. Scorpion 1 3.26
    42. Scorpion II 4.01
    43. The Gift 4.02
    44. The Raven 4.06
    45. Scientific Method 4.07
    46. Year of Hell I 4.08
    47. Year of Hell II 4.09
    48. Message in a Bottle 4.14
    49. Prey 4.16
    50. The Killing Game I 4.18
    51. The Killing Game II 4.19
    52. The Omega Directive 4.21
    53. Living Witness 4.23
    54. Demon 4.24
    55. One 4.25
    56. Hope and Fear 4.26
    57. Night 5.01
    58. Drone 5.02
    59. In the Flesh 5.04
    60. Timeless 5.06
    61. Infinite Regress 5.07
    62. Counterpoint 5.10
    63. Latent Image 5.11
    64. Bride of Chaotica 5.12
    65. Bliss 5.14
    66. Dark Frontier I 5.15
    67. Dark Frontier II 5.16
    68. Course: Oblivion 5.18
    69. Think Tank 5.20
    70. Someone to Watch Over Me 5.22
    71. Relativity 5.24
    72. Equinox I 5.26
    73. Equinox II 6.01
    74. Survival Instinct 6.02
    75. Tinker Tenor Doctor Spy 6.04
    76. Dragon’s Teeth 6.07
    77. One Small Step 6.08
    78. The Voyager Conspiracy 6.09
    79. Pathfinder 6.10
    80. Blink of an Eye 6.12
    81. Tsunkatse 6.15
    82. Collective 6.16
    83. Child’s Play 6.19
    84. Life Line 6.24
    85. Unimatrix Zero I 6.26
    86. Unimatrix Zero II 7.01
    87. Imperfection 7.02
    88. Critical Care 7.05
    89. Body and Soul 7.07
    90. Flesh and Blood I 7.09
    91. Flesh and Blood II 7.10
    92. The Void 7.15
    93. Workforce I 7.16
    94. Workforce II 7.17
    95. Human Error 7.18
    96. Author, Author
    97. Friendship One 7.21
    98. Homestead 7.23
    99. Endgame I 7.25
    100. Endgame II 7..26
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    Looks like Threshold didn't make the cut
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    They made 172 episodes and you're ranking the first 100?

    That's like ranking the best 10 songs of a 17-song album. :whistle:
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  24. Solaris

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    As I mentioned in the DS9 vs Voyager thread, I think seasons 4, 5 and the early part of 6 are the strongest now, looking back. There are certainly worthwhile episodes in earlier seasons, but Kes continues to grate on my nerves. Seven and the Doctor were easily the best characters on the show, and the best actors. Seven's often near-mutinous behavior and questioning of authority was refreshing in a universe full of straight-arrow boy scouts.
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    I love watching this now on bbc America . I miss these shows badly. I have DS9 on dvd though

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