Star Wars: Episode VIII (The Last Jedi) - SPOILERS POSSIBLE*

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by MLutthans, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. The Zodiac

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    Maybe Snoke is Luke's doppelganger.
  2. Musicman1998

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    That actually sounds kind of cool.
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    Sorry, boys, he's already here at Cinemark.

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    This concept is explored more in the animated Star Wars Rebels series.
  5. Lord Summerisle

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    A great series.
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  6. Drifter

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    I liked Rogue One far more than The Force Awakens, thus I hope The Last Jedi better than both movies. :)
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  7. The Zodiac

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    Rey and Ben will have a child and that child will be the perfect balance of both sides for force, and we're all about restoring balance, aren't we Qui-Gon?
  8. The Zodiac

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    I gotta say, that theater display concerns me. Not that I believe they'd give such an important plot point away in this manner, but still... how else can we read this? Are there two Lukes? Or has Luke corrupted as well? Perhaps he encouraged Ben to go to the Dark Side in the first place. If this is so I disappointed. Luke is a hero to generations of film goers. To have him turn to evil... well, I don't see why its necessary. Why must all of our heroes either be corrupted or killed? I'm hoping this isn't the case. Don't make Luke Skywalker the Hollywood Hulk Hogan of a galaxy far far away.
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    It's possible. Perhaps Snoke is a twisted deformed clone of Luke grown from his severed hand from EMPIRE. After all, How did Maz come across the lightsaber that was last seen being held by said severed hand?

    Whatever the case, I don't foresee Luke downright doing a heel turn. What I could buy is that Perhaps the reason Luke is frightened of Rey is not because he reminds him of Kylo Ren ...But of himself and his darkest moment.

    We've only seen bits and pieces of what went down with Luke's Jedi academy and Kylo Ren. We were led to believe it was a cut and dry betrayle and Kylo murdered Luke's students. What if it's not that simple? What if Kylo betrayed Luke...And perhaps in attempting to stop him and in desperation Luke touched the Dark side briefly, and he was out of control of his abilities and power and he himself destroyed the temple and perhaps accidentally killed some of his charges? Horrified about what he did, he retreated and dropped out of sight. Perhaps he see's the same potential to lose control in Rey. It may explain a lot.
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  10. artfromtex

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    Well, the new trailer at least has fans wondering what is going to happen. The new theories are all over the place on YouTube.
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  11. Bryan

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    I was thinking that as well, but hadn't connected the dots about the hand, nice catch. It could be their subtle way of hinting towards this, otherwise why not just put Snoke in Luke's spot on that display?
  12. bluenote

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    And they keep focusing on Luke's robotic hand in the trailer and clips. And it is no longer a replica of a human hand, (like it was after Empire) but a robotic one. Not sure why this is the case.
  13. Bryan

    Bryan Starman Jr.

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    Well, the real-world explanation (I think) is that it's to remind viewers he has a prosthetic hand in the first place. I think he had the realistic hand in the original films because frankly there's no way they would've been able to convincingly pull off the SFX required to give him a robotic-looking one. Just my two cents.
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  14. David Campbell

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    In universe, we saw that Luke's robotic hand got damaged on Jabba's barge in JEDI. It's possible the synthetic flesh on it got further damaged over the last 30 plus years since and of course the last decade or so he's supposedly has been in exile, so he just hasn't bothered to have it fixed.

    I personally think the robo hand looks cooler.
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  15. artfromtex

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    I think the synthetic flesh on Luke's hand gets burned off when he is retrieving those books from the burning Jedi Temple. (Journals of the Whills)
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  16. artfromtex

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  17. artfromtex

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    Snoke's guards in the background:
    Why is Kylo's lightsaber on the ground here?

    Is this Kylo?
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    Got my Thursday 10:15pm RPX tix.
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  21. The Hermit

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    According to some early reports, The Last Jedi is a full two-and-a-half hours long!!!
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  22. The Zodiac

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    And the first half hour is all Porg slapstick!
  23. JWew

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    This is probably just me nerding out over nothin', but at the 1:03 mark of the trailer - where Rey is hugging the rock, looking toward camera...the cloud formation in the top right corner looks quite a bit like Snoke's face. Was just something that jumped out at me...I know...:crazy:

    I also liked how Luke's line of "This isn't going to go how you think" felt like it was directed at us, the audience. I think Rian Johnson has written and directed a doozy of a Star Wars film!
    I've got my tickets to see it on a Dolby Vision screen - can't wait!
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  25. Simon A

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    I like the warning at the end:

    This film contains scenes that may be too intense for fan boys... :D

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