Star Wars: Who are Rey's parents?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by JCM, Nov 10, 2017.

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    I do. I think Abrams may nuance it a bit and have Rey ultimately take on the name "Skywalker" as a moniker but her lineage is cemented, I believe. She's 'Rey Random'.
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    I think Abrams have two choices - ether to ignore completely what happened in TLJ (which is not very difficult, because not much really happened), or to continue to go deeper into this mess, hiring David Suchet as a guest star in the role of Poirot, and giving him the last 15 minutes of the final episode to get together all remaining characters in some cantina, and in their presence to explain to us, the mere mortals, who's who, and what exactly happened in episodes 7, 8 and 9.
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    Frankly, I hope so. I think everybody being related to Darth Vader in some way got old, and any attempt to continue it would have annoyed me. The explanation in Last Jedi was more unexpected and satisfying I think. But it could end up being like Ben Kenobi explaining what happened to Luke's father in the original. True, from a certain point of view
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    I would like it if at least one of the new main "good guys" to be related to some major players of the main SW saga films. There are spin-offs for exploring the rest of the SW galaxy. So I hope that Rey has some connection to someone in the past. I mean, is Ben/Kylo really going to be the end of the line of the Skywalker family?

    Or, maybe he'll "Force impregnate" (and I'm NOT talking about rape) Rey and she'll give birth to some Yoda clone (hah!).
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    I thought that point was more effectively made by the kid with the broom at the end. The Star Wars Universe already made that point in previous films too.
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    Maybe she was "conceived by the midiclorians" (ugh).

    I do hope there's more to her story than the throwaway we got in Last Jedi, otherwise all the intrigue setup in The Force Awakens is a wasted endeavor.

    In a way it felt very small and isolated for something so big. The ships are "burning fuel" trying to stay out of firing range? And they hang the movie on this?

    As for Luke.

    Luke, Luke, Luke...

    I'm still processing this movie, I need to see it again. I didn't feel happy coming out of it, similar feeling to how I felt coming out of Phantom Menace, but for very different reasons.
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    Mon Mothma used the frozen sperm from Manny Bothans several years after he died bringing the rebels the plans to the second Death Star and she had Rey.
  8. I felt that the film had some good moments but the whole "burning fuel" thing was absurd. As to Rey's parents, Kylo had reason to lie to her so he isn't the most reliable source. I do think that (or would hope) if she is Luke's daughter that he might recognize her in some way but Vader missed the boat as well his case it that backstory hadn't been created when Star Wars was first done.

    Perhaps one of his older followers was the birth mother and she placed Rey there to protect her from the Empire. At this point it isn't important but, if they make this up as they go along, it might become important again.
  9. Encuentro

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    I agree. However, I believe that Rey’s parentage and the final scene with the boy on Canto Bight are part of the same message.
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    I think there's a lot of merit in this theory.
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    Agree, but one of my criticisms of the film, and my criticism is fairly minor compared to some, is the heavy handedness of the themes. It seems that the director did not trust his audience, which may have contribited to the audience feeling disrespected. Overall, I enjoyed the film, but I would have certainly done some things differently.
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    However, Rey said they were “nobody” first. She was crying as she said it. This was before Kylo said that they were junkers who sold her off for liquor. Rey clearly knew the truth before Kylo confirmed it.

    Regarding the burning of fuel, has it been previously established that ships in the Star Wars universe don’t run on fuel? I’m not sure why people have a problem with this plot point.
  13. I don't have a problem with the fuel aspect but the plot device was just boring. Yes, she stated that but she may have been echoing what she was told by the folks on the planet. She has little memory of them based on the first film. I think it was kind of convenient that the Falcon was on her planet as well. That suggests something a little more than an accident and her parents as "nobodies". It really doesn't matter though as I'm sure if they were tied into the Skywalkers or other jedi families in some way, we will hear about it in the next movie. It's vague enough for them to change things if they want to.

    She may not be related to anyone previously established in the Star Wars universe. Anakin was a nobody after all before he became a Jedi.
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    To me that could just be her expressing her greatest fear (that her parents are losers who will never return) as Kylo Ren sort of coaxed it out of her. Luke was strong in the Force and didn't know Vader was his dad or that Leia was his sister until pointed out to him. I saw it more of Kylo Ren trying to turn her to the Dark Side by playing on her biggest fear: that she is alone and has no family. But it could certainly be left to interpretation, or to be continued in Episode IX.
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    Yes i also think she was too young to remember them properly.
    I think Ren was just testing/teasing her to see if she remembered anything about them...........and there are too many coincidences with her being on Jakku.
    'Girl .............what GIRL!'
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    i think, and hope, she is nobody. If she is Luke’s daughter that makes the scenes with Kylo even creepier than they were.
  18. Well we did have Lea give Luke a kiss on the lips at the beginning of Empire only to have it revealed he is her brother in Return.
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    I just don't care really. The best new characters from these films are droids, BB-8 and K-2SO.
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    The way the Jedi were before the Empire, they weren't supposed to marry, have children etc.

    Some did anyway, but their children weren't always strong in the force, and most of the time they went around the galaxy recruiting force-sensitive children to replenish their ranks, usually younger than Anakin was in Episode 1. Some species or communities were naturally inclined to be force sensitive. Others, like the Hutts, were force-resistance.

    The slave boy scene and Rey's turning out to not be descended from previous Jedi doesn't change the idea, firmly established in the prequels, that a person is either strong in the force or not, basically from birth.

    It seems to not be strictly genetic, but I don't know how they're going to get away from its being biological, even if it is random.
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    It was starting to get exhausting (not to say soap opera-ish) just to get dynasties, where you assume that anybody important would be related to some beloved character from the previous entries. Sure, there were twists in the original trilogy, but they were about events that were unseen at the time ESB or ROTJ were released, so Lucas had a good shot at surprising us with something totally unexpected, while, at this point, we have 12 or 15 hours (plus other canon stories) of material about Obi-Wan or various Skywalkers. People assume that a new hero can only be related to another hero they loved thirty years ago, because Lucas put a great twist in ESB that he hadn't thought about until late drafts of the story. And he could do it because the background about Luke's father had been left vague until then, not thanks to foreshadowing.

    Actually, when you're familiar with fairy tale structure (or psychoanalytic interpretations of early novels, with some overlap with Joseph Campbell's book), the hero in a tale can be either a common person or the hidden child of a king. Novels, which were originally more refined fairy tales, tend to favor a male character who assumes he's the bastard son of somebody important.

    And it's one of the many things subverted in TLJ. Rey thinks she's destined to great things, and she daydreams about being the daughter of somebody important, even if she has no clue about them. Problem is that she can't be a Skywalker (she met Han, Leia and Luke, and none of them mentioned that Leia had a daughter of her age), and that she's barely heard about other people who could have fathered them, like somebody related to Obi-Wan. I assume that Kylo Ren is telling the truth about her parents, as she knows it deep inside (and the vision she had before also hints that there's nobody else but her). Her parents were nobodies. Ren uses it to get the upper hand on her, with some quick psychoanalytic comments that she desperately seeks father figures, either Han Solo or Luke Skywalker, to guide her. That's where he tries to manipulate her. He wants to show he's the one who actually knows her, so she should believe him and join him.
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    Preaching to the choir.

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    Preaching to the choir. Not only revealed but she says “somehow i’ve Always known” in ROTJ. One would like to think the new series is a little more planned out.
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    I don’t believe it’s been brought up yet, but why wouldn’t Rey remember her parents? She was perhaps 4-years-old when her parents left her. At the very least, she would have a vague recollection of her parents. Yet, it’s presented in The Last Jedi as if she has never seen her parents. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen it, so correct me if I’m mistaken, but Rey doesn’t seem to be in the dark as to the identity of her parents in The Force Awakens, and she believes they’re coming back. She just doesn’t know when. Again, I may be mistaken, but the first time Rey raises the question of who her parents are is in The Last Jedi, seemingly, in reaction to 2 years of fan speculation.

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