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  1. I know this has been discussed many times, however I am going to post this anyway. I just discovered this band (I know right?) and have been listening to them for the past three days. I picked up Gaucho on SACD (hybrid one) and the SHM-SACD of Aja along with the 1999 remastered CD.

    After reading online I found there has been numerous remasters done and the versions closest to the vinyl/analog tapes are the pressings from the mid-80s (MCAD-37xxxx).

    Is it worth going crazy trying to find these? Are they hard to find? Where should one look to buy these? Should I just get the Citizen Steely Dan set and call it a day?

    My system isn't THAT amazing (Polk Monitor 70s, Onkyo TX-SR705, and a HSU VTF-1), but it does the job for me.

    Thanks in advance for all your help.
  2. benzo

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    They're not hard to find, especially in the classifieds here on the forum.
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    Only you can answer that question. How much do you love the Band, and the albums? I have Citizen Dan and it is an easy way to get the back catalog, but it is not my favorite mastering. It is just O.K. I like the original CD releases better in most cases. The MFSL stuff is great too.
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  4. Thanks for the quick reply Sneaky Pete & benzo. I have listened to Aja over five times already. All their stuff is growing on me. I'd like to try and find the best masters possible.
  5. Groggy

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    I have the SACD of Aja and I find it great, others don't seem to rate it
  6. Are new members not allowed the see classifieds? I am trying to find it.
  7. Groggy

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    Hit the Forums tab at the top, then scroll down till you see Classifieds (For Sale or Trade)
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    50 posts, 30 days, welcome aboard :)
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    Donald Fagen's solo efforts are very good as well. MAke sure you check them out along your path into Steely Dan
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  11. Can't see it :(
  12. I listened to a few songs from "The Nightfly."
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  14. rockclassics

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    You should do a search on each of the steely Dan album titles in this forum. There are separate threads for each album discussing the masterings for each.
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  15. Rick K.

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    The remaster go for $4.99 each on Amazon...can't go wrong with these CDs.
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    Pour yourself a stiff drink first. There seems to be no definitive complete answer to this, or many other mysteries of life.
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    As someone that's recently poured over the multiple threads on this, I've come to a few personal decisions.
    1. The Citizen Steely Dan box doesn't seem to be anyone's favorite, but it isn't bad.
    2. There is a bit of misinformation that should be disregarded when it comes to certain remasterings. Hint: The MFSL Aja is perfectly fine, although there are mixed opinions on it.
    3. You can probably easily find decent vinyl copies of all of these for a buck each if you look around in dollar bins, which is what I go with to sit and listen. For casual listening, the citizen box gets the job done.
    4. It's worth seeking out a + fours vinyl on ebay for Dallas and Sail The Waterway.
    5. If you ever have difficulty sleeping, feel free to read up more about the different CD masterings on the various threads here.
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  18. Thanks for the replies guys!
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    Pretty descriptive thread title.
  21. They're easy to find in this forum's classified section or on eBay. They shouldn't be more than $10-15. If you really like Steely Dan and care about great sound, go for it. They sound better than the currently in print remasters or the Citizen set.
  22. Bjorn Kjetil Johansen

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    Yeah, that's crazy. Still, you could be lucky and get it cheaper. I got an early MCA pressing that sounds great. I think it's a clone or very similar to the Hoffman mastering. I got very dizzy reading a lot of pages about Aja on this forum so I cannot remember excactly.

    Anyway, this is the version I have, and it's often cheap to buy:
  23. Rosskolnikov

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    Did these show up on something besides the original 7"?

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