Storing vinyl the proper way

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Kraan, Jan 9, 2018.

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    I look at everything with vinyl as a process and I personally enjoy it. get a new/used album, clean it with whatever method you choose, put a mofi cover on the vinyl and an album cover over the album. Store the album outside the cover, inside the album cover. then before playing, swipe the album with an anti-static brush and use the onzow zerodust on the stylus (I don't do this with every album). Some people I know then use the static brush again before putting the album back in the cover. I'm too lazy for that.
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    no issues with this here. the replacement inners (mofi and sleeve city for example) that have the thicker piece on one side are fine. It doesn't really matter if it is the record jacket or another record in a sleeve that is touching. isn't going to hurt anything.
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    ringwear takes time to develop. Yes you could be very careful with storage and not moving the lps at all and avoid it. outer protective sleeves and storing properly make it easier to enjoy them and prevent extra wear.
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    Curitiba, Brasil
    I used to put the records outside the cover and inside the plastic sleeve but I don't do this anymore since I believe that if you handle your records carefully you won't cause any wear. I appreciate when record dealers ship them outside the cover however.
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    do you guys/gals use the static brush AFTER each album as well? I don't personally, but...maybe a good idea? I don't because I'm so ready for the next album I don't want to waste any time
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    Welcome to the insanity asylum!! It sounds like the Vinyl beast has already sunk its claws deep into your flesh.
    Enjoy the downward spiral into the abyss.
    Hooe you have deep pockets
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  7. I have records that I've owned for over 30 years. Many of them are not in plastic outer covers, and look pristine. Some of them look bad but that's how they were when I bought them secondhand.

    For me, it comes down to taking basic, common sense care of your albums; store them vertically, handle them gently, use some form of cleaner. I use a Discwasher handheld brush and the R4 fluid. Been using that for 30+ years, my albums are in great condition unless purchased in some other condition.

    The point I'm trying to make is that owning records is supposed to be a pleasurable experience. Music is best enjoyed by listening to it. You can go down rabbit holes regarding storage, cleaning, hardware, etc, but at some point there are diminishing returns on the actual enjoyment of listening to your tunes.

    Don't sweat the details too much. Records have been around for more than 100 years and if you treat them with a decent level of care, you'll have years of enjoyment ahead of you. Relax, put a record on, and turn it up!
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    Amen to cleaning all records — new or used. You not only extend the life of your vinyl, but you can really enjoy your music collection and hear nuances you could miss in the midst of unnecessary pop, clicks and heavy surface noise. I use a Record Doctor V vacuum record cleaner with a KAB bearing upgrade. Cleaning with a good record cleaning machine has transformed ratty records from the bargain bins into some real gems.

    The Record Doctor cleaning solution is actually really good when used generously and allowed to completely wet the surface and dissolve all the junk deeply embedded in the grooves. Since my Record Doctor disk rotation is completely manual, I slowly rotate the record several revolutions to insure the vacuum sucks all the fluid and junk out of the grooves. This requires some effort, but I’m always rewarded with virtually live musical performances in my living room. I also use Mobile Fidelity inner sleeves and generic Polyethylene outer sleeves that are large enough to slide over the record covers with plenty room.

    You would be surprised how much of an improvement you can get with cleaning your CDs with a soft lint-free cloth and a little distilled water or eyeglass cleaner.
  9. GyroSE

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    I usually do you use my carbon optic brush after playing each side and I always use the Zerodust also after playing each side.
  10. Folloni

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    Curitiba, Brasil
    Well it happens that today I put some records to play and remembered I read here that if you store the record out of its cover, inside the outer plastic sleeve, you don't have to manipulate the cover. Then I thought "of course!" and did it like that. Gonna do this again from now on.

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