Studio albums that have an entire alternate version available (studio recordings, not mix/mastering)

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by PretzelLogic, Dec 6, 2017.

  1. PretzelLogic

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    Probably quite niche - I was thinking that despite the various mixes and masterings of cherished (or otherwise) albums available, there aren't that many albums which also have an entirely different performances of every song on the album available. Factor in live releases or dedicated remix albums, and it's probably easy to expand the list, but are there any examples of 'parallel universe' versions of a full studio album?

    Off the top of my head, there are dedicated alternate versions of Every Night by Saturday Looks Good To Me (released on the vinyl and mp3 versions, while the 'proper' version was on the CD), and A New Morning by Suede (as a free download with the purchase of the original album). Likewise, you can construct an alternate version of Solid Air, and One World from his deluxe editions and box sets.

    You can also create an entire alternate version of Pet Sounds from the alternate vocal takes, and reduced versions of the instrumentals on the sessions box set, but I'm struggling other than that. Any more for any more?
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  2. NumberEight

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    The 2006 reissue of John Cale’s Paris 1919 immediately comes to mind.
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  3. pbuzby

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    Miles Ahead by Miles Davis. The Miles/Gil Evans box has one "alternate" version of the album, and there are enough other takes that you could construct several more.
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  4. Colin H

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    Jethro Tull's 'Too Old To Rock'n'Roll'. They re-recorded the whole album for contractual reasons in order to mime for a TV performance of the whole album on a regional ITV station (LWT) in the UK in 1976. 40 years later, with some of the multis for the LP proper missing, Steven Wilson remixed the (complete) multis for the alternative 1976 studio recording of the album for the recent box set edition where it effectively replaced the standard LP version as 'the album'.

    Similarly, in the 80s Ralph McTell recorded an album-length song cycle inspired by Dylan Thomas, for BBC Radio2. When he couldn't get permission to release it commercially, he recorded the whole thing again for the album. Can't recall if he used the same players etc but I would imagine it was a faithful re-creation.
  5. burntprairie

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    Richard and Linda Thompson re-recorded "Shoot Out the Lights" with Joe Boyd after being dissatisfied with an earlier recording produced by Gerry Rafferty.
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  6. Frittenköter

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    Storytone - Neil Young
  7. c-eling

    c-eling Forum Resident

    Shiny Toy Guns-We Are Pilots 2005/2006
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  8. rockclassics

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    If I recall there are a couple of Shania Twain albums that might fit this category. I think there was a country version and a pop version of the albums. I don't remember which albums.
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  9. HeavensAbove

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    The deluxe edition of Prefab Sprout's Steve McQueen featured acoustic re-recordings of most of the album.
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  10. l-l-d

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    Denmark, Europe
    in a red, a blue and a green version.
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  11. l-l-d

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    Denmark, Europe
    Alanis Morissette: Jagged Little Pill
    1995: rock version
    2005: acoustic version
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  12. Holerbot6000

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    It was cobbled together way after the fact but the Alterna-Tusk album is very enjoyable. Apparently they are going to do the same thing with the Fleetwood Mac album as well...
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  13. ragged company

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    Cleveland, OH
    Blood on the Tracks - Bob Dylan
  14. Miriam

    Miriam Forum Resident

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  15. smitquest

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    hmmmmm...there was an alternate mix of forever changes on a deluxe edition a few years ago, and i think that ALL the fleetwood mac deluxe editions offer this sort of thing.

    i think there's an alternate sgt pepper's... or two on THAT recent deluxe box, too. maybe the new wilco being there reissue?

  16. scribbs

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    Portugal. The Man - The Majestic Majesty is an acoustic version of their album The Satanic Satanist.
  17. PaulOnTheBeach

    PaulOnTheBeach Active Member

    Robyn Hitchcock- Groovy Decay and Groovy Decoy?

    RAM and Thrillington
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  18. blaken123

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    With all of the deluxe editions out there--many of which include extensive demos or alternate takes--there's got to be more of these. I know that the Cure deluxe cds have tons of demos but I'm not sure if there are enough to construct a whole album.
  19. geo50000

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    Colorado Springs
    Eric Andersen -
    'bout Changes 'n' Things (1966 folk version)
    'bout Changes 'n'Things Take 2 (1967 folk-rock version)
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  20. Twittering Machine

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    The Cult's Electric was originally in the style of songs like Rain, She Sells Sanctuary etc but Rick Rubin got them them record it again in a much harder rock style.

    Love Removal Machine as it was previously.
  21. PaulOnTheBeach

    PaulOnTheBeach Active Member

    Yankee Hotel Foxtrot. Easy to assemble identical running order with different band members (pre and post Coomer/Bennett).
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  22. geo50000

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    Colorado Springs
    Martin Denny -
    Exotica (1957 mono)
    Exotica (1958 stereo re-record)
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  23. Pennywise

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    All of the vocals for the first Icehouse album were re-recorded after they changed their name from Flowers to Icehouse.
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  24. c-eling

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    That would be a variation I'd be interested in :)
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  25. bRETT

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    Boston MA
    Ornette Coleman's Free Jazz.

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