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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Brian Barker, Jan 11, 2017.

  1. Brian Barker

    Brian Barker Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Hello everyone,

    I'm looking for some help in selecting new speakers. It's going to be a few months still but I'm starting to do some research. Mainly looking for good brand names, model suggestions are welcome as well.

    I'm in the process of moving to a new house, at this time I don't have room dimensions. I own a Sony STR D 1090, an older receiver but it's a pretty decent one, I do plan on updating it at some time in the future but not until I have to. It's capable of surround sound but doesn't have a hook up for a sub woofer, but that's down the road. What I have now are Infinity SM122's, I know they aren't regarded as great ( or even good ) but I'm used to them but would like something better.I Mainly listen to rock.

    I'd like to stay around the $500 range for a pair but could go up a little for the "right thing". I don't live very close to a great place to audition any, but plan to do so when I learn a bit more. From what I've seen I've heard very good things about Fluance, and I've seen Klipsch in that price range as well along with some others. I've been looking at floor standing towers but if there are bookshelf models that will supply the same sound I'm open to checking them out as well.

    I know it's a broad question, but thanks for any ideas!
  2. Jack Flannery

    Jack Flannery Forum Resident

    Houston, TX
  3. Obtuse1

    Obtuse1 Forum Resident

    Elac B6 Debut (a bit more than $500/pr, but well worth checking out).

    The smaller B5's would come in closer to $500, but I'd suggest stepping up to the larger model.
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  4. SpeedMorris

    SpeedMorris Forum Resident

    The Elac Debut B5 and 6 are actually $229 and $279. The Elac F5 floorstander is $559. (The larger F6 is $750.) Music Direct does give you a 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

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  5. Drew769

    Drew769 Forum Resident

    Go on Audiogon or Hifi Mart and buy the best/newest pair of Vandersteen Model 2's (2CE perhaps) that you can afford. They are the entry point to truly high end sound. $500 won't buy you much in new speakers, but it will get you a very good pair of used.
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  6. Rentz

    Rentz Forum Resident

    If you check current threads there's some raves about the wharfdale Denton which run 499 on music direct
    And as already mentioned the elac b6 can be had quite cheap right now

    For floor standing speakers you may have to up the budget a little
  7. Brian Barker

    Brian Barker Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone. I will have some wiggle room and can up the price a little, but figured 500 was an okay starting point. I will check out all the names mentioned, and will appreciate any further ideas.
  8. krlpuretone

    krlpuretone Forum Resident

    Grantham, NH
    KEF Q500 are on sale for $350/ea. normally $550/ea. an outstanding deal!
  9. rjp

    rjp Senior Member

    my suggestion:

    listen to as many as you can (which i know is not easy in this day and age)

    and then:

    buy the ones that sound the best to you.

    it is impossible for anyone anywhere anyhow to tell you which speakers sound the best to you, only you can do that.
  10. kmurp

    kmurp Member

    Upstate NY
    Maybe a good suggestion but would the Vandersteens be good if he doesn't sit and listen in their sweet spot?
  11. Brian Barker

    Brian Barker Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Thanks, I agree with you and know that all too well. Speakers are an area that I don't have a lot of knowledge on, so I was really looking for suggestions of brands to check out when I do get to make the trek to start listening. I only have a Best Buy close to me to listen to anything, while I might find something serviceable there I know there has to be better names to investigate than what they have in stock.
  12. Drew769

    Drew769 Forum Resident

    I know Vandersteen is all hung up on the placement and seating position, but honestly they always sounded good wherever I was sitting. Even at full retail, the reaction to first hearing Model 2's is usually shock at their low price considering their performance.

    The newer Treos and Quatros are less sensitive to placement, but more $$.
  13. curbach

    curbach Some guy on the internet

    The ATX
    Does your Best Buy have a Magnolia within? If so you can audition a few nicer speakers there.

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