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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by vince, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. Groovy

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    Oh, around.
    Great to hear that the 'Separado!' soundtrack will be coming out.

    "Really want to put this out - it's pretty much a full album of songs. recorded with Gorwel Owen and Kris Jenkins, between 2006 and 2009 I finished the last song at Jonathan Wilson's studio in LA in 2010 - Kliph Scurlock has helped me find all the last components - it's almost ready now."
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  2. Great pop album. And I love the deluxe package. A thing of beauty. Beautiful poster too.

    Mine arrived intact and I can lay it on top of a section of my box sets for display or on my credenza for awhile.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Oh, around.
    Nice photos, Mazzy.

    Did you buy the 'Now Spinning' sleeve holder or did you acquire it while working in a record store? I displayed mine simply by placing it on a shelf but by morning the cover was bowing open, so it needs something to hold it together.

    I'll have to contact Rough Trade as a latte wasn't included with my order.
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  4. They are hand made in San Francisco so not cheap but well made. I like supporting indie artisans when I can.

    I don’t own the dividers just the now spinning display. .

    Handcrafted products for the home, for audiophiles and music lovers
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  5. Groovy

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    Oh, around.
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  6. TheWarmth

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    "No Profit No Pain" is absolutely brilliant. Great song. He should release it as a 7".
  7. joey essex

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    The new Gulp record comes out on Friday. Guto Pryce, SFA's bassist, is one of two principal songwriters (the other is his wife, who is also the vocalist). They are very good, particularly if you're a fan of bands like Pram and Broadcast.

    It's also streaming here: Album Premiere: Gulp - All Good Wishes | Gigwise

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  8. zakyfarms

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    San Francisco
    Awaiting my preorder. Looking forward to it.
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  9. joey essex

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    I'm really enjoying the Gulp album. There are shades of Broadcast and Jane Weaver all over, with a very great bass sound. I wish Guto would turn his bass up a little more on SFA's recordings because he's very good at what he does.

    This new Gruff song is also terrific. It's a one-off for a yearly Welsh-language festival:

    Gruff Rhys Shares New Track Bae Bae Bae Written For National Eisteddfod In Cardiff - Stereoboard

  10. Etienne Hanratty

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    Honey All Over, on Gruff Rhys’ Hotel Shampoo has to be the best opening verse to a song ever.

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