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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by HGN2001, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. HGN2001

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    I watched this live on CBS last night with no preconceptions and no spoilers other than a few recent promos and I enjoyed it. I'm rather surprised that there is zero discussion here, yet the ratings were pretty impressive for a new series.

    I understand that the pilot had been leaked earlier this year - I wouldn't know as I don't participate in such stuff. It was interesting to see some of the cameo casting in this pilot, and the lead actress has that attractive girl next door look about her.


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  2. vince

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    If they're not using the XTC song, I'm not watching!!
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  3. MLutthans

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    Marysville, WA
    I saw the first 20 minutes or so. Can't say I was impressed, but seeing Dean Cain in the cast struck me as pretty funny (if odd).
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  4. shokhead

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    Since she has the exact same powers as her brother or cousin{i forget what superman is to her}I'll try it for awhile. DVRed
  5. bferr1

    bferr1 Forum Resident

    I didn't mind this at all and my little girl loved it, kept wanting me to "fly" her around the living room. There are worse ways to spend an hour...
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  6. Alan G.

    Alan G. Forum Resident

    I never read those comic books, but enjoyed the show. Fun seeing The Mentalist's Owain Yeoman playing a bad-guy alien. Supergirl is well played as unsure and vulnerable. Hope the show has legs.
  7. joefont

    joefont Forum Resident

    I think it has what it takes to be a hit.
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  8. Dennis0675

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    The show got crazy good ratings, it was an 11 share. This is about as much as NFL games.
  9. Deesky

    Deesky Forum Resident

    I didn't bother with it as I didn't like what I saw in the trailers. It looked like a fluffy rom-com with cheesy vfx.
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  10. jjh1959

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    St. Charles, MO
    Cousins. Fathers are brothers. Jor-El and Zor-El.
  11. Will Harrison Ford make a cameo for his girlfriend? :tiphat:
  12. dewey02

    dewey02 Forum Resident

    The mid-South.
    But did you not notice that his wife and Supergirl's earth mom was none other than Helen Slater, Supergirl herself in the 1980's movie?
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  13. progrocker71

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    Los Angeles
    Yeah, I always judge a show (or film) based solely on the trailer and my own possibly incorrect preconceptions. :laugh:
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  14. Wait...10 yesrs hwve passed...this stuff I know bugs me but nobody else. Somehow I missed that she was in pod two in the reboot movie.

    The opening visuals of her leaving Krypton weren't very good CGI IMHO.

    The woman who plays Supergirl is very good. When does she become superwoman?

    Visuals improved....the writing not so much but I'll give it a chance it's from the guy who did "The Flash" so he's earned some food will with me.

    The writing. Eh.
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  15. 93curr

    93curr Senior Member

    I gave up after about twenty minutes. Maybe if I hear the show gets better I'l try again in a few episodes. I liked Benoit well enough on 'Homeland' and 'Glee', but I'm not sure I'm crazy about what they've done with her here. The writing was just painfully bad.

    Just how far away from Earth is Krypton, anyway? How could either Superboy or Supergirl have been sent off-planet a mere twenty four years ago if they had to travel through space to get here (even ignoring the phantom zone)? Their ships weren't equipped to go faster than light, were they?
  16. Deesky

    Deesky Forum Resident

    Benoit was on Homeland? Wow, I totally don't remember that. When was she on?

    I don't think you're supposed to think about that too much, otherwise you might start worrying about how our sun gives her superpowers! Seriously, these things you have to accept and go with as the basic tenants of the franchise.
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  17. 93curr

    93curr Senior Member

    Second and third episodes of the first season. She was one of the girls in the harem run by the women Carrie was using as a double agent.
  18. And she was featured in the final episode of Madmen. Leading the Big Sur group.
  19. Squealy

    Squealy Forum Hall Of Fame

    I thought they said she was delayed in the Phantom Zone for 24 years. Not that it took either of them 24 years to get to Earth.
  20. Deesky

    Deesky Forum Resident

    Thanks - I have no recollection of that plot line. :D
  21. ampmods

    ampmods Forum Resident

    Boston, MA, USA
    It was ok if a little overstuffed.

    I'm not a huge Superman/DC fan but the casting of a hunky confident Jimmy Olsen seems a bit confusing. I've read online that the actor says he's a 'bit of a nerd' but I'm not sure if he's talking about himself in real life or the character on the show because that guy seemed more like an action hero than a dork. The other person at her work seemed more the dorky Jimmy Olsen character to me.
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  22. rjp

    rjp Senior Member

    it was OK, i DVR'd it for next week....we'll see...jury still out.

    definitely better than 'minority report' and 'limitless'
  23. dewey02

    dewey02 Forum Resident

    The mid-South.
    I never watched Madmen.
    Was her role in that related to her Supergirl portrayal?
    If not, I'm not understanding your post.
  24. Olompali

    Olompali Forum Resident

    Supercharming lead.
    Must see tv.
  25. Olompali

    Olompali Forum Resident

    She helps main character Don Draper into meditation circle which guides him to find his inner cola.
    Saves the series!
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