Superman: The Movie 3 hour TV version coming to Blu-Ray

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by jupiter8, Sep 18, 2017.

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    Was this not the scene with Noel Neill? If so I beleive it has been in every version I have seen over the years.
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    I don't think that's right - as far as I know, the SE of "Aliens" debuted with the 1991 laserdisc...
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  3. 12 minutes, says Wikipedia and Memory Alpha:
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    "Otis...feed the babies". That scene freaked me out when I saw it on TV as a kid.

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    Right.......but the TV version did include some extra clips.
    Aliens Special Edition
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    Maybe I spoke to much. But I remember there were several different scenes. It still shows up on tv
    You can read more here
    The Breakfast Club (1985) - Alternate Versions - IMDb
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    Ah yes, the infamous Kirk space walk fail.

    It should be noted that some of the footage from the ABC cut made it to The Director's Edition.
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  9. There have been supply issues with this new Superman release. Walmart took too many pre-orders and Amazon clearly doesn't have their inventory of the set yet. Some retailers actually have a 10/10 release date listed, which makes more sense. Copies are out there, apparently a retailer in the UK of all places already had their supply and shipped them out. I think most people won't get a copy until next week at the earliest.

    The review over at shows the movie got a terrific new transfer with tighter colors and improved grain structure.

    The UPC code for this release is 888574571528 if you want to search for it on eBay and Google.
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    I hope this means we will soon be getting the similar TV version with added footage of Superman II.
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    I got my shipping notification from Amazon today.
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    I have the 2 sided DVD. It was the first DVD I ever got and spoiled me for almost every DVD I subsequently got. It’s so full of goodies.

    Now I may have to buy a blu ray™ player for this.
  14. I never thought we'd get the television cut of Superman The Movie in an officially-released version, and especially not while Richard Donner is still around to reject any further expanded edition that isn't in line with his approved longer edit that Michael Thau produced for its first appearance on DVD, which appears to now be definitive. I can even forgive the mostly mono audio source (with stereo music used for the credits) because of this being a surviving widescreen copy from before it was given the "pan and scan" treatment for broadcast, though it's a shame similar variations of the later sequels have yet to be found, as I'd love a complete set featuring as much footage of the Christopher Reeve era series as possible. Saying that, it's not as if much was taken out of Superman IV: The Quest For Peace, but Superman III feels bare in its theatrical form, since I grew up with the additional scenes, for better or worse. I can only remain hopeful Warner Archive will at least try to continue with the sequels, particularly II for its additional Donner-shot material...
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    There was a lot taken out of Superman IV. About 45 minutes worth. There is an entire sequence with another Nuclear Man that fought Superman before the one we see in the final film.
  16. Sorry, I should have been much clearer in my earlier post. While there is a wealth of material that was cut from Superman IV (including an entire sub-plot involving the original Nuclear Man), I was referring to the two short additional scenes that featured in the international cut when compared with the more common theatrical version. From what I've read about this film, WB couldn't include a sequence with Clark in the Metro Club because of the soundtrack containing music they weren't able to get clearance for, yet it was eventually licensed for the 8CD boxed set released via Film Score Monthly. All of the elements from the original work print clearly still exist, but the only surviving copy is in such a bad state that it would require an extensive restoration, and I doubt anyone's willing to commit to such a project - fan efforts combining all the outtakes into the longest possible cohesive vision is probably the best we can ask for now...
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    I doubt it, seeing as some of the scenes added for TV was Donner footage.
  18. People should be very thankful we got this set. Apparently the elements practically fell into their laps when they unexpectedly found this extended cut sitting unused somewhere.

    With this release and the announcement that Batman: The Animated Series is coming to Blu-ray in 2018, two of my holy grails will be available in Hi-Def.
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    I just finished watching the TV version. I really liked the added scenes, I am glad they were able to make this available.
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    So it sounds like this was the print that the pan and scan TV cut was directly sourced from rather then them reconstructing the TV cut from original negatives and such?
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    Yeah I was watching the beginning last night and I loved the opening scenes at krypton. Now I understand all of the hype.
    Is the Superman II international cut just as good?
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    I'm very much looking forward to this as well and I don't really remember it airing initially.

    And it's funny...but I was six years old when this movie was released in 1978 and I distinctly remember standing with my dad in the cold waiting to get in to see the film. I always figured that this memory was false since I assumed a blockbuster like this film would have received a summer release, but I looked it up today and it was released on December 15, I was definitely standing in the cold!
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    My memory of the release was the scene where teen Clark throws the football and the shot immediately changes to the speeding train. Ten year old me was sure the ball was going to hit the train and I remember saying "oh oh!" very loudly in the theater.
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    My son said the same thing when he saw the movie for the first time last week. (Shame on me for never showing him the movie before. He’s 8. But I’ve no excuse for the older boys).
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  25. There are a few additional scenes filmed by Richard Donner in the international cut of Superman II, but none of these feature Marlon Brando's Jor-El. Unfortunately, several of the previously unseen sections under Richard Lester's direction range from mildly irritating to highly offensive... For example, there's an insert shot at Niagra Falls where you're forced to watch a tourist fumbling with his camera for what feels like an eternity, adding nothing to the overall story. Later on, when a television broadcast is interrupted to show the three Kryptonian villains on their destructive rampage, we're made to suffer a pair of horrible stereotypes that I suspect were dated when these additional segments were first aired, with their victims being sports-loving rednecks and an Asian father concerned at his daughter relishing in the violence she is watching. Furthermore, there's the uncomfortable gag of Superman cooking a soufflé for the first time, beginning out of sight to play on an ill-advised piece of verbal innuendo just before he sleeps with Lois Lane, plus Ursa celebrating the murder of an innocent boy ("who will never become a man!") killed by Non throwing a light taken from a police car earlier, which inexplicably becomes a small bomb. On top of these instances, Jimmy Olsen even remarks that he should have spiked Lex Luthor's drink at one point - does anyone else think such deleted footage was pushing the boundaries of what could be deservedly included within a family movie? Although fan efforts do exist that combine the longest possible versions of the first two Superman films into a truly incredible epic with Donner's missile device restored in place of the Paris terrorism arc introduced by Lester, also raising the levels of verisimilitude by removing the need for time to be rewound because Lois never died, I could live without some of the excessive jokes, and I say that as a fan of slapstick comedy when presented in the right context.
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