Survivor Season 35: Heroes Vs. Healers Vs. Hustlers

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by xdawg, Sep 27, 2017.

  1. Song4U

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    The tribal councils are so much better when Jeff steps out of it and let's the cast go live like last night. I couldn't believe Lauren did what she did and if you watched her on that last competition where the shell was placed in the sand right in front of her spot (come on Survivior producers make it a little challenging, put the shell in front of Chrissy's lol) Lauren didn't even put it in her pocket to hide it, it was like she didn't care she just got a full idol. She was too confident. Great move Ben.
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  2. GlamorProfession

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    i'm dumbfounded at the game play of some of these people. wow Lauren, really? and Mike just blows with the wind. no rhyme or reason to what he does. and so far Ben is the only one that has shown he can keep his mouth shut about an idol or some advantage. bizarro.
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  3. GLENN

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    At this point I have absolutely no preference who wins or loses. I was pulling for Lauren but she made some boneheaded moves and frankly she deserved to go.
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  4. rburly

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    Lauren & Ashley have had minimal face time on the show. Lauren with the insane leaving her 2nd vote at camp and giving half an idol away was crazy. The 'active' TC was interesting and mostly kept Probst out of the picture. They had made up their minds what they were going to do based on Ben's comments and distancing himself from everyone. I'm sure they went back to camp and Ben will have enough of an alliance to move forward. If he isn't the target every week, he wins. It looks bad for him right now, but the editing of the show makes it look that way.
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  5. nosticker

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    Ok, that drawing rocks thing was a HUGE waste of time. A whole bunch of them ended up going away...what was the point?

    That said, my jaw dropped when Mike threw Lauren's half-idol in the fire. Then again, I cringed when she gave it to him in the first place. It's too late in the game and far too big a risk to do that. Out with ONE vote? She got outplayed and outwitted.

    I agree that the show should get out of its own way. If they continue in this fashion, Plinko will be an immunity challenge and the next season will take place at an Applebee's.

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  6. John54

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    I hope Chrissy wins, or barring that, Ryan. They're the only two likeable players left IMHO.

    The tribal council was interesting. There have been several lately where a number of people were getting up and speaking privately with others. I can't remember if it only started this season or if it was a season or two ago, but it certainly wasn't far back.
  7. applebonkerz

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    Chrissy and Ryan have been among the most unlikable all season long IMO. This for sure is not the first season for getting up during tribal to go have private conversations. This week's version of that was even very tame compared to the season when it first took off with people doing it over and over. I'm thinking it was Game Changers season, but after all these years they all start to blend together for me.
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    The producers choose the players' outfits. Sometimes it's a matter of selecting what the contestants themselves pick out, but other times the producers can force something on them. Cochran for instance maintains that the producers insisted on him wearing a sweater vest even though he never even owned one before.

    It's always been a social game more than a survival game. Nowadays they just devote practically zero airtime to the survival element. We occasionally see scenes of them struggling but admittedly this is mitigated by big feasts and rewards that we see a lot more often.

    Despite what the show made it seem like back in the day, the water provided in wells was clean on day 1--it only needed to be boiled once the elements made their way in. There's a scene in the first episode of All-Stars where Rudy's tribe freaks out because he drank the water straight out of the well despite warnings about was perfectly fine. There are some exceptions where the water wasn't producer-provided, like in Africa (and maybe Marquesas and others?)...but even in those cases, contestants have come out and admitted that they were given fire help off-camera. The survival element was never as authentic as the early seasons claimed.

    She's said in interviews that she was bluffing and actually did have the vote with her. Why she didn't think to use it and cast a vote for someone else just in case Ben had an idol is beyond me.

    I liked Chrissy at first but for someone who claims to be a "student of the game," her social game has been awful. She's smart but she just can't resist being catty sometimes, and she is the epitome of someone who can dish it out when she's in power, but can't take it at all when she's on the bottom. As for Ryan, I've disliked him from the beginning because he's so freaking forced. We get it, you've never been on a date. Now stop with the unfunny metaphors every Tribal Council.

    Game Changers was where it really took off. This is one of those things where I think it's pretty cool once in a while but loses the excitement if he keeps happening, like it did in that season. And suspense for the sake of suspense is useless and unsatisfying when the outcome comes completely out of nowhere (like the Michaela boot last season). This instance was much better since the conversation was subtitled and we already had enough information to go by to explain what might happen. That said, I was still surprised based on where it ended that it turned out to be a 6-1 vote for Ben.

    I know a lot of people aren't high on this season but for me it's one of the best installments in the past five years. I like that it wasn't "big moves" from the get-go and that relationships were at the core of the show, but then the last few episodes have seen some incredible and dynamic gameplay.
  9. Trashman

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    True, in the world of reality TV, nothing is ever as real as it seems. However, it is undeniable that the contestants in the earlier seasons often lost large amounts of weight while playing the game... to the point where it radically altered their appearance. That almost never happens in the more recent seasons.
  10. xdawg

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    I would like for Ben to win this now. I think it would have been more exciting if Ben had waited until after the votes were cast to play the idol, but it really didn't change the outcome. Ashley was probably the correct choice.
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  11. rjp

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    i cannot stand plain language, she is an ignorant human in every sense of the word.

    ben did screw up....he should have kept his idol until the votes were cast and he and ashley could have voted out doc. ashley's buddy, devin, really screwed her too.

    i deserve to be in the final 5 more than ryan, what a non-player...should he make the final 3, i predict he does not get a single vote.

    i am absolutely rooting for ben now, other than doc, none of the rest even come close to deserving it.

    my fear: final 3: chrissy, ryan & devin.........good lord none of them deserve to win.

    every week it just compounds the fact that this is the worst season of survivor ever.
  12. GlamorProfession

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    Ben should've kept the idol secret like last time and voted Devin out. even though Chrissy won the last immunity challenge, Devin is the biggest challenge threat. Ashley was the next biggest challenge threat and she was never going to win it all. he goofed revealing the idol during the tribal.
  13. applebonkerz

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    Ben has made an equal number of bonehead mistakes, and good moves, but it's starting to tip more toward bonehead. It was incredibly stupid to vote out Lauren last week. He had his total choice of anyone that would be a challenge threat, and he votes out one of the weakest threats. Devin was right, Ben should have voted him, or Chrissy, out last week. Same with targeting Doc this week. He could have kept his idol secret again, moped around tribal that he was going home this week because there wasn't anything he could do to sway the votes his way... everyone would have voted him, and bam--he could have gotten rid of Devin again. Very very stupid game play needing to brag about the idol before the vote, and another waste targeting Doc. I'm betting this will be a very unsatisfying finale outcome now, and it really didn't have to be this way at all.
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  14. rburly

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    There's just so much.

    Re: Ben getting that last idol certainly made the TC more interesting. Other than that, I'm fine with whatever they do.
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  15. rburly

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    As someone who watches an edited version of a 24/7 (mostly) live tv show, Big Brother, I find it hard to believe that in 3 days so much more happens. I know they want to tell their own story. Only the tribal council has the drama they're looking for. And maybe that's their hook for us watching the show. Okay, just typing out loud. :)

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