T. Rex - Electric Warrior - Kevin Gray AAA Vinyl Reissue

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by GentleSenator, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. Marko K

    Marko K Well-Known Member

    Estonia, EU
    Rhino re-issues do seem to be somewhat limited - all the ones I have bought in the last 5 years here in Europe, seem to be vanishing from the store shelves (The Doors, Coltrane, Joni Mitchell etc). Some of them have been replaced by inferiour re-issues.
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  2. Electric Sydney

    Electric Sydney Well-Known Member

    Scarsdale, NY
    I should have picked up the John Prine when it was easily available.
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  3. Mazzy

    Mazzy Forum Resident

    If you are interested in any of rhinos great reissues ( and most are great ) you should jump on them sooner then later. None are opened ended issues.
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  4. bob60

    bob60 Forum Resident

    London UK
    The Rhino reissue of the CD version of Electric Warrior from a few years back was spectacular. The packaging was fantastic, easily the best reissue of that album.
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  5. 0476pearljam

    0476pearljam Well-Known Member

    Great, but even if you were there at the time and as educated rock fans you an your friends had perceived the great value of electric warrior in 1971, my point was more that T.REX music was not received in the general opinion of educated rock fans from the seventies as something as valuable as the stones, pink floyd, the byrds and so on...My feeling is the "general" opinion (aka the consensus) on T.REX music in the seventies was it was a cultural phenomenon in 1972-1973 pushed by the youth that was simultaneously in glam rock à la slade and sweet and from 1974 onwards, T. Rex status went down. What i meant tend to be reflected in the critical reviews in the general press for his electric warrior/slider records, and the general consensus on his career as it was perceived in the seventies is also reflected by the obituary column about his death...I also think that groups like Roxy Music were not put in the same bag as T.REX by the critics : they were considered more arty. That's why I said that the exact "lasting value" of electric warrior as a real classic record of rock and roll golden period was only perceived by the general public way after the seventies.

    And for the dated character of slade music. I don't feel Electric warrior as dated...I just feel it is incredibly fresh, modern and inventive sounding now...That's something I wouldn't say about slade music. But I agree with you : a lot of the seventies music is dated now but stay nevertheless incredibly great... groups like humble pie or jethro Tull are good examples
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  6. culabula

    culabula Forum Resident

    Belfast, Ireland

    Were you not charged duty by Amazon at point of sale? That’s what they do now.
  7. mr.datsun

    mr.datsun Forum Resident

    The A&M CD from 2012 was remastered by Visconti and sounds good to me. It adds Hot Love & b-side and the b-side to Get It On. I prefer it to the 2012 Reprise CD. I have not heard the Rhino from 2003.
  8. billy1

    billy1 Forum Resident

    Not sure what you mean by this.
  9. billy1

    billy1 Forum Resident

    The best in my opinion is the Castle version, with the treble rolled off slightly it gets you real close to the original vinyl.
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  10. I believe this is the CD version I have and I agree. Wonderful sound on this release!
  11. puelche

    puelche Active Member

    Santiago de Chile
    ...or in South America...:D
  12. 0476pearljam

    0476pearljam Well-Known Member

    The problem for us non english speaking people is that we can't argue in english with enough finesse and our judgment can then be understood as a bit rough and lacking dialectic...

    I just meant that I THINK T.REX's electric warrior seems to find its place now in the numerous listings of "X hundreds best records of all time " or that it's not incongruous to find it in such a list ; in december 1979, I know there are exceptions, but electric warrior was not considered as one of the record of the seventies that was to be remembered for the future...In other words, the status of T.REX's electric warrior as an absolute great long player of the classic rock era grows with the years, what was not expected in 1973....I am not sure that in 1973-1975 a fan of Soft Machine, Sun ra of Steely dan would have bet that T.REX's electric warrior would have been remebered in 2017 as a classic record of the seventies...
  13. mr.datsun

    mr.datsun Forum Resident

    Yes - I agree with what you say. It's interesting that of all the T.rex and Bowie LP records I bought as a teenager, Warrior is the only one I kept.
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  14. Really. I seen lots here in Ottawa.
  15. mr.datsun

    mr.datsun Forum Resident

    Not many forum members there.
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  16. Neonbeam

    Neonbeam All Art Was Once Contemporary

    That's 100% true. Up until a couple of years ago "Electric Warrior" wouldn't show up on these lists. T.Rex in general seemed to be a bit forgotten, mostly remembered as single artist. A lot of this had to do with the state of the catalogue. Mickey Finn's T.Rex doing the oldies festival circuit certainly didn't help.

    But then Marc's image and reputation did gradually change.
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  17. misterclean

    misterclean Forum Resident

    Cleveland, Ohio
    Buying a backup copy is hoarding? Whatever dude...
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  18. Not my point. If lots here then I doubt if this pressing limited.
  19. 0476pearljam

    0476pearljam Well-Known Member

    i also think the more we are far from the seventies years, the more the general opinion is made now by people who were even not born then...A poll in the eighties about what was great in the seventies would have had as participating contributors only people who had lived the seventies, so that poll wouldn't that much greatly differ from the same poll made in 1979...but now we are in 2017 and the general opinion is formed by a majority of guys who weren't there then and for them, they rejudged all the things with equal ears...for them, there is no reason T. REX would be considered as a "not so serious group" as it was in the seventies..; that's why I think the status of electric warrior is growing...it's only judged now on its own merit... and not as a record that was representative of glam rock, a genre that wasn't the most appreciated once it was gone (after the smashing years 1971-1974)...
  20. krlpuretone

    krlpuretone Forum Resident

    Grantham, NH
    Yes, undoubtedly T Rex's status and cachet have both grown thru the CD era...combination of multiple stellar reissues making previously difficult-to-find (especially here in the US) albums accessible and the prominent use of songs in both commercials and movies opening the catalog to a whole new audience.

    When I first started working in a record store in college, it carried Electric Warrior only on cassette tape; by the mid 90s there was an entire pantheon of titles including box sets and deluxe editions for most of the catalog.
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  21. Kevin j

    Kevin j Forum Resident

    Seattle Area
    why are you buying a backup copy? do you really think you'll wear out the first copy? is this the only record you're going to listen to for the rest of your life?

    it's you money, "dude". backup copies have always confused me. when I buy a new Subaru I don't buy a "backup".
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  22. mick_sh

    mick_sh Forum Resident

    Madrid, Spain
    You don't? I always buy a backup Ferrari, just in case I have a crash.
  23. ssmith3046

    ssmith3046 Forum Resident

    I guess I can see buying a back up copy. One can mishandle a record in a moment of carelessness or intoxication. I don't buy back up copies personally but I don't consider it hoarding.
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  24. misterclean

    misterclean Forum Resident

    Cleveland, Ohio
    Why do you even care? Seriously, you need to get a life, rather than to attack people on message boards all the time.
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  25. Leepal

    Leepal Well-Known Member

    Swindon, UK
    I ordered from Amazon US and didn't get any import taxes in the UK, don't know if Ireland is different in that regard. I was amazed how quickly it shipped too!

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