T. Rex - Electric Warrior - Kevin Gray AAA Vinyl Reissue

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by GentleSenator, Oct 26, 2017.

  1. dkmonroe

    dkmonroe A completely self-taught idiot

    Just got my copy today at a local B&N. $16 with a coupon and my membership discount. The LP is perfect, not only free of pops, clicks and crackle but also perfectly flat. The last couple of Rhino LP's I've bought have been very well pressed, I hope it's a trend.

    As everybody else is saying, this LP sounds great! Even the last two songs (which I've never liked) are a gas now. If this is what AAA does, then bring it on. This is a near-perfect reissue and I'm surprised the list price is so relatively inexpensive.

    Only one niggling issue - I kinda wish they didn't go so glossy on the cover as every touch leaves fingerprints! No, I'm not gonna use gloves. :laugh:

    Is the gatefold design faithful to the original? My long-gone vintage copy wasn't a gatefold.
  2. Mazzy

    Mazzy Forum Resident

    The original was a gatefold in the US. I still have one.
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  3. dkmonroe

    dkmonroe A completely self-taught idiot

    Did it have that portrait of Marc with that cropping? I only ask because I'm sure I've seen that picture in the CD packaging and it was like a mini-poster and quite different.
  4. jamesmaya

    jamesmaya Forum Resident

    Mudwest, CA
    Fun Fact No’s. 6383 & 6466

    Sometime after Electric Warrior was released, there was an album jacket misspressing on a certain number of copies of Neil Young’s After The Gold Rush such that instead of the gatefold pic of a reclining Neil (Fillmore East dressing room?)....

    you got a reclining Marc Bolan...
  5. dkmonroe

    dkmonroe A completely self-taught idiot

    Now THAT'S funny! :laugh:

    "Hello, ladies - you didn't expect to meet me here, did you?"
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  6. Quasimodo

    Quasimodo Well-Known Member

    Just received mine from Amoeba last night. Gave it a quick spin and it sounds great. My old original US copy is pretty worn and has some annoying pops and crackle over Mambo Sun and Cosmic Dancer. All the praise this release is getting is much deserved.
  7. Frank Field

    Frank Field Well-Known Member

    I'm in Europe and ordered this from B&N, it arrived today. I got mugged for customs charges of €16 and one of the corners of the gatefold sleeve was paper mache...but...it sounds great. This is one of those times I'm happy to take the hit.
  8. sonofjim

    sonofjim Forum Resident

    It was indeed a gatefold. I have three. I tried to give one to my 12 y/o daughter when she got a turntable but she didn't like it. We'll give it some time. She's only 12.
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  9. geddy402

    geddy402 Active Member

    Listening to this right now. What a great reissue!

    Back to your regularly scheduled programming...
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  10. moomaloo

    moomaloo Forum Resident

    Well... I ordered this from B&N over a month ago and got a delivery estimate of the end of November (I'm in the UK). Then, earlier today, I get an email from B&N saying that they have just shipped the record (?!!!!). Then, later on this morning, I get another email saying that they can't process my card and I'm to phone them or else my order will be cancelled. This is ridiculous and extremely annoying.

    I've sent them an email but there is no international phone number. Is this normal customer service from B&N? #hopeless
  11. Mazzy

    Mazzy Forum Resident

    Sounds more like an out of country credit card fraud problem than one with BN. This happens half the time when I order things from the UK as I’m in the US. One of my card company declined the purchase unless I pre authorize. Except for Amazon UK
  12. moomaloo

    moomaloo Forum Resident

    Thanks. It's very disappointing. I phoned B&N long-distance but they couldn't explain what the issue is except that they have cancelled the order... here's hoping for a UK release at some point.
  13. JP Christian

    JP Christian Forum Resident

    Discogs is your friend - you can use Paypal, my transaction was straightforward and from memory the LP took about 10 days to arrive, if that - might mean spending a little more, i.e. about $40 including shipping, but it's a stellar release.
  14. puelche

    puelche Active Member

    Santiago de Chile
    Finally received this one. Indeed, a very well made reissue (sonically and visually). I'm very tempted to say that this is comparable to the stellar MM 33 Blue Note (same mastering chain and same top notch packaging)!
  15. polchik

    polchik Well-Known Member

    curious where'd you get it ? and how much???? lol thanks
  16. Electric Sydney

    Electric Sydney Well-Known Member

    Scarsdale, NY
    I can’t recall a thread on this forum where the item was so universally praised (deservedly).
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  17. FashionBoy

    FashionBoy Well-Known Member

    Toronto, Canada
    Hi there, I found a copy at Sonic Boom on Spadina. I think it was about $30!
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  18. polchik

    polchik Well-Known Member

    oh that's great thanks!
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