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Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by ffracer, Feb 17, 2006.

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  1. ffracer

    ffracer Custom Title Thread Starter

    Anyone have an old Technics CD player, circa 1984-6? SL-P1, SL-P2, SL-P3, SL-P7, SL-P8, and SL-PJ1?

    Does it randomly skip across a CD or have digitial distortion?

    I fixed mine by replacing the drive belt for the laser servo. It is pretty easy too.

    1) Take the top off
    2) Take the screw off the front panel on the bottom
    3) Carefully pull the front off and gently balance it on the top away from the transport
    4) Remove the four (4) pink transport hold down screws
    5) Pull up the transport and flip over, resting carefully on the base plate
    6) Remove the one screw (indicated on the board under the transport) that holds the transport in
    7) release the white plastic clip that holds the bottom board, pull out board, careful where you put it
    8) Look at the worm gear and the belt attached to it on the motor spindle
    9) Remove the drive belt and let it hang
    10) Pop the worm gear out by pressing the white clip back and pushing on the worm gear head
    11) Remove the worm gear and clean it with Brake cleaner (automotive stores) or electrical cleaner
    12) Relube it with light grease or graphite grease
    13) Put the belt on the head of the worm gear
    14) Pop the worm gear back in and make sure the it freely rotates; make sure the laser sled arm is past the limit switch
    15) Check the laser sled rails that they are clean
    16) Reassemble

    Good luck. These things are built to last. All they need is a belt and some cleaning.

    The belt is part no. SRGB007N03 from Panasonic Service Parts.
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  2. Kent Teffeteller

    Kent Teffeteller New Member

    Athens, TN

    I have repaired quite a few of this series of unit. They sound nice, were built great, and very serviceable. This repair method is how I service them with this problem.
  3. Nicolaos

    Nicolaos New Member

    Hi Steve,

    I pulled my SL-P8 from storage. I will be replacing the belts. Can you give me a brand name of cleaner and grease to use? What I have found is not suitable.


  4. Charliemcd

    Charliemcd Active Member

    Thanks for the info, I'll have to pull out my SL-P8 (my first CD player, purchased in 1984) and see if I can get it working again.
  5. Tremaindous

    Tremaindous Forum Resident

    Crap! Recycled mine years ago.
  6. spanky1

    spanky1 Forum Resident

    East Tennessee
    Think I trashed my SLP-3 a few years ago. :realmad:
  7. Charliemcd

    Charliemcd Active Member

    I didn't notice until after I posted that this thread was started 6 years ago. I've spent about an hour today looking for the two belts I want to replace and it looks like they are getting pretty hard to find, especially the one for the disc tray (SRGB007N02, a 12mm x 1mm belt).
  8. Nicolaos

    Nicolaos New Member

    I ordered belt kits for my gear (including an SL-P8 kit) from Marrs Communuications recently. When they arrive, I will install them. I hope that it is the belts and not the laser a I used the player a ton in those days.
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