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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by BradOlson, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. Grant

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    I did not bother to buy the 2004 "Starchild" or "Robbery" because of the copyguard on it, and that they brickwalled it. They have since removed the copyguard, but it's still brickwalled as far as I know.

    But, her best albums are on Motown. Latecomers who only know her music because of "Lovergirl" don't realize that.
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    Agreed. "It Must Be Magic" is probably my favorite of the Motown albums on the strength of "Portuguese Love," "Square Biz," and especially "The Ballad of Cradle Rob and Me." Flawless album and one of two she had total control of at Motown.

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    Back to the drawing board. The above purchase was cancelled. Either the seller had sold out or he thought he too could sell it for $80 or whatever. The prices on Amazon are nuts.

    Any recommendations for good-sounding Teena Marie compilations?
  4. lv70smusic

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    As Grant mentioned earlier, the Motown comp mastered by Bill Inglot is good:

    Also appears to be overpriced at the moment, but it was in print for a while so you might run across one in a local store for a good price if you keep looking.

  5. KeithH

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    Thanks. It looks like I will be holding off on out-of-print Teena Marie CDs for awhile.

    Is there an in-print compilation that sounds good?
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  7. lv70smusic

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    Just played both mixes of Behind the Groove today. I still prefer the original mix. For those who haven't heard it, here's a link to a YouTube clip of a needle drop someone did. Did Motown use this original mix when they put the album out on cd, or does the cd feature the more familiar remix?


    NB: The most prominent differences in the mixes are in the intro between the spoken part and Teena's singing and then during the last two minutes of the track.

  8. there will always be a slot for you on my 80s comp...RIP
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    I just picked up It Must Be Magic last week and really enjoy it. It's the first album I own from her and it certainly won't be the last (once the prices go down and more copies are available). XM 64 The Groove plays "Square Biz" on occasion and I always leave that when it comes on but I was impressed by how good the whole album was. I should have bought this one years ago! So many great songs there

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