The Action - The Complete Recordings 1964-1968 4CD coming

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Nick Dunning, Jun 14, 2018 at 6:37 AM.

  1. Nick Dunning

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    Apparently coming on Cherry Red in September with promise of the original 45 mixes for the first time since the 'Ultimate Action' LP in 1981.

    The is how the band should be heard. Will be an essential buy if this is correct.

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  2. Nick Dunning

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    I quote from Andy Morten on FB:

    "4 CDs including George Martin-era out-takes and alt. versions, original mono 45 mixes, new stereo mixes for those who like that sort of thing, the Rolled Gold and Actions Speak Louder gear, the BBC sessions and the Boys singles. Plus a stand-alone vinyl comp of the original Parlophone sides"
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  3. Dennis Metz

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    Instant buy:edthumbs::cheers:
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  4. Nick Dunning

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    If it is what it says it is. There's a generation of people who've never heard the band as they should sound.

    The masters for the original 45's were apparently lost after the Edsel album was compiled in 1981.

    When they created the 'Ultimate Action' CD, issued in about 1990, they used what appear to be recent remixes from the multis (although in mono), which had the balance of vocals vs. band vs. backing vocals completely wrong. Poor Reg was stuck very prominently out front. Didn't sound right at all.
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  5. Twangy

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    sounds awesome!!!
  6. hallucalation

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    They always had masters and multis. George Martin probably remixed it the same way as Help and Rubber Soul in the 80s to «improve” sound
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  7. Mark Wilson

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    That would include me I guess tho I am 54. Funny I'd been planning to start collecting their work recently but hadn't purchased anything yet. Procrastination pays off sometimes!

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Twangy

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    Boston, MA, USA
    i discovered the "Ultimate Action" lp around 1982, at the same time i found the Creation's "How Does it Feel To Feel" lp, both on Edsel.....great stuff i'd never heard before, and i was hooked...the super cool 7" Action singles box for Record Store Day a few years back was BEAUTIFUL!!!
  9. action pact

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  11. andybeau

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  12. Jim Duckworth

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    Shoot-I'm going to have to get this.
  13. Kevin In Choconut Center

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    I have to be honest in saying that this is a band I've never heard of. But I'm always willing to try something unknown that's from the 1950s or 1960s. I have some research to do, it seems.
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  14. mlew

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    The Action were great interpreters of American soul ( turning Motown tunes into Mod groovers )

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  15. VeeFan64

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  16. bvb1123

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    This sounds awesome! All I have is Rolled Gold and I love it. Would love to hear more by the band!
  17. chickendinna

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    I’m in. Rolled Gold is amazing.
  18. hallucalation

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