The Beatles - Capitol years Vol 1 & 2 v The US albums box sets.

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    Another poster explained the details. I would add this: they did not count as sales because they were in the cutout bins, which consist of stock dumped by record companies.
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  2. Mal

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    Also, as well as being much better quality, the covers have authentic reproductions of the back of the sleeves as opposed to the cheaper ones in the US and EU made sets with re-purposed rear artwork.

    Too bad Toshiba-EMI didn't do their own packaging for Vol 1.
  3. Stan94

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    The corrected copies have "SK1" on the yellow sticker on the front. That's the giveaway.
  4. Taxman

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    Thanks Stan. Amazing what one can learn here!
  5. DRM

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    I hope the Pittsburgh/Western Pa. people don't take offense, but our family HAD moved to the North Hills area of Pittsburgh by 1972. Some may not want to admit this, but the mob was active enough in the Pittsburgh area during this time period. (As well as many Northeastern/Midwest cities.)

    Still, I can't say I know for sure. And of course, nobody can say that any one person bears any responsibility for people being threatened and hurt...because they bought an Introducing The Beatles in the early 70's. I had no clue about all of this in 1972, being 16 at the time.

    And the mob controlled markets that affected all KINDS of people and their access to goods/services/jobs. Multitudes. I'm not into Pirated Goods. Additionally, I'm a Free Marketer. I'm not at all for Groups who want a Monopoly and do it by force, intimidation, or threats of jail time...
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    The artwork/packaging for the Japanese copies of Vol 1 were imported from somewhere else?
  7. Mal

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    I think Toshiba-EMI they made their own but based it on the regular Capitol version. For Vol. 2 they designed their own mini-LP replica sleeves (more substantial than the simple card pocket, gatefold for HELP! and no re-purposed back cover art, unlike the Capitol editions).

    Another advantage to the Japan Vol. 2 is that there were none made with the fold-down error that occurred with the first run of the Capitol editions. So, no need to hunt for an SK1.
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  8. DRM

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    I bought my Volume II Brick version in 2013. And another one in 2014.

    Per one reviewer via The Beatles - The Capitol Albums Vol. 2 (Brick) - Music

    "THIS box is the original and faithful USA sound!

    By CAARSABU on December 19, 2013

    Format: Audio CD|Verified Purchase

    With all controversy about the upcoming Box "The US Albums" i can confirm that both "The Capitol Albums" box set has the ORIGINAL unique mix in some songs, reverb, echo, fake stereo and dexterized songs in all the Albums, and i can confirm that the "Brick" edition of this vol II IS the correct mono mix in Beatles VI and Rubber Soul (SK1 on Sticker, please see my pics above to reference)...Great sound and good presentation, Highly recommended!"



    This bottom one has SK1 at the end, right above here
  9. kwadguy

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    All fakes. Well, it's possible there were a handful of genuine new-old-stock copies that got dislodged from the dusty corner of a warehouse that got mixed in. But for all intents and purposes, the copies that were being sold at retail in the '70s were all fakes.
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    Sorry -- I recognized the post as the style of "The Beave" but I didn't look to notice that it was a cut and paste. Like the Capitol Beatles albums.:D
  11. Blimpboy

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    I sure someone has brought this up before. There are so many Beatles threads here. But what we need is a 21st Century CD version of a "Rarities" album that was issued on vinyl in the 80's that would have all the unique mixes of Beatles songs not on the 2009 stereo and mono sets from the USA and around the world. It would compliment that set without duplication.
  12. DRM

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    Yes, it was a way to incorporate a post from another thread into this thread.

    Cut and paste sounds like the jigsaw puzzle approach that Apple rendered to the Capitol albums.

    A unique mix here. An album cover there. A 2009 remastered duplicate version that you already have...over here. Pasting on the name "U.S." albums there.

    Good one.

    The "Cut and Paste "U.S." Albums.

    "As good as the Capitol Albums as you did NOT remember them! (We're hoping to fool younger people...) And tough luck if you've already got a lot of these Cut and Paste 2009's via your Sugary Sweet 2009 U.K. remasters!."
  13. John Grimes

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    I agree, and that's why I got rid of mine. I still wish I hadn't though.
  14. EverybodyGotSong

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    Agreed. The dry U.K. Mix of "Roll Over Beethoven" just sounds wrong on Second Album.
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  15. DRM

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    Some people have never even heard the Capitol Albums Vol I or II.

    Or may need to give a fresh listen....if it's been awhile.

    Others have closed their minds to them.

    Which is fine.

    So, when the 2020 re-mastered...remasters or remixes come out via the New and Improved Apple Corporation, these "Never Capitol" folks will then still have enough money to buy yet ANOTHER U.K. version.

    Because it's all about Freedom of Choice.

    (And marketing...)
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  16. FJFP

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    I have a second hand Vol. 2 Box, and it has the correct mono mixes.

    Are there any unique mixes on Beatles VI?
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  17. DRM

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    I'm actually not sure.

    I did find THIS:

    "Beatles VI" Thoughts
    Forum Hall Of Fame

    Location: Boston, MA

    "I always thought Beatles VI was a natural progression from Beatles '65. Newbies out there, NONE of us knew Beatles For Sale or the UK Help album or the UK Rubber Soul albums even existed or had alternate track lists. I think Steve remembers seeing these "imports" in 1968 or so, I didn't see them until a few years later myself. The first time I recall seeing them was in some glossy magazine around 1972, showing the Fabs holding up Please Please Me, With The Beatles, A Hard Days Night and Beatles For Sale , along with some silver sales award. The image confused the heck out of me, Beatles albums I've never seen? What are they holding? Remember this was pre-internet days, not so easy to find information back then.

    Beatles VI always sounded so good to me. Even back in the day playing the record on my dads's awesome-sounding Scott Console (I later worked for the company in the early 80's :) ) I could tell the songs on Beatles VI sounded better than on Beatles '65. To this day, I expect to hear You Like me Too Much following Eight Days A Week damnit :righton: I still have my original Capitol T-2358 in all its mono glory (Birthday present), later I bought the stereo version with my own paper route money :D ."

    brainwashed, Oct 7, 2006
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  18. A well respected man

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    Then you are wrong. The 2014 set contains all but four unique mixes (which are sourced from the same sources). And apart from the extra reverb in stereo Second Album, and duophonics/fold downs, the American albums used the same versions as the UK albums, so they are the same in the Capitol sets and the 14 box.
  19. czeskleba

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    Depends on whether you count fake stereo as a unique mix, in which case there's the fake stereo version of "Yes It Is." Other than that, all the mixes are the same as those that appear on the various UK records that Beatles VI is drawn from.

    This site is the best resource for all such questions.
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  20. Michelle66

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    As someone who grew up with the US versions of the Beatles' albums, I pretty much only listen to those versions now.

    Over the years, I've tried to get into the UK versions, but my brain has been wired to expect "I'm Only Sleeping" after "Drive My Car", not to mention the two false starts at the beginning of "I'm Looking Through You".

    The two volumes of the Capitol albums CDs are more authentic to me, than anything else in the Beatles' catalog.

    The Beatles' Second Album *was* the second album of theirs I had back then (with Sgt. Pepper being the first). No amount of pontificating "purists" will ever shift my enjoyment of that LP – fake stereo mixes and all.

    While I'd been hoping for a third volume to finish things off, I ended up making "laserdrops" of Yesterday and Today, Hey Jude, and the UA version of AHDN. (Got somewhat obsessed with Y&T as well – ripping three different copies (true stereo, mono, and fake stereo versions of the three UK Revolver tracks).

    Thinking about the UK albums now, I realized I probably couldn't even come up with the song titles (let alone the sequencing) of side two of the Help! LP.

    Let see how I do. No cheating, nor fake effort to "prove" my point. (No attempt at sequencing, which would be futile. Below are the songs listed as they come to me.)

    1. It's Only Love
    2. I've Just Seen A Face
    3. Yesterday
    4. Dizzy Miss Lizzy
    5. Act Naturally
    6. Tell Me What You See (?)
    7. ....

    One more... Likely something from Beatles VI?

    OK... checking my results...and the song I missed was "You Like Me Too Much" (I never had a chance with that one. Not one of George's crowning achievements...).
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  21. czeskleba

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    Well, except that the Capitol Albums set is all second-generation tapes at best, whereas the US Albums set is first-generation. That extra generation of tape hiss is that magic ingredient that made the original Capitol albums sound so great on cheap transistor radios!
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  22. A well respected man

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  23. Colocally

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    The fixed versions had a sticker on with SK1 on it.
  24. Vinyl Fan 1973

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  25. FJFP

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    Apart from the Help!/Rubber Soul tracks - didn't they get the historically accurate joy that is the 1987 remixes? I bought Y&T to compliment Vol1+2, and because of the cool cover, and and I remember it bugging me as a result. Did this CD have the unique mono/stereo mixes (where applicable) of IOS, DR, AYBCS and WCWIO?

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