The Beatles Past Masters- come up with a better name.

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by PaulKTF, Jun 19, 2017.

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    Songs Your Parents Like
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    I have to disagree with this.

    White Album would add Hey Jude & Revolution

    Sgt Pepper would add SFF & PL

    MMT would be (after the removal of SFF/PL) reordered chronologically as:

    MMT EP (though I keep the side 1 order of the MMT LP - which keeps the sides of the HG single together - though in reverse order)
    Hello Goodbye

    and add:

    Lady Madonna/Inner Light

    The Unreleased YS EP which is the 4 "new" songs from the YS soundtrack album + Across The Universe

    Finish off with You Know My Name.

    So aside from some 1969 overdubs on You Know My Name everything recorded and/or released between Sgt Pepper & The White Album are collected in one place. The YS songs came out on album a couple months after the White Album, but the movie came out in IIRC July 1968 - the soundtrack album being delayed due to issues with George Martin's side two score.

    So that's 17 songs covering a full year of releases from approx mid 67 - mid 68.
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    Lost Treasure
    The Farther One Travels, The Less One Knows
    And The Rest...
    Filling the Gaps
    The Beatles' Mix-Tape
    As, Bs & EPs

    I could play this game for hours.
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  4. ^^ The fact that You Know My Name features John and Paul doing all of the vocals together in 1969 is historically too important for this record not to belong to 1969 in my book.
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    Past Masters Minus 1967

    That big hole where 1967 gets glossed over still irks me. It's kind of jarring to hear Rain followed by Lady Madonna.
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  6. Same here. I never got over it...
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    Mast Pasters.
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    More of The Beatles.
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    Beatles: Cheese & Biscuits
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    More of The Beatles
    Libra, Gemini, Pisces, and Starr LTD.
    The Beatles Present: Ringo, John, Paul, and George
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    I'd say its psychedelic-ness anchors it to 1967 when it was completely recorded (aside from vocal overdubs)

    If one wants to go by release date instead - it belongs to 1970.

    If one want to bonus track it to an album - its either an MMT or MMT-ish catch all mid 67-68 collection or the 'Let It Be' album which was the song/single for which it served as the B-Side.

    I know which option makes more stylistic sense to me.
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    He said this about a specific "double A-side" single: SFF/PL.
    Ironically neither of these are on Past Masters, as the US "comp" MMT included this single was added to the "cannon".
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    Sh!ttin' Out The Hits!
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    Duplicate Your Collection, Part I
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    It's great, it sold, it's the bloody Beatles "Past Masters", shut up!

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    Boy, reading these suggestions really shows how great a title Past Masters is, huh?
  17. Oh ya, I forgot. I own the UK catalogue...:doh:
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  19. [​IMG]
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    The question was what "album"/"period" (roughly) do the tracks on Past Masters "belong" to.
    Meanwhile we all can do whatever we want with our own tracklist versions.
    Personally I like MMT in it's US album configuration. Removing SFF/PL from it weakens it somewhat for me.
    And I also like adding Leave My Kitten Alone to BFS, etc.

    Lady Madonna and Hey Bulldog (along with ATU and Inner Light) to me don't have the 1967 sound and feel and are closer to WA.
    Yellow Sub was just a "meh" album anyways, only four new songs and two of them were for sure kinda "lesser" material that was not used before.

    What I like to do is to ditch Rev 9 and in it's place instead add Lady Madonna, Hey Bulldog and shorter version of Not Guilty.
    ATU feels better to me on Let it Be and I never liked Inner Light because of that whiny-sounding indian instrument being so promient.

    Grab 4 tracks off YS (Hey Bulldog, All Together Now, OANS & It's all too much) and insert it there :)

    Back on topic, I liked "Besides the A-sides" someone suggested.
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    The Incompleat Singles
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    Aside The Beatles (a collection of non-LP A sides)
    01 Love Me Do
    02 From Me To You
    03 She Loves You
    04 I Want To Hold Your Hand
    05 Long Tall Sally
    06 I Call Your Name
    07 I Feel Fine
    08 Day Tripper
    09 We Can Work It Out
    10 Paperback Writer
    11 Lady Madonna
    12 Hey Jude
    13 Get Back
    14 Ballad of John and Yoko
    15 Across The Universe
    16 Let It Be
    17 Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand

    Beside The Beatles (a collection of non-LP B sides)
    01 Thank You Girl
    02 I'll Get You
    03 This Boy
    04 Slow Down
    05 Matchbox
    06 She's A Woman
    07 Yes It Is
    08 Bad Boy
    09 I'm Down
    10 Rain
    11 The Inner Light
    12 Revolution
    13 Don't Let Me Down
    14 Old Brown Shoe
    15 You Know My Name
    16 Sie Liebt Dich
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    You know, I never quite got the disdain for the original collection of that name and it's unfortunate that it already exists because this would have been a PERFECT replacement name for Past Masters.

    I agree - Past Masters sounds boring, pretentious, and void of direction. What does it mean? Masters of the past? Old? Not current? Apple must absolutely hate it because they hate to date anything that comes out now, as if we're all supposed to forget this Beatles thing happened 50 years ago.

    Your idea takes the cake, but again - sucks that it's already been used.
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    And Now It's All This

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