The Beatles Remasters: What Are The Mono Mix Differences?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by jl151080, Apr 9, 2009.

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    MBERGHAU New Member

    Are there any differences in the packaging? Different liner notes etc. talking about the mono mixes?
  2. titaniumman

    titaniumman New Member

    West Hollywood, CA
  3. elvissinatra

    elvissinatra Forum Resident

    But I think the OP was looking for the interesting ones...
  4. Norbert Becker

    Norbert Becker Forum Resident

    From the Columbia website:

    basic recording- 1 Apr 1967
    additional recording- 1 Apr 1967
    master tape- 4 track

    * [a] mono 1 Apr 1967. edited. crossfaded 6 Apr 1967.
    UK: Parlophone PMC 7026 Sgt Pepper 1967.
    US: Capitol MAS 2653 Sgt Pepper 1967.

    * stereo 20 Apr 1967. edited. crossfaded 20 Apr 1967.
    UK: Parlophone PCS 7026 Sgt Pepper 1967.
    US: Capitol SMAS 2653 Sgt Pepper 1967.
    CD: EMI CDP 7 46442 2 Sgt Pepper 1987.

    The crossfade joins this to the following song, A Day in the Life. The edit in mono [a] is better, so the last note hits the first chord of A Day in the Life, while there is a delay in stereo .

    Mono [a] starts with unknown spoken words not in stereo , then both have a countdown with someone saying "bye" (?) behind it, then [a] has more drum beats to start. During the sequence just described, crowd noise in mono [a] starts louder, dies down, then up to a cheer, while crowd noise in stereo stays steady at medium volume-- the crowd noise seems to have been added during mixing. Right before the vocal is a "woo", louder in mono [a]. Toward the end in mono [a] Paul is heard shouting unintelligible phrases ("we are the greatest"?, "the band, the one and only band"? among other things) starting near the last "Sgt Pepper's lonely", while in stereo John is heard nearer the end saying something like "hold my guitar for me".
  5. Leee242

    Leee242 Forum Resident

    I've been visiting this site and the What Goes On site quite a bit lately.
  6. Adam9

    Adam9 Forum junkie

    Toronto, Canada
    It's the Beatles. The differences are all interesting! :winkgrin:
  7. George P

    George P Love Will Lead Us

    A Day in the Life in Mono is much more intense than the stereo. The crescendos swell and swell until you think they can't get any louder, then they swell some more. The tension that is created is incredible, even scary. I haven't been (pleasantly) scared by music like that in a long, long time. (pun intended) :)
  8. Beatles Mono Box Songs are about $1.12 per song.
    Beatles Stereo Box are about $.92 per song + videos.

    This is based on amazon prices for the box sets.
  9. Traxinet

    Traxinet Active Member

    Los Angeles
    And I haven't been as underwhelmed by the climactic final chord in the mono mix in a long, long time-- it's the stereo mix of that song for me. :D
  10. When I'm Sixty-Four (mono) - the clarinet timbre sounds more natural than in stereo mix.
  11. BIG ED

    BIG ED Well-Known Member

    I assume the "Interesting Differences Between the Beatles 2009 Stereo and Mono" are the same as the interesting differences between the Beatles '60's stereo and mono mixes.
    Are there really differences between the new sets that weren't there on the old releases?
  12. Thank you very much titaniumman for posting the link. It answers my questions about the track-by-track differences between the mono and stereo mixes of the Beatles complete recordings.
    This link is very helpful to me. :righton:
    It also arranged the Beatles songs in chronological order based on recording dates.
  13. zenarus

    zenarus Well-Known Member

    Southern Ohio
    Stereo and Mono Sgt.Pepper are two completely different trips.
    Mono took me back all the way to when I first played it, about a week
    after it came out...Weird....Considering I can't remember much about
    last week. Lucy in the Sky, sounds slightly phased, Lovely Rita second
    part much louder("Baby!!!")...Day in the Life much, much trippier, etc...
    Differences are many.
  14. :thumbsup::thumbsup:Thanks to all those who have posted their observations on the differences between the mono and stereo mixes of the Beatles recording catalog.

    Now that we have both the 2009 Mono and Stereo Beatles remasters, please continue to post those interesting differences.
  15. Nobby

    Nobby Forum Resident

    Birmingham, UK
    The new 2009 edit of "Day Tripper"!
  16. Derek Gee

    Derek Gee Forum Resident

    To be clear, it's not exactly a new edit. It's a 2009 version of the same edit done to it on "1".

  17. Nobby

    Nobby Forum Resident

    Birmingham, UK

    Hmm... Are you absolutely sure?

    On "1" didn't they fix the extraneous "yeah" on the fadeout as well, but left it in on "Past Masters (remastered)?
  18. Did the EMI team apply the same edit to both the stereo and mono mixes?
  19. Nobby

    Nobby Forum Resident

    Birmingham, UK
    No. The mono was left untouched with one tambourine hit missing altogether, maintaining the integrity of the original mix, unlike the stereo remaster!
  20. rstamberg

    rstamberg Forum Resident

    Riverside, CT
    I've only played The White Album from the mono box so far ... been concentrating on the stereo remasters ...

    Anyway, "Don't Pass Me By" is sped up on the mono version and a friend tells me the whole SGT. PEPPER CD mono mix is wildly different ... we'll see.
  21. alanb

    alanb Forum Resident

    The MONO box is WHITE.
    The STEREO box is BLACK.
  22. Raf

    Raf Forum Resident

    Toronto, Ontario
    Is this thread about the differences between the mixes, or the differences between the box sets? If the former, Brennan's web site is the only reference you need. If the latter, the above reply about covers it.
  23. GV1967

    GV1967 Well-Known Member

    Northeastern US
    The mono mix of "Paperback Writer" is FAR superior to the wimpy stereo. It's about nine seconds longer and the delay effects coming out of the last verse are incredible.

    No hand clapping on the intros of "Ob La Di, Ob La Da" nor "Why Don't We Do It In The Road" in mono.

    The single version of "Revolution" in mono- see first sentence about "Paperback Writer".

    Spoken section on the true mono mix of "Hey Bulldog" are much louder and few extra nuances here and there. Little longer fade too.

    No reverb on the lead vocal for "The Night Before" in mono.

    Saturated reverb on the first bridge of "Yesterday" in mono.

    Different vocal on the longer fade of "Got To Get You Into My Life" in mono.

    In mono, Paul shouts the extra "A life of ease" on "Yellow Submarine" which is not on the stereo mix (yes, it IS Paul!).

    "Tomorrow Never Knows", "Blue Jay Way", "Savoy Truffle" in mono? Speak for themselves!

    And on and on and on we go! Ya gotta love it all!
  24. George P

    George P Love Will Lead Us

    Mono, right?
  25. Are you referring to the vocal parts in "Hey Bulldog"?

    In Mono mix, the vocals' level are loud enough not to be buried in the mix.

    On the other hand, the vocals in stereo mix is so low in level in that the instruments are dominating and John's singing are almost buried in the mix.

    That's why I prefer the mono mix of "Hey Bulldog" to that of stereo mix.

    If you like to hear a much clearer vocals, listen to the remixed "Hey Bulldog" in "Yellow Submarine Songtracks."
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