The Blacklist with James Spader

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    I gotta say, a lot of these shows turn into cardboard "by the number" soap operas, where they hit about six bullet points of plot developments in every show, then roll the credits. But I'll say this: they're definitely trying to shake things up and veer away from the Blacklist formula now.
  2. The show has had a soft reboot with a certain cast member making their exit. The episode coming out of the holiday break was the best Blacklist episode in a couple of years. Any show that starts an episode with a cold opening of Leonard Cohen's Famous Blue Raincoat is okay in my book.
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    Do I have to pick from S4/EP 1 or is there a better restart point for the disenfranchised?
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    'tom' dying was a big turning point. 'liz' is an even grittier 'liz' and 'red' is back to being the very wealthy and influential 'red'.

    BTW - they never really did show us how red got so rich again, did they?
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    I'm enjoying the show much more now that I have in the last year and a half. They really needed to kill Tom much sooner than they did.
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    He ripped off another criminal, distracting him while robbing his home and accounts.
    Then he set up a safe house scheme with a mail employee who had access to when homeowners were away.
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