The Doors' Strange Days 50th Edition Release

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by A Saucerful of Scarlets, Nov 17, 2017.

  1. murch

    murch Forum Resident

    This is something I’m really interested in...I suspect it’s two different masters used but we’ll see...
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  2. captainsolo

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    Murfreesboro, TN
    So from what I gather this is essentially a very slightly tweaked stereo cd of the Acoustic sounds master and a slightly tweaked mono cd of the mono rsd LP.
  3. Channel Z

    Channel Z Forum Resident

    Thanks, I'm looking at the 2CD version. I see Import CDs has it on eBay now. They are usually my go to for new releases I can't get at b & m stores.
  4. Got it. I’m vinyl.
  5. signothetimes53

    signothetimes53 Forum Resident

    Burlington VT USA
    Got my copy a couple days ago. The mono sounds great for mono, but this is an album I'll always prefer in stereo, for the spaciousness of the instrumentation, and frankly, because it sounds brighter than the mono, which in this case I consider a good thing.

    I am curious: does anyone have any ideas how the 60-cycle hum heard in the beginning of "Strange Days", and especially from 7:40 to 7:50 of "When The Music's Over" wasn't caught or fixed before the tracks were laid down? Anyone with theories about which instrument/cable is the culprit for the hum? I'm guessing Ray's Vox, given his frustrations with its reliability.
  6. Spinmeout

    Spinmeout Forum Resident

    I just wish we could get something close to the sound quality of the 2lp 45rpm cuts but at 33rpm.

    Is there anything that comes close to these?
    That's not a Monarch or some other original pressing thats impossible to find for a reasonable price in top condition?

    It seems impossible to sort out the good pressings from the ordinary with the Dorrs, there is no consensus at all on any album or pressings.

    Other than the 45rpm being the bees knees the rest is soooo confusing.

    Can someone please make a list from best to worst versions, sound quality wise

    Strange Days
    1. 45rpm
    2. Rhino mono

    Doors (S/T)
    1. 45 rpm
    2. Rhino stereo

    I just want the best pressing (besides the 45rpm) that is readily available at a decent price.
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  7. AllenR

    AllenR Forum Resident

    St Paul
    try the DCCs as they sound great!
  8. Echoes Myron

    Echoes Myron Forum Resident

    Haven't compared the new mono to the AP 45 or other stereo pressings yet, but I did crank it up last night and it sounded great. Very powerful.
  9. Soundslave

    Soundslave Forum Resident

    In Japan they released a single CD with "new" stereo ramaster and 3CD set with mono and tracks from The Matrix.
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  10. Spinmeout

    Spinmeout Forum Resident

    They're too expensive
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  11. Quasimodo

    Quasimodo Forum Resident

    I think the only songs I prefer in stereo are Horse Lattitutes, I Can't See Your Face in my Mind, and When The Music's Over. The definitive Love Me Two Times is the mono single from the recent singles box.
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  12. Kat Records

    Kat Records Forum Resident

    Lima - Perú
    there are 3 versions of the S/T 50th:
    1. 3CD / 1 LP (cds: mono, stereo, matrix sampler. LP: mono)
    2. 1 CD Stereo 2017 mix
    3. Japanese 3 CD SHM version
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  13. Vinyl Socks

    Vinyl Socks Forum Resident

    Niles, Ohio
    50th anniversary edition sounds great; though I've only listened to the digital version.
  14. khronikos

    khronikos Forum Resident

    Can't say I really agree with this. If you want a full audio experience that is about perfect you listen to the 40th mixes. They blow all of this stuff away without a doubt.

    I will be comparing this release to the late 90s remasters I have in the Perception boxset.

    So far it sounds actually very good. Not sure yet about the bass, but the late 90s versions were bassy enough and a bit more compressed. Why would I want that same sound on here? I already have it.
  15. khronikos

    khronikos Forum Resident

    Alright, so I busted out FLACs for Moonlight Drive and You're Lost Little Girl for the first remasters in the late 90s included in the Perception boxset and the 50th releases. This is so I can easily compare them.

    Let's go over a few things.

    Packaging: The Perception boxset double CDs I have out of their ****ty ULTRA tight box. They didn't fit and I couldn't get them out without causing friction harm so I threw the box away. I don't have the mega door set. The artwork on these Perception double digicases is much bluer in tone and shows less of the image. There is more of the image on the sides, versus the top and bottom where the 90s remasters have more image, for the 50th releases, and they are a much warmer tone than the super cold Perception artwork. Inner artwork is fine for both of them, but the 50th release has more personality. Both are nice packages, but I prefer the 50th packaging I think.

    There are no rice papers for the CDs which sucks, as my Japanese S/T I really liked for these. No scratches or anything though, and I doubt I will play them that often. Disc art is slightly different with the 50th having song titles.

    Now for the sound. There seems to a touch more noise on the 90s remasters, though, I have no doubt noise control has improved a ton since then. Little Girl has a lot of noise on it. It's every so slightly tamer on the 50th.

    There is a tad more compression on the 90s, but nothing I could really discern to either hinder or help much of anything. It's just a touch louder on HD600s and Denon receiver and makes accurate comparison very tough.

    If anything it seems like there is a more open sound on the 50th remaster. I hear more details, and the overall soundstage seems improved. You can definitely turn these 50th releases up more, and I think the overall dynamic range allows you to pinpoint a better volume spread for this material.

    The opening guitar sounds on Moonlight Drive are definitely clearer on the 50th. It has more character. You can hear a little bit more of the tape IMO. The bass region does seem a little different here, but I think for the Doors' sound it benefits the overall vibe in these mixes. It seems like there is less weight and more clarity to the image.

    Morrison might seem so every slightly toned, but he his voice to me has a bit more energy. There is a separation improvement between all members I think. I always thought the original remasters were a bit heavy, but they are still valued and I appreciate both of the remasters. The 90s remasters have a hint of a veil on them or something.

    You get this vibe by listening to more of Little Girl. The sound throughout the song just seems so timid on the higher registers. And too smooth. The 50th seems to keep the bass guitar mostly in line with the past version, but the drums and higher frequencies all sound more accurate to me.

    I think overall the 50th is the way to go for most people. You have more dynamic range to tune your sound, and you can really crank them up. These remasters are pretty much definitive I think for the sound, and if you need a bit more heaviness for whatever reason you have the 90s remasters.

    The 90s versions just don't sound like I want them to, and the new version has distinctly revealed the band a bit more like the 40th mixes did. If you want something else you have the DCCs.

    All in all these 50th releases are a must have for me. I really like the sound they have here. Nothing beats the 40th mixes for pure sound, though, I think these 50ths are probably the best I have ever heard the original mixes.

    For those that yearned for an original mix to showcase the band with a bit more clarity like the 40th mixes, you pretty much have your wish here. I am very happy these turned out so well.
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  16. khronikos

    khronikos Forum Resident

    I've not heard that version, but I'm having trouble understanding how they could possibly make it better to be honest. These 50th mixes sound really damn good, and I think I will trust the original team over some other guy here.
  17. rockclassics

    rockclassics Forum Resident

    Arkansas, USA
    I'm curious how these 50th remasters stack up against the hi-res releases. Better worse or the same?
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  18. PacificOceanBlue

    PacificOceanBlue Forum Resident

    The Southwest
    Very much enjoying this mono mix of Strange Days. Recommended.
  19. Pats Radio

    Pats Radio A Doors Enthusiast

    Boston, Ma
    Hell froze over. :edthumbs:
  20. Kat Records

    Kat Records Forum Resident

    Lima - Perú
    Does anybody can confirm if the vinyl is the same as the RSD mono SD?
  21. Steel Woole

    Steel Woole Forum Resident

    Los Angeles, CA
    It is.
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  22. murch

    murch Forum Resident

    The digital version is different then the rsd, but I guess the vinyl is the same.
  23. murch

    murch Forum Resident

    I listened to both 24 bit Stereo releases from Hdtracks - they sound the same to me, but I’d love a second opinion.
  24. murch

    murch Forum Resident

    There’s a new stereo vinyl as well for rsd:

    The Strange Days Limited Edition Record Store Subscription Service vinyl is available NOW! Pressed on black and blue swirled vinyl, this 1967 original stereo mix has been remastered by original engineer/mixer Bruce Botnick for this exclusive release, made only for the Record Store Day Vinyl Club for independent record stores.

    BONUS: A select few random copies of this very extremely limited release come with a signed letter from John and Robby! If you're one of the lucky few, post a photo of you with your letter on Instagram and tag #StrangeDaysRSD to be featured! Find a participating independent record store near you:
  25. tlake6659

    tlake6659 Forum Resident

    I am pretty happy with the mastering of the mono mix.

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