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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Jim B., Dec 10, 2015.

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    That's the release the fans have been calling for!
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    If you like TRNFLP, you really should hear the original Country On The Click leaked mix (I would've posted a link but I'm not sure if forum rules allow it). It is, in my opinion, much closer to the definitive version of the album than both officially released editions. The sequencing is better (Sparta followed by Protein Protection is a perfect way to start the album), and the mixes haven't been (unnecessary) messed around with yet - there was a good write-up on Wikipedia on all the differences between the leaked and released mixes, but it seems to have been removed. One of the reasons for remixing/re-recording which isn't often cited is that MES suddenly decided to fire Jim Watts - bassist/guitarist/keyboardist and the man behind most of the music on COTC - in some stupid paranoic fit, and decided to get rid of most of his contributions. As a result, songs like The Past and Mike's Love Xexagon appear to not have any bass at all on the album, which really doesn't make any sence. I hope we'll get some kind of deluxe 2CD reissue with both the original and remixed versions - there's been talk about Cherry Red having plans to do the same thing for Imperial Wax Solvent, so we'll see...
    All in all, this was a true return to form for The Fall, and their strongest release in at least 10 years (maybe even more). Definitely one of the few albums post-Extricate where even the filler is quite decent.
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    Also, isn't Dave Milner one of the most underrated Fall members? Wrote Mountain Energei and Last Commands of Xyralothep, two of the best songs on the album. A real shame he didn't last too long.
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    SF Bay Area
    I don't have a whole lot to say about TRNFLP, but it's vastly superior to Missing Winner, though I actually think the Unutterable is a little better. Overall, it's a listenable album, with few clunkers. But it doesn't have a lot of major highlights either, in my opinion. I love "Janet, Johnny + James," but few other songs scream out to me as classics. But it's an energetic, well-played album, nonetheless, with a lineup that seemed to be finding its feet. I remember at the time the album felt like a comeback of sorts, because it was gaining The Fall renewed attention, and it was hyped up quite a bit by the indie music press, at least here in the US. Getting this album released in the US, albeit in a different form, definitely helped, but simply having any album that was more focused and cohesive than garbage like Missing Winner also helped.
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    Here's what was removed:

    Comparison between original and released UK versions

    Mike's Love Xexagon: This song underwent the most major changes, from what was a fairly normal bass/drums/guitar/keyboard arrangement to something more avant garde. The lyrics from the second verse onwards were rewritten, and the previously two-part chorus (featuring a solo lead vocal in the first and a group chorus-vocal in the second) was condensed to one, the two vocal parts now doing call-and-response. The bass was all but mixed out of this version, making for a more tribal sound.

    Boxoctosis: The new version was simplified, and what in the original was a basic four-chord preamble to the winding chorus riff, now supplanted the latter as the main riff of the song. The backing vocals also played a more prominent role.

    Mountain Energei: Whereas the original version had a very dense sound, with layered vocals in the chorus and shorter verses, the new version was very sparse, mainly driven by bass and drums with minimal interjection from guitar and keyboard. In the chorus, the backing vocal harmony from the old version becomes the solo lead-vocal in the new version. There were also some lyrical changes.

    Janet, Johnny + James: On the released version of the album, this song replaced the single A-side "Susan Vs. Youthclub" from the previous year. An earlier version had appeared as the B-side to that single, under the name "Janet Vs. Johnny." This version is a faster, more assured run through than the slower, more ethereal early version.

    Other songs were partially or completely rerecorded, whilst the material remained essentially the same:

    Green Eyed Loco-Man: The vocals were rerecorded in a manner closer to the Peel version, the group vocals were removed from the chorus, and the keyboards were lowered in the mix.

    Theme From Sparta F.C.: Rerecorded from scratch, this version was faster and more guitar centred. The keyboard arrangements were removed leaving a sparser sound, and parts of the bassline were changed.

    Contraflow: Another slightly faster version, with a sung section removed from the vocals, and most of the keyboards taken out.

    The Past: This was previously a fully fleshed out punk song featuring the whole band. The released version has bass and guitar removed, leaving only drums, keyboards and vocals. Additionally the vocals are rerecorded and the original lyrical hook ('Only humans carry their past around') is now just a one-off aside.

    Recovery Kit: Layered vocals are removed, the keyboards are less to the forefront and the lyrics are altered. The phrase 'Oh father', which originally played a key role, is absent here.

    Houston: The intro is excised and replaced with "Loop 41", which was commonly used as the group's intro tape for live performances.

    Last Commands of Xyralothep Via M.E.S.: Features additional nonsense words by Smith and Poulou during the intro, similar to those spoken on the Peel Session recording of "Grooving With Mr. Bloe."

    Only "Proteinprotection" remains unchanged. In addition to the noted changes, there also appear to be sarcastic references to the leaking of the album on the internet, most obviously in the new title, but also in various lyrical asides (The song "The Past" was incorrectly titled "The Fast" on the file-sharing networks. In the new version he sings 'Only humans carry their fast around, their past around'. "Mike's Love Xexagon" originally started with the line 'The room was a hexagon'. Fans speculated online that he could be referring to the hexagonal Maida Vale Studio 4 where bands – including the Fall – recorded for John Peel. The released version starts with 'Studio was a hexagon').


    I prefer the re-recorded Sparta FC and the newer version of Mike Love's Xexagon. For everything else, the leaked mix.
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  6. Summer of Malcontent

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    01. Green Eyed Loco-Man (Smith/Watts) 3:47

    02. Mountain Energei (Smith/Milner) 3:22

    03. Theme From Sparta F.C. (Smith/Pritchard/Watts) 3:43

    04. Contraflow (Smith/Watts) 4:06

    05. Last Commands Of Xyralothep Via M.E.S. (Smith/Milner) 3:30

    06. Open The Boxoctosis #2 (Smith/Watts) 3:46

    07. Janet, Johnny + James (Pritchard/Smith) 4:15

    08. The Past #2 (Smith/Watts) 2:20

    09. Loop41 'Houston (Hazelwood) 3:28

    10. Mike's Love Xexagon (Smith/Watts) 4:59

    11. Proteinprotection (Smith/Watts/Milner/Pritchard) 3:19

    12. Recovery Kit (Smith/Pritchard) 3:58

    This album was brought to you by the letter X and the number 2!
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    Dundee, Scotland
    There's a "Masquerade" 7" on the UK Record Store Day list with the PWL remix on the b-side. I assume an album reissue will follow?
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  8. gohill

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    Glasgow, UK
    Have only heard my nice original UK vinyl release of RNFLP and echo Jim's comments as to its' all round excellence. I like it so much I oddly have never felt any need to seek out the other 2 versions, although that original mix sounds rather interesting.

    A period of relative stability in his personal and professional life yielded impressive results. The facts that the basic songs are strong and realised means they can work in various mixes and styles. I love opener Green Eyed Loco Man. There are lots of little burbling electronic effects floating over the top of that guitar riff and MES really singing again. Mountain Energy has a great tribal beat and groove and once again MES is leading where he had been abdicating creative responsibility in the recent past. Sparta FC is a bit of a Fall classic. Taut, powerful and energized, everyone working together well under strong leadership. Lean and wired. Will have a couple more listens to this before more comment.
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  9. Mr. Odd

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    Boston, MA, USA
    The Peel session for this album is wonderful, with an astounding modern version of "Mere Pseud Mag. Ed."

    My picks from this album are "Green Eyed Loco-Man", "Theme From Sparta FC #2" (it destroys the original version, the band chorus just slays me), Contraflow (unreleased CoTC version, much meatier), Open The Boxtoctosis #2, The Past (unreleased CoTC version, again more powerful than the officially released version), We Are Mod Mock Goth, and Proteinprotection.

    I find that as time goes by I have less patience for the experiments and tracks that otherwise don't grab me, but the best stuff lives in my head forever. Having said that, I'm the first to admit that The Fall requires frequent revisitation since what didn't grab me 10 years ago may very well be a favorite the next time I hear it.
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  10. RTW

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    I have the UK version on CD and the US version on vinyl. I've heard the original version but can't remember it making much impact...

    I always thought the "hexagon" were the Beach Boys themselves, the six old men, including the "triplets." Those six could be Mike, Bruce, and Al on one side and Carl/Brian/Dennis on the other. It's a great song, good song, structure, energy, and meaning all in one place.

    This album is obviously a high point of the later era Fall and I understand the love for it. I think it proved without question that the Fall could continue without Hanley/Scanlon/Burns etc. and still hit similar heights. At the same time, though, as someone said above it does seem like a turn back toward the "conventional" Fall sound, a sort of manifestation of the ideas put forth on AYAMW... "We are the new Fall..." indeed.

    Re: the changes, I also like the new "Sparta," love "Mod Mock Goth," and have no issue with "Portugal" as I think it's a rollicking and amusing album cut.

    "Portugal," for those who might not know, was only previously available as a *file* on the enhanced CD single for "Sparta." It wasn't playable as a CD track, but you could easily extract it and place it in your iTunes library.
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  11. Poison_Flour

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    The New Real Fall Lp is responsible for turning me into a Fall nut shall we say I remember someone playing me the album and being gobsmacked - I owned a few albums before this came out and enjoyed them a lot but I think I just thought the band had dispapered ..... every book cd lp I could find I purchased after the albums release ( and flying across the world to see them ) I can't really say much else about the album that hadn't already said - Brilliant -
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  12. Jim B.

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    Rebellious Jukebox

    Released November 2003 on Shakedown Records (2CD + DVD)

    01. Frightened 4:58
    02. Rebellious Jukebox 2:51
    03. Underground Medicine 2:04
    04. Before The Moon 4:32
    05. Your Heart Out 3:07
    06. Muzoweri's Daughter 3:42
    07. Flat Of Angles 4:54
    08. Spectre Vs Rector 7:56
    09. The Classical 5:15
    10. Jawbone And The Air Rifle 3:42
    11. Hip Priest 7:44
    12. Winter 4:24
    13. Who Makes The Nazis? 4:27
    14. Hard Life In The Country 6:00
    15. Solicitor In Studio 5:20
    16. Prole Art Threat 1:56
    17. Totally Wired 3:23
    18. Pay Your Rates 2:37
    19. An Old Lover 4:27
    20. Kicker Conspiracy 4:13
    21. Sing Harpy! 5:22
    22. Bill Is Dead 4:31
    23. Black Monk Theme 1 4:32
    24. Black Monk Theme 2 1:59
    25. And Therein 2:52
    26. Extricate 3:45
    27. The Bourgeous Town 3:40
    28. Gotta See Jane 2:22
    29. Ibis-Afro Man 9:31
    30. The Acute 3:20

    31. Mark E Smith Interview 43:00

    This one is largely indefensible. I guess it’s worth it if you want a 43 minute interview with MES from 2002, which is what the DVD is.

    It’s a very odd collection of tracks, the first 20 are pre Beggars tracks, mostly album tracks, then 6 tracks from Extricate and 4 from Are You Are Missing Winner, which makes no sense in any way.
  13. jimod99

    jimod99 Daddy or chips?

    Ottawa, Ontario
    A perfect summing up of 90% of all Fall compilations and dodgy releases, which in a funny way is part of why we luv 'em so much!!!

    Now where is that "Me and yer granny on Bongos" RSD release on Ozit??
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  14. Tonmeister

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    New York
    Very pensive looking MES on the cover...
  15. RTW

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    Except these are the eras that had been issued or reissued by Voiceprint over the last few years. This is as third-rate as it gets, even more exploitative than all those Receiver comps which at least had outtakes and live tracks. Did anyone buy it? Curious which set of masters these are...
  16. hamicle

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    Dundee, Scotland
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  17. Jim B.

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    He's just seen the tracklist.
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  18. Poison_Flour

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    Still time for this year lol
  19. Poison_Flour

    Poison_Flour Forum Resident

    I have considered it because of the interview but am sure one day it will turn up on youtube
  20. Jim B.

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    (We Wish You) A Protein Christmas

    Released December 2003 on Action Records (CD and double 7”)

    01. (We Wish You) A Protein Christmas (Smith/Watts/Pritchard/Milner/Archer/Poulou) 3: 32

    02. (We Are) Mod Mock Goth (Smith/Poulou) 4:44

    03. (Birtwistle's) Girl In Shop (Smith/Birtwistle) 3:54

    04. Recovery Kit 2# (Smith/Pritchard/Lally) 4:04

    Mark E Smith - vocals
    Ben Pritchard - guitar
    Simon "Ding" Archer - bass
    Dave Milner - drums, vocals
    Elena Poulou - keyboards
    Spencer Birtwistle - drums, keyboards (track 3)

    The Fall enter the lucrative Christmas singles market with this rather bizarre ‘reworking’ (although it’s almost a new song) of Proteinprotection. It’s quite good I think, I don’t mind when the Fall have a bit of fun. A good little EP with the second and 4 tracks appearing later on the US RNFLP. (Birtwistle's) Girl In Shop is quite unusual sounding but enjoyable, a bit like one of those collaborations that MES did with dance acts in the 90’s.
  21. Willowman

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    London, UK
    Stepping back to The Real New Fall LP, I gave it a listen on the way to the dentist this morning.

    Every track is at least listenable, and overall it's such a strong, consistent piece of work.

    A career highlight, for sure.
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  22. gohill

    gohill Forum Resident

    Glasgow, UK
    It is just a really strong set of songs and performances back to back. The good thing is that it has stood the test of time. When it came out I asked myself "is this really as good as I think?" or am I making it better in my mind than it is, because I want The Fall to have made a really great album again. It has proved itself to be as good as I thought. I keep hoping they will equal it again as there have been some pretty good albums since, but not quite at this level.
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  23. Poison_Flour

    Poison_Flour Forum Resident

    Mod Mock Goth is a fine early example of the now normal MES growl
  24. Jim B.

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    50,000 Fall Fans Can't Be Wrong - 39 Golden Greats

    Released May 2004 on Sanctuary (2 CDs)

    01. Repetition 4:56
    02. Industrial Estate 1:41
    03. Rowche Rumble 4:01
    04. Fiery Jack 4:45
    05. How I Wrote 'Elastic Man' 4:20
    06. Totally Wired 3:25
    07. New Face In Hell 5:41
    08. Prole Art Threat 1:57
    09. Lie Dream Of A Casino Soul 3:07
    10. The Classical 5:16
    11. Hip Priest 7:45
    12. The Man Whose Head Expanded 4:25
    13. Kicker Conspiracy 4:18
    14. Eat Y'self Fitter 6:35
    15. c.r.e.e.p. 2:56
    16. No Bulbs 4:28
    17. Spoilt Victorian Child 4:12
    18. Cruiser's Creek 4:15
    19. US 80's-90's 4:33
    20. Mr Pharmacist 2:19
    21. Living Too Late 4:27
    22. Hey Luciani 3:34
    23. There's A Ghost In My House 2:36
    24. Hit The North 3:59
    25. Victoria 2:43
    26. Telephone Thing 4:10
    27. High Tension Line 3:46
    28. Free Range 4:20
    29. Why Are People Grudgeful? 4:27
    30. Behind The Counter 3:10
    31. M5 3:33
    32. Feeling Numb 2:46
    33. The Chiselers 3:13
    34. Powder Keg 3:17
    35. Masquerade 3:50
    36. Touch Sensitive 3:15
    37. Crop Dust 5:33
    38. Susan Vs Youthclub 3:37
    39. Green Eyed Loco-Man 3:46

    After a seemingly endless number of compilation albums, some admittedly superb (the original Early Years, Hip Priests and Kamerads, Palace of Swords Reversed, A World Bewitched) but most pretty underwhelming and some downright appalling, we were finally treated to the impossible – a great career-spanning overview that worked for the new and old fan alike.

    I guess with any group who had (by then) 23 studio albums plus stacks of essential unique singles and B-Sides then picking 39 tracks isn’t going to be easy, especially with the mandate to represent each era of the band. And no two fans would agree about the tracklisting I’m sure, and on the whole it would be pointless to criticise the final running order to any great degree. Although I will say that the lack of any tracks from the Infotainment Scan and the Unutterable is a flaw for me and I could easily have lost some of the Beggars tracks and 90’s singles to accommodate some tracks from those albums. But really it’s an impossible job to narrow it down to two CD’s so I can overlook any omissions.

    As an introduction to the group it works really well. Roughly split into three parts, the pre-Beggars ‘Indie’ years, the Beggars years and then the 90’s to present day. You can’t really go wrong if this is your first Fall purchase. And I, like many long-term fans who had all these tracks anyway, could enjoy it as well. It just seemed quite cool with the Elvis parody cover and title and with so many dodgy Fall releases I felt the need to buy the good ones in the hope we would get more in the future. It was a nice collection to own.
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  25. jimod99

    jimod99 Daddy or chips?

    Ottawa, Ontario
    I had just emigrated to Canada when this came out and bought it practically on release day, its a great compilation probably my "go to" 2 discs if I'm driving a long distance and need a bit of Fall on the journey.

    It was actually issued on Beggars Banquet in North America. It would also make a nice vinyl box set for beginners if pressed on 4 or 5 lp's.

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