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  1. Lonson

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    Well, he's headed off to "speed force prison." (Seemed rather odd to me how willingly he just hugged and kissed them all and got whisked away).

    I'm assuming there will be another season and they will cleverly substitute another speedster for him. . . .
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  2. No. Being in the speed force doesn't kill you. He probably will be MIA for the first handful of episodes and be brought back.
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  3. misterbozz

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    Right. It was renewed, so I imagine Kid Flash will fill in for a while.
    I though there were some great episodes in this season, and a few clunkers - overall probably held up better than season 2 for me.
    Have hopes for season 4.
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  4. Ken_McAlinden

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    The only question is: How will they bring him back? The only certainty is: Iris will be dating someone else.
  5. Lonson

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    I don't think I'll miss H.R. Wells too much.
  6. Barry isn't going anywhere.
  7. VeeDub

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    Hopefully they will learn their lesson from last year and not undo the cliffhanger too fast. Last year's "flashpoint" was undone quickly. (Granted, there were other ramifications later, but...) It would be good to have them work several episodes to get Barry back to Earth.
  8. Vidiot

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    Gee, how are they gonna do the patented Greg Berlanti open? "I'm <insert name of character here>... the <specific superhero skill>." If he says "I'm Barry Allen... and I'm stuck in speed prison," that'll be a very boring open.

    There are things more powerful than the Speed Force... like a network TV contract.

    F_C_FRANKLIN Forum Resident

    They need more Jay Garrick/Earth 2 Flash next year, focus the show on him until Barry escapes the speedforce. Tired of everyone getting superpowers. Get rid of Wally, and stick him on another show.
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  10. I don't know what the showrunner's plan is for the next season but it would make sense to divided it up between Earth's and the attempt of Earth and Earth II to try and get Barry released. They should also bring on other supervillains. I realize that they are somewhat limited by what the big screen is doing but there are plenty of interesting villains that appeared in The Flash that don't have to be "speedsters". Now that it's been revealed who Avatar is, I don't know how they can top that.

    It sure looked like they were taking Barry away for good but I believe that Grant the actor playing The Flash is still contracted with the series. My guess is that there will be some sort of threat to the Speed Force requiring Barry to help it and this help will, in turn, pay off the "debt" and allow him to return to The Flash after four or five episodes. Word is that the Thinker (the DeVoe version)may be the villain for The Flash season four. Perhaps this will lead to the thread of the Injustice League. I would actually welcome bringing a small screen version of The Justice League as we have Superman, Supergirl (in the alternate universe), Arrow. The only one missing that might be essential is Batman but, given the big screen incarnation of the Justice League, I doubt we will see this. Still, I think that a TV series would do a better less bombastic version of the JL.
  11. Cerebus

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    The actor playing Wally, Keiynan Lonsdale, just doesn't have the charisma of Grant Gustin or even John Wesley Shipp. I hope they resolve the speed force issue quickly.

    The season ended OK for me. Savatar was interesting once we knew who he was and I always enjoy Tom Cavanaugh and Carlos Valdes. Killer Frost grew on me a little bit when she wasn't so cartoonishly evil.

    I'm in for the next season, but I hope they go back to the basics of the first season.
  12. budwhite

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    Just finished S3. It was alright but I think it was very similar to the last season with different worlds, timelines and the evil speedster.
    Same thing with Arrow S5, another villian working for the city. Same thing in S3 or 4

    And Wally sucks
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  13. hurple

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    That's because they've found a formula that works to get viewers. They'll keep milking it until it stops working, then they'll add Ted McGinley to the cast and do it again. That's how TV works.

  14. I think tv producer Berlanti stretched himself and his core staff too thin when they expanded the DC shows beyond Arrow and the Flash. It's clear they had a talented staff of producers responsible for the early seasons of Arrow that eventually switched over to the Flash. That talent got spread even thinner when Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow started.
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  15. tommy-thewho

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    Seasons 1 and 2 of Arrow were great.
  16. budwhite

    budwhite Climb the mountains and get their good tidings.

    Götaland, Sverige
    Yes, but 90% of the flashbacks to the island or wherever Oliver happened to be was just to fill up screen time. Boring, like many origin stories are.

    Think I enjoy Legends of Tomorrow more than the last seasons of Arrow. I'm sure many hate Snart but he's my favorite. He really feels like a comic book character in the way he talks and looks. Mick too. It's a fun show with a hopeless script, but it works for me as purely entertainment
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  17. Cerebus

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    Season 4 has been really good so far. The first episode was pretty much a reset of the last two lackluster seasons and we're back to it being a fun show, similar to season 1.
  18. Wally temporarily leaving the show is for the best. The show doesn't need two superhero speedsters at once. It was fun seeing the Elongated Man appear on the show. I hope he returns.
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  19. Isaac K.

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    Especially since he really isn't a very interesting character. I've never really felt that he was right for the role. Even just going by physique, a Flash should have the build of a track star but he looks more like a football player. And just calling him Kid Flash is condescending since he really isn't much younger than Barry Allen himself. The actors are basically the same age as each other. They should have gone by his character's alternate name: Impulse.
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  20. Cerebus

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    It didn’t make much sense for Wally to be “Kid” Flash. From my aged perspective, both Barry and Wally are kids. I’d they’d gone with an actor who was in their early teens it would have been more appropriate.
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  21. I still have no idea why they made Wally Iris' brother. He was her nephew in the comics. It's one of those irksome changes that messed with decades of Flash history.
  22. alexpop

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    Started watching Season 1, fairy zips along.
    A couple of questions.
    Is this the best D.C.
    superhero tv show?
    What do fans of the Flash tv show think of the actor playing Flash in the
    Justice League?
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  23. melstapler

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    @alexpop This would make a great poll, you should create one! While the recent Marvel film universe is more connected to the respective Marvel TV universe, I understood why DC decided to separate the TV shows from the films. It wouldn't have been feasible to have Will Smith portray Deadshot on the Arrow TV series and I doubt Ben Affleck would make an appearance as Batman on one of the DC TV shows. Not to mention, the characters have different experiences and fates when you compare the DC film universe to the TV universe.

    With The Flash, there are some less desirable aspects in the scripts and stories for both the TV series and the film character, so I based my personal preference on the overall appearance and acting. Actor Grant Gustin is roughly 2 years older than Ezra Miller, so age isn't really an issue. However, I think that Gustin has been growing into the role as he physically ages. Based on how I envision the character, Gustin looks more like The Flash than Ezra Miller. Miller's character and appearance seems to exude less confidence than that of Gustin. However, the DC film universe seems to be a little more action-oriented and less soap-operatic than that of The Flash as depicted in the TV series and I suspect that's part of the reason Miller's version is quite popular. It's really all a matter of personal preference.

    Grant Gustin as The Flash/Barry Allen in the TV universe

    Ezra Miller as The Flash/Barry Allen in the Justice League film universe
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  24. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    What do you think of any other DC universe TV series?
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  25. Lonson

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    I prefer Gotham to all the others, but Arrow and Flash are entertaining. Looking forward to checking out Black Lightning.
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