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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by JRM, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. BurtThomasWard

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    On today's menu we have some Unfaithful Dads (or how I stopped hatin' '78 and just like relaxed, maaan):

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  2. BurtThomasWard

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    is maybe the prettiest, most upbeat "Bertha" ever, BTW. Heart's a-flutter with sheer delight.
  3. KeninDC

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    Virginia, USA
    Typical Ian MacKaye (whom I find dreary). I'd like to think it made room for Henry Rollins covering "Franklin's Tower," but perhaps I'm trying too hard to connect everything here.
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  4. pbuzby

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    I have Rollins's book Get In The Van where in one entry he spends a paragraph writing about seeing the Dead in September 1985 and how great they were.
  5. posnera

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    For the most part, "hating" a specific band has more to do with the image that comes from hating that band.

    Except for this one:

    (I do really strongly dislike the Eagles. Long before Lebowski.:hide:)
  6. US Blues

    US Blues Forum Resident

    "They're not just the best at what they do, they're the only ones who do what they do."

    ~ Bill "Uncle Bobo" Graham
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  7. bzfgt

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    New Jersey
    Probably being in a band with Greg Ginn (a major Deadhead) had something to do with it...
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  8. BurtThomasWard

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    Being force-fed acid by Ginn and growing his hair long probably didn't hurt either :laugh:
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  9. budwhite

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    Götaland, Sverige
    A 27 min Pitb into a 10 min Wharf rat? I'm very on it!
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  10. DrLunchbox

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    Hillsborough, NC
    Hating on the Eagles is easy. I actually like the Eagles. I think they're good musicians. That said, I can't take Don Henley's voice, and most of them are conceited pricks, but they're talented. They may have squandered that talent on some crappy stuff, but I prefer their early albums, and the deep cuts at that.
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  11. Black Thumb

    Black Thumb Unclassifiable

    Reno, NV
    Long wondered if the Dude dug the Dead.

    But yeah, to this day when "Peaceful Easy Feeling" comes on somewhere, I go into that rap.

    Still haven't tried lingonberry pancakes.
  12. GuidedByJonO)))

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    I'm finally (I know! I know! I was waiting until I could purchase my own copy) reading McNally's Dead book. It's a treat so far. Even though I know so much of this already, he's got a real knack for tying things together. Early goings so far, but I really loved that reproduction of the minutes of a Dead meeting from the mid-80s. Just a fascinating snapshot of the band's flat organizational structure and the kindness deep in their hearts, even amongst some questionable behaviors and bitterness between some members of the crew.
  13. Dahabenzapple

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    Livingston NJ
    Maybe this was a turning point for me as I didn't know 1978 could be so amazing until I heard this. I bought it in the Spring and it opened me up to get Dick's 25 (5/10 & 5/11/78), re-listen to 7/8/78 again a few times to finally have my mind changed as I originally could not get past the warbly singing from Jerry.

    Now I'm on to the July 78 box and despite narrow set-lists it is absolutely right in my wheelhouse. I'm not sure they ever rocked out like they did in early/mid 1978.
  14. warewolf95

    warewolf95 Forum Resident

    That's a cool thing I've always liked is that their crowds seemed pretty balanced. They weren't just sausage-fests.
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  15. budwhite

    budwhite Så länge skutan kan gå

    Götaland, Sverige
    Charlie Miller needs your help!

    Lossless Legs .::. Index
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  16. ianuaditis

    ianuaditis Evil Twin

    I heard a story that 77 was great and 78 was a down year a while back.

    I think that must be how it felt at the time, to people who lived through it, but it doesn't sound like that to me now.

    I can see why 77 is celebrated, but I enjoy 78 more.

    Wow. Hundreds! Uncirculated!
  17. warewolf95

    warewolf95 Forum Resident

    4/15/82 Providence, RI

    This is officially one of the greatest shows I've heard and is easily in the top 3 of 1982 that I've heard so far.

    Review coming soon. I'm heading out of He's Gone at the moment.

    I know you had to get your fix Jerry, but couldn't you wait until this FREAKING AWESOME jamming ended before running off? :(
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  18. warewolf95

    warewolf95 Forum Resident



    Trying to regain my composure after that segue from Truckin into Morning Dew destroyed my universe.

    Also, is there a name for that chill little outro theme on this Truckin?
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  19. US Blues

    US Blues Forum Resident

    There is exactly zero evidence from contemporary sources that Deadheads thought 1978 shows were a let-down compared to 1977 shows. The inane celebration of 1977, particularly the Spring tour, as the greatest of all time occurred long after the fact. DL2 buys into it only to sell CD's.

    I was going to add that such fantastical tales are often promulgated by internet writers who only saw the GD with Vince on keys, and who never took vitamin A at a show- but that would be rude of me. :biglaugh:
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  20. warewolf95

    warewolf95 Forum Resident

    4/15/82 – Providence, RI (One of the greatest shows ever played. EVER) *********************************

    The show opens with a high power Alabama>GSET combo. Sure we've heard this a million times before but a great version is a great version and the guys are ON from the start! On Alabama, Jerry is shredding it up to the max and everyone is beating the crap out of their instruments. Just the kind of energetic opening I like! Same goes for GSET. Great piano and vocals from Brent on this one. Always love hearing him dueling with Bobby. Also, Jerry just never stops soloing throughout the whole darn thing. Pretty cool.

    A perfect Candyman fits right in perfectly next. The crowd is clapping along and Jerry's voice sounds soulful and deep tonight. Also, instrumentally, this is a fantastic performance only marred by some morons lighting off fireworks during the first verse. Bobby proceeds to follow it up with his own downtempo number now. CC Rider is bluesy and chill as always. He's in great voice tonight, making use of the subtle vibrato he's got. WOW! Check out Jerry's killer solo around 2:20!!!! That's gotta be one of the best blues solos I've heard from him. Wow. CHECK OUT THAT INSANE JAMMING AROUND 6:30!!!! HOLY BANANA JEEZUS!!!! It lasts a solid minute and is just incredible. This might be the best CC Rider ever, man.

    Up next is Ramble On Rose. Haven't heard it in a little while, so it's welcome. It's pretty funny that someone in the crowd goes “I can't believe it!” when they begin the song like it's the last thing they expected, lol. This Ramble ain't the powerhouse of that CC Rider, but it's right up there. Everyone in the crowd is losing their stuff over it, go figure, lol. Of all songs to get a crowd going.... :) I guess Jerry's in another of his ballad moods because immediately after a rocking BIODTL, we get a gorgeous-as-all-hell Peggy O. Seriously, when is this song ever bad? It's always lovely! Now, I don't want to say he's losing steam, but this is definitely the “slightest” of Jerry's guitar performances so far tonight. Still great though! It's pretty awesome towards the end when the crowd starts clapping along. That's really cool!

    And then Bobby with the save, we get the first Cassidy for a while and it's, like the previous show's Jack Straw, a giant breath of fresh air. Oh boy and I'm lovin' it! The beat and the mood of it is perfection. Tropical paradise, mates. When the jamming begins around 3:15, it's like we're back in 1976 for a little bit. Jerry breaks out some wonderfully fluid soloing, going all over the place and experimenting without opening the noodle shop. FREAKING TERRIFIC JAMMING AND SOLOING, YO. This is freaking awesome. Check out 5 minutes where the song just EXPLODES with the Seabird section. Urghfhrhg it gives me chills! :D :D :D Too bad it ends right afterwards, but what a frickin' sick 5 minutes that was!

    And of course, being the downer we know and love, Jerry pulls us back down with a great Althea. It's pretty excellent and has a rather “spooky” vibe about it tonight. Jerry's guitar playing is still switched on from that epic Cassidy and he lets it rip here as well. Dragging us out of the darkness, Looks Like Rain greets us next. Bobby's vocals aren't as great as usual, singing rather rushed, but the playing and performance are top notch. Brent's piano really tugs at me. Again, Jerry gives a pretty phenomenal solo around 3 minutes in. After this incredible performance, the guys almost-segue into Deal. It sounds even more rushed than usual. CHECK OUT JERRY'S SHRED FEST AT 1:45!!!!! WOAH NELLY HE'S LETTIN IT RIP! With a number of recent first sets being “That was great, but I wish it was over faster” affairs, at least I can say this set wasn't one of those.

    This was a pretty great first set seeing the guys explore the different sides of their sounds and with Jerry in particularly good form. Great set!

    Set 2 is of course next. Scarlet Begonias gets things partying right from the bat! The tempo is up, the beat is lively, and Jerry's voice sounds pretty great for the era. Unfortunately, Jerry completely botches a verse, but the music is good enough to overlook the lyrical fail. Around 5 minutes, Jerry really brings the goods with a terrifically upbeat solo sure to bring a smile to your face. The crowd hooting and hollering during it just about sums it up. Awesome! Around 6:30, the music gets really chill and we get a kind of breakdown section. Some fluid and choice soloing happens with the drummers making great use of their hi-hats, rides and cow bells. It's a definite X Factor section – almost tropical sounding in places. FREAKIGN COOL. This Scarlet is incredible. Bobby even is given a solo spot! Woah! When the “end theme” comes in around 9 minutes, the guys are firing on full cylinders. This is one of the coolest Scarlets EVER. Oh my god check out 10:45 and that heavenly section as they begin to transition into Fire On the Mountain. Oh man, as soon as that octaver lead line for Fire begins, to quote Aliens, “it's game over man! Game over!”. :D The crowd picks up and begins clapping along. Wow, this is a really terrific audience and recording. I feel like i'm in the audience and as the lyrics begin, I've got chills running down my arms. It's incredible from start to finish. It's like 3/22/90 on psychedelic steroids or something. X FACTOR- X FACTOR EVERYWHERE. All in all, 23 minutes of perfection – and I mean it this time, dammit!

    Wasting no time fiddling around, the boys lunge into an excellent Estimated Prophet. Bobby's gotta steal back some of the thunder after Jerry's insane performance on Scar>Fire. :) Check out the guitar soloing around 4:20! Jerry reaches straight for the sky, rocketing ever higher with all the X Factor he can muster. The crowd's enthusiasm is infectious and just helps propel this version to a higher level than most. It's a great Estimated! Around 6 minutes the jamming properly begins. It's another Jerry-fest, but it has a couple peaks and valleys. The guys are listening to each other and responding accordingly. Very cool stuff.

    And just like that, after a near-meltdown, we float gears right on into a chill-as-hell He's Gone. Always welcome. It's business as usual. And then around 11 minutes that X Factor comes in again and we get a really cool uptempo, piano-led jam until the end. It's really awesome to hear things like this come out of nowhere. I think Jerry leaves the stage at this point, but everyone else still appears to be on. It gets FIERY, man! It's friggin' SWEET!!! Like, HOLY MOTHER OF JAM, THIS COUPLE MINUTES IS HEAVEN! And from there it's drums.

    Out of Space, it's straight into Truckin. I could be wrong, but isn't this a pretty rare slot for the song? It's excellent and rocking from the start, Jerry and Bob dueting like their lives depend on it. Also, take note of the sex-change-related lyrical change. :) Around 7 minutes, Truckin' breaks down slowly and morphs into Morning Dew. Anyone know what this theme is? It's lovely.

    And in ONE OF THE GREATEST SEGUES IVE EVER HEARD, we go into a magical Morning Dew. You could not make a better sequence than this if you tried – I got chills when the vocals started. Unbelievable. Around 4 minutes in, Jerry lets it absolutely RIP for one of the greatest, most passionate unbelievably killer solos he's probably ever played. This is the kind of Dew that makes you stop, look around, take a deep breath and then ponder the meaning of the universe while your surroundings spin around you in a foggy haze of disorientation. If this was the last song by anyone I ever heard, I'd be content. This is magic right here. This is the birth of the universe in my ears. I don't know any better how to describe what I'm hearing or what it even is. It I throw my hands up. I'm done. D-O-N-E. Done. It does NOT get better than this Morning Dew right here. They should've just ended their careers right there because that will never be topped.

    So I take a deep breath now as Bobby follows it up with a party-rific Good Lovin. The only way to follow up an interstellar voyage to he heavens and back is by planting your feet firmly on terra firma and shaking your worrie's away through the act of vigorous partying. :) Good call Bobby. They segue wasn't too poor either. And as mind-blowing as that Dew was, this Good Lovin' is about as good as a Good Lovin' can possibly get. Say that 5 times fast. All is right with the world, smiles on our faces. No worries, no starving children in Africa, no bills due tomorrow. Just Good Lovin, am I right? :)

    And how else can you end the greatest 2nd set ever played but with Don't Ease Me In? More like Don't Ease Me Out because I'm in a stretcher after having a stroke from the magnificence of that Morning Dew. Unbelievable set. :)
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  21. Rne

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    Good old hyperbolic warewolf! :laugh:
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  22. bzfgt

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    New Jersey
    You needed that!
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  23. BurtThomasWard

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    I don't really know why but this was the first time I really felt '78, you know. I had steered clear off (at least listening properly to) any post-'77 stuff until I heard this one. Never thought I'd enjoy a second of it. I felt that '78 was just a steep decline for my favorite Dead line-up and that the end aka Brent was drawing near.

    Probably had something to do with being seriously bummed out by both Closing of Winterland and Rockin' the Cradle as well. Still do not really enjoy those much. But that makes no excuse for overlooking Dick's 25 for all these years, now does it? Some of the perfection and the jazzier stuff is lost forever. But this year is not fallow. It is rich and beautiful in it's own right. But wilder and a bit sloppy from time to time.

    Then again I like a bit of slop ever so often.
  24. Tom H

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    Kapolei, Hawaii
    As much as I love the July 1978 box, Dave's 15 & 23, etc. - the benchmark for 1978 official releases for me is still Dick's 18.
  25. BurtThomasWard

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    See my post above to @Dahabenzapple for a background for my point on this subject. While I do not think I'll ever prefer the rougher, perhaps more rock'n'roll-y ride of '78 over the mellow perfection over the year before, it has surely become one of my favorite years after finally cracking the code.

    I could take three more large box sets within the next two years and four Dave's in a row from this period and still come out grinnin' like a Cheshire Cat on the wacky baccy.
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