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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by JRM, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. ianuaditis

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    You should see the Long Strange Trip film. The entire last segment (~1 hr) is kind of built around that tune, the last Garcia-Hunter masterpiece.

    It's too late now, but it was a typical story of GD missed opportunities that they weren't able to put together a last album sometime in 93-95. Even if they had carefully selected live performances, brushed them up in the studio (if even possible, don't know what's on multitrack) etc. There's an album's worth of material with a couple of gems, and it probably would have been a massive success with the GD at the height of their popularity.
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  2. Archtop

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    Greater Boston
    Like you, I would have said this about 8 months ago. Hammering the 4/24/72 Dark Star has flipped that in no uncertain terms; as great as the 4/8/72 version is, 4/24/72 reigns supreme in my domicile. But they're close.
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  3. Six Bachelors

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    I suspect thatx by ‘93, the Dead, off the road for a lengthy period and in the studio, would have made for recorded material exceedig the quality of the live performances. Maturity, perhaps more patience, a healthier environment, certainly for Jerry, all could have meant they could focus on making a serious album. If only.

    Also, in relation to Long Strange Trip, is it really going to remain as an Amazon streaming thing forever? I’d really like to see but can hardly figure out streaming and am not even sure I could access it from Australia.

    ...until you spend a week solid on 8 April and change your mind...!
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  4. budwhite

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    I did a free trial on amazon prime just for the docu. Connected the laptop via hdmi to the receiver and I was good to go
  5. Rne

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    This morning I listened to the original mix of Live/Dead "Dark Star" for the first time. I absolutely loved it, but then again, that's the way I feel about the three official mixes, mainly because it's one of my favorite performances of "Dark Star" ever. It's very interesting to listen to the different approaches producers have taken.
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  6. Six Bachelors

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    If there is a Live/Dead anniversary set, hopefully the original mix is on there.
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  7. Rne

    Rne Sufferin' succotash!

    At least we have the old CD, which sounds fine, at least to my ears.
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  8. jay.dee

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    Thanks for pointing me in that direction. I have moved the discussion to a more relevant thread:

    The Plangent Process
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  9. SBegonias17

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    The complete Blu-ray Fare Thee Well is the deal of the day - what are the thoughts about the set? Enjoyable? Awful? I’m a bit of a completist, so I may jump at the discounted price, but wanted to see if there was a consensus about it.
  10. US Blues

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    In regards to 6 December 1973- Cleveland. Here is the setlist via

    Cleveland Public Hall
    Location Cleveland, OH
    Date 12/6/73 - Thursday

    One: Bertha ; Mexicali Blues ; Loser ; Black Throated Wind ; They Love Each Other ; Beat It On Down The Line ; Deal ; El Paso ; Row Jimmy ; Greatest Story Ever Told ; China Cat Sunflower [9:15] > I Know You Rider ; Around And Around

    Two: Ramble On Rose ; Me And My Uncle ; Here Comes Sunshine ; Big River ; Dark Star [43:27] > Eyes Of The World [13:57] > Stella Blue [9:21] ; Sugar Magnolia [9:33]

    Comments: Show [3:05:00] Information based on vault tape. {Dark Star 0:00 > First Verse 24:45 to 26:00 > end 43:05}.

    Here is the setlist from SHNID 132361, Master Reel > DAT, via CM:

    --Set 1--
    101-d1t01 - Bertha
    102-d1t02 - Mexicali Blues
    103-d1t03 - Loser
    104-d1t04 - Black Throated Wind
    105-d1t05 - They Love Each Other
    106-d1t06 - Beat It On Down the Line
    107-d1t07 - Deal
    108-d1t08 - El Paso
    109-d1t09 - Row Jimmy
    110-d1t10 - Greatest Story Ever Told
    111-d2t01 - China Cat Sunflower ->
    112-d2t02 - I Know You Rider
    113-d2t03 - Around & Around

    --Set 2--
    201-d2t04 - Ramble On Rose
    202-d2t05 - Me & My Uncle
    203-d2t06 - Here Comes Sunshine
    204-d2t07 - Big River
    205-d3t01 - Dark Star ->
    206-d3t02 - Eyes of the World ->
    207-d3t03 - Stella Blue
    208-d3t04 - Sugar Magnolia

    A 3-hour show with a 43:05 Dark Star. All is well in the Universe.
  11. Six Bachelors

    Six Bachelors Troublemaking enthusiast

    Apparently it has unpleasant noise reduction on it...
  12. Rne

    Rne Sufferin' succotash!

    Waht can I say, I enjoyed it anyway :laugh:. I'm not good at detecting noise reduction, to be honest.
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  13. bzfgt

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    New Jersey
    That is the way the show circulates, too. But where did the shorter setlist with WRS come from?
  14. pbuzby

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    As I recall there was a fake 12-6-73 setlist sourced from mislabeled tapes or sketchy memories from people who were there before the complete tape surfaced in the early 00's.
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  15. ThirdBowl

    ThirdBowl Have You Had Your Third Bowl Today?

    Santa Cruz, CA
    I have it on my GD hard drive but not sure that I've listened to it yet. Need to fix that soon, 1973 is my favorite year!


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  16. adamos

    adamos Forum Resident

    The 2001 version sounded odd to me at first because I'd played the original so much (first on cassette and then on CD; I never had the vinyl). I haven't played them together in a long time so I can't objectively compare them right now, but the original will always be a dear old friend.
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  17. lucan_g

    lucan_g Forum Resident

    This morning -- Disc 1 of "So Many Roads" box.

    What an incredible achievement this box is (IMHO). Boiling the Dead down into 5 discs -- let alone 5 mostly live discs -- is an impossible task. But my lord is this box a resounding success or what!
    From the Dark Star>China (killer version!) > The Eleven, to the Watkin's Jam, to an almost entire disc of new recordings. Hot damn this is some essential Dead.
  18. Jman92

    Jman92 Forum Resident

    Finally pulled the trigger on "Road Trips Vol 1. #1" (Fall 1979) Haven't heard much from this tour but I'm excited to take a listen. I figured it would be worth grabbing while still available on

    Now let's see if it comes with that Bonus Disc you guys have been talking up.....what do you think my chances are?
  19. US Blues

    US Blues Forum Resident

    8 December 1973- Cameron Indoor Stadium, Duke University. Always a good show at Cameron. Getting a head start of this one today, may go through it twice, because it's the Grateful Dead.
  20. adamos

    adamos Forum Resident

    Enjoy - and I'd say you're chances are pretty good. I don't think we've heard from someone yet who recently purchased it and didn't get the bonus disc.
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  21. bzfgt

    bzfgt Interesting and Copacetic Denizen

    New Jersey
    Yeah, I'd say the chances are close to 100% based on what I've read on here this year.
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  22. SBegonias17

    SBegonias17 Forum Resident

    Agreed, I ordered during the summer and got the bonus disc.
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  23. GuidedByJonO)))

    GuidedByJonO))) Forum Resident

    I ordered those first two RTs a couple months ago and got bonus discs with both, think your chances are pretty good.
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  24. DrLunchbox

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    Hillsborough, NC
    Last weekend my wife got free tickets to a Duke basketball game at Cameron (she works for the university). I'm not a basketball fan, and certainly NOT a Duke fan, but everyone said going to a game at Cameron was a cool, unique experience. I mainly just wanted to see where the Dead played a killer show in 78. Turns out the seats we got were 3rd row behind the scorer table. That was fine I guess. Didn't really care. But it's a small arena and would be REALLY cool to see a band play there. I can only imagine those Dead shows in the 70s....
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  25. KeninDC

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    Virginia, USA
    When I drive by U-Hall in Charlottesville, VA, I think "the Dead played here" rather than about Ralph Sampson.

    Nursing a bit of a hangover with a grilled-cheese sandwich and some house cleaning, I listened to June 11, 1976 (Boston Music Hall). Great "Eyes" and "Stella" near the end.

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