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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by JRM, Apr 11, 2014.

  1. Crispy Rob

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    Oakland, CA
    The inlaws aren't going to dig it but I do plan on checking out once this situation where, as Lowell George put it, "my time is not my own" changes.
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  2. Dominick

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    Sydney, Australia
    5/19/77 is on.

    Now I remember why it is my favourite '77 show. Better than Cornell easy!
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  3. JRM

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    “Upon hearing that [Owsley] was around that New Year’s Eve at The Cow Palace, I grabbed my bottle of wine and held it close and made sure that I drank nothing else. I did not want a repeat of what had happened at The Fillmore. Well, New Year’s came after our first set. So far, so good...

    We then kicked off our second set and about an hour or so into the set, just before “Les Brers in A Minor”, that was to include Jaimoe and my drum duet, my drums started just drifting off into space. When I could actually hit one it was like hitting a marshmallow. I just went, oh hell, he got me again. I turned around and there stood Bill Kreutzmann, looking just like Jesus, complete with the halo, and I held out my sticks and asked him if he would play my drums, I couldn’t catch them. He did and went on to play what was to be my big time in the sun before an audience of millions. I moved to the side of the stage and thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the show which included the following jam with Jerry Garcia and Kreutzmann still on my drums.” - Butch Trucks

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  4. US Blues

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    31 Dec 1971- Winterland. E72 prep show, and interesting little segment: The Other One > Me & My Uncle > The Other One... After some nice spacious playing they dive into Uncle, then jump right back into The Other One and Bobby immediately sings the first verse of The Other One, so close it seems the two songs meld lyrically as well as musically. A treat. Also, the first reading of Big River by the GD with Jerry singing a bunch of the lead vocals.

    Also, the Dancing In The Streets that opens this party is "very fine."
  5. notesofachord

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    Utah's Dixie

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  6. ianuaditis

    ianuaditis Evil Twin

    There's a radio show on the Wesleyan station, 'Dead Air with Uncle John.' I was in the car earlier, and flipping through the college stations when I heard Weir's voice, part of that shows opening theme, so of course I left it on, and the sequence ended with that Bill Graham quote.

    However, rather than the familiar strains of 'US Blues,' the radio show opened with the studio cut of 'Feel Like a Stranger.'
  7. Was listening to this same track, 12/31/78, on the other side of the world, when I read your post. Happy New Year!
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  8. US Blues

    US Blues Forum Resident

    Shows of the day include 3 NYE shows that began at midnight:

    1 Jan 1972

    1 Jan 1973

    1 Jan 1979
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  9. BurtThomasWard

    BurtThomasWard Guided by Loke

    Thieves! ;)

    Skål, mann, og godt nytt år, som vi også sier. And the rest of you lot as well :cheers: Slightly hungover today.

    (All of this is the GF fault as she found out that she and alcohol doesn't really react that well to each other anymore, so yesterday I was tasked with finishing the last bottles of red wine, the beer, the akevitt and a very nice Moët & Chandon Rosé before and not least after making roasted leg o' lamb w/red wine sauce, mashed potatoes and some fancy roasted vegetables. Today it is smashed burgers and store bought, frozen fries... If I can be bothered with getting if the couch. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. You can follow my stages of drunkenness in the Un-Grateful Thread. When I reach hair metal stage I'm usually in a good mood+)

    I must play some Dead.
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  10. warewolf95

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    :( lol
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  11. BurtThomasWard

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    No joke then? :shake:
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  12. warewolf95

    warewolf95 Forum Resident

    Nope. :)

    Saint is a firm fav of mine.
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  13. BurtThomasWard

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    Oh no, et tu, Brute? There's at least five of you now :D
  14. BurtThomasWard

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    Tried a game of Grateful Roulette ("comin' to a casino near you soon") and pulled a lucky number:

  15. Dahabenzapple

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    Livingston NJ
    Do I give 4/11/72 a first listen today?

    Or maybe more rotations of second set from 7/5/78?

    Question of the day with me waking up after an quiet relaxing New Years Eve with only 1 Honeymooners ending at 1:00 A.M.

    Great one - second hand vacuum cleaner and Ralph losing the vote to McGillicuddy:)

    Happy Dew Year!!!
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  16. US Blues

    US Blues Forum Resident

    The correct answer is: Rockin' The Cradle Bonus Disc!
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  17. Dahabenzapple

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    Livingston NJ
    Answer for tomorrow:)
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  18. Archtop

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    Greater Boston
    4/11/72 is a somewhat languid show, and I can't speak to it on the whole, but during Truckin', Phil quotes Wayne Shorter's Footprints from 15:37-16:45, which was the genesis of the so-called Elastic Ping-Pong jam which was, in turn, the genesis of STDOMTT. So, it's important.
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  19. BrokenByAudio

    BrokenByAudio Forum Resident

    Not dissing the larger point but is that supposed to be a good thing??

    I guess if they never went closer... :D
  20. US Blues

    US Blues Forum Resident

    The answer for this morning:

    31 Dec 1972- Winterland. Well, as noted earlier it's 1 Jan 1973, first show of a bold, new year.

    Truckin' > The Other One > Morning Dew (with special guest David Crosby)

    One of the finest musical offerings ever put forward by the Grateful Dead.

    Special bonus: Bill Graham talking a tripping head down off the PA stack late in set 2. Pole Guy's cousin?
  21. dgwint

    dgwint Forum Resident

    Don't forget they bust out The Sane Thing for this show!
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  22. BurtThomasWard

    BurtThomasWard Guided by Loke

    I like some yacht rock. This is more looking for (and failing to locate) a life raft rock.
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  23. Dahabenzapple

    Dahabenzapple Forum Resident

    Livingston NJ
    Greatest Story Ever Told opener is anything except languid:)

    I see Deal is starting slowly but not a fan of 1972 Deals....

    I think I’m going to go to Mr. Charlie, then Tennessee Jed and then up to China>Rider...

    How *I* listen to Dead music - any way I want to!!!
  24. unravelled

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    Hoover, AL
    So about that 12/31/72 show, any reason it hasn't been released officially? Seems to me that a NYE show from THE seminal year would sell like hotcakes.

    I don't know it yet except by reputation, which I will rectify shortly.
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  25. US Blues

    US Blues Forum Resident

    DL2 said in an interview that the multitrack recording of set 2 is in the Vault. Therefore it requires proper preparation for release, and I am sure David would sign off for some royalties. As to why we haven't seen it? Only LATVALA knows! :kilroy:
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