The Last Man On Earth (TV series)

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by amoergosum, Mar 4, 2015.

  1. HiredGoon

    HiredGoon Forum Resident

    So ... that was Yoda photobombing?

  2. kevywevy

    kevywevy Forum Resident

    Or maybe Kristen Wiig's character in a cloak?
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  3. HiredGoon

    HiredGoon Forum Resident

    In the words of Sideshow Bob: "That was a well-plotted piece of non-claptrap that never once made me want to wretch".

    Struggling to enjoy the most recent episodes of this show. It's become a bit of a chore to watch.

    The only real laugh that I had was the following exchange between Tandy and Gail:

    Tandy: Screw you, Fail!
    Gail: Y'all mixin' up ya F and G?
    Tandy: Fo guck yourself!

    (or something like that)

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  4. agentalbert

    agentalbert Forum Resident

    San Antonio, TX
    I haven't enjoyed the whole Jasper thing at all. I keep waiting for Kristin Wiig to show up, even if just for an episode.
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  5. amoergosum

    amoergosum Forum Resident Thread Starter

    The current season is pretty disappointing. I'm still watching but I am not looking forward to episodes anymore like I once was.

    ...feels like they just used the Kristin Wiig story line in order to make people watch the season. They're stuck in that building because of the low budget.

    It's the same formula like last season (with Jason Sudeikis).
  6. agentalbert

    agentalbert Forum Resident

    San Antonio, TX
    I don't care about them being in one location. They can still write a funny show. I do think its time to switch up the cast, though. They should kill off Gail or Erica. I generally like Mary Steenburgen and Cleopatra is gorgeous, but they don't do much with them. It was funny when they were the new women around and Tandy was chasing them and frustrated being stuck with Carol.
  7. Daryl M

    Daryl M Forum Resident

    London, Ontario
    One episode ends with something crashing down from the sky and the next instalment
    starts with a wedding?! Was there an episode in between that I missed? Didn't make any
    sense to me.
  8. neo123

    neo123 Forum Resident

    Northern Kentucky
    Nice season Finale.

    Something that I didn't expect, yet, did expect. (Will make sense after you watch it.)
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  9. rburly

    rburly This space for rent

    I really enjoyed it too. I've accepted the silliness with the show and enjoy it as entertainment.
  10. Marry a Carrot

    Marry a Carrot Forum Resident

    Los Angeles
  11. misterjones

    misterjones Forum Resident

    New York City
    I've always felt that the series has a Gilligan's Island feel to it. I'm now convinced next season they'll be shipwrecked on an island.
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  12. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    Why don't they just assign every guest star their own red "Enterprise Security" tunic, and be done with it.
  13. rburly

    rburly This space for rent

    After a 3 hour tour. A 3 hour tour.

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