The last movie you watched was...? (take five)

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Ken_McAlinden, Dec 8, 2014.

  1. keefer1970

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    New Jersey
    "American Ultra" (2015)
    A small town slacker (Jesse Eisenberg) is actually a top secret deep cover CIA operative - but he's so well programmed that even he doesn't realize it, till a squad of assassins show up to erase him and his girlfriend (Kristen "Twilight" Stewart).
    The script to this action comedy was probably written on one side of a 3x5 card but it's an entertainingly silly, ultra violent shoot'em up anyway.

    "Doomed! The Untold Story of Roger Corman's The Fantastic Four" (2016)
    In the early 1990s, WAY before Marvel Comics' characters were sure-fire box-office powerhouses, B-movie king Roger Corman's studio co-produced a low budget version of "The Fantastic Four." Fanboy anticipation was high for the flick but it was unceremoniously shelved just prior to release, leaving the stunned cast and crew high and dry. This entertaining documentary unravels the bizarre saga of this missing piece of Marvel movie history, which has still never officially seen the light of day - a victim of behind the scenes maneuvering between Marvel and the film's producers.
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  2. CrazyCatz

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    Midlands UK
  3. FVDnz

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    Assassin's Creed - 4/10
    Looper - 7/10
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  4. Nice Marmot

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    Charlotte Area

    Yeah, a werewolf cop. Dumb as hell movie. Highly recommended.
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  5. Hexwood

    Hexwood Forum Resident

    Shoot the Moon (1982)
    Prince Avalanche
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  6. Olompali

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  7. DLD

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    Dallas, Tx
    Train To Busan, So. Korean take on the World War Z story set in, of course, So. Korea. 96% at Rotten Tomaters. Very, very good horror flick

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  8. Jimmy B.

    Jimmy B. Forum Resident

    I just watched Sunset Boulevard.

  9. Roninblues

    Roninblues 猿も木から落ちる。

    Phil Alden Robinson's Sneakers

  10. Roninblues

    Roninblues 猿も木から落ちる。

    David Weaver's The Samaritan

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  11. MikaelaArsenault

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    New Hampshire
    Who Framed Roger Rabbit
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  12. alexpop

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    Don Jon.
    Pure milf.
  13. harmonica98

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    London, UK
    'The Handmaiden' (2016) - visually stunning but I'm not sure it amounted to all that much despite all the narrative trickery.
  14. Mylene

    Mylene Forum Resident


    Personal Shopper (2016). Kristen Stewart (the most miserable actress since Garbo) plays a women who shops for celebrities who are too busy to do so in Paris while she waits for her dead twin brother to contact her.

    Pre Tarantino style arthouse film pushes all the right buttons while remaining completely illusive. French pop star Benjamin Biolay (who's Négatif album is the best record released in 2003) plays Victor Hugo in a YouTube sequence
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  15. Nice Marmot

    Nice Marmot demonic possession did wonders for my flexibility

    Charlotte Area
    There is no other actress, in so many movies, that I have no interest in seeing act ..... which is sad, because that movie sounds interesting. It has to do with the same bewildered look, for every emotion, in that lame trilogy of vampires and werewolves.

    The plus is that Dakota Johnson will probably be cast the same way (because of her new draw) and I like watching her.
  16. Chris DeVoe

    Chris DeVoe Forum Resident

    Kirsten Stewart is actually a good actor! It's not her fault that her character in the Twilight movies was so poorly written. Check out her work in The Runaways playing Joan Jett or American Ultra.

    I saw seven films in the theater this last weekend:

    Beauty and the Beast - Wonderful looking, but I'll never be a fan of Alan Menken's music.

    Ghost In The Shell - Everyone praises the original anime, but I loathe anime. So I thought this would be a good way to appreciate the story without the mediocre animation. Story was the weakest part.

    Colossal - Freaking awesome!

    Gifted - Enjoyed it tremendously. I spent my childhood as an excessively smart kid, so I know how it is when everyone else has plans for you.

    Get Out - I'll be seeing anything Jordan Peele directs in the future. Excellent musical joke early in the movie with Run, Rabbit, Run.

    Their Finest Hour - Welsh/English film about making movies to boost moral during WWII. Very enjoyable.

    Mission Control: The Unsung Heroes of Apollo - Nothing I hadn't seen before about the Apollo missions, but good to see the guys who are still with us, especially the "steely-eyed missile man" John Aaron. Nice to see engineers as heroes. I was wishing they would dig deeper though. Everyone who worked on Apollo counted it as they greatest thing they had done in their lives. I knew one little old lady who had made wiring harnesses for the LEM - and that was in her obit.
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  17. Chris DeVoe

    Chris DeVoe Forum Resident

    I saw it twice, and the second time I enjoyed it a lot more.
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  18. mr_spenalzo

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  19. Dude111

    Dude111 An Awesome Dude

    I last watched ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13 (1976) on VHS :)
  20. Mylene

    Mylene Forum Resident

    There's a scene in Personal Shopper where she gets dressed in front of a mirror and either she has a unique way of putting on her clothes or everybody else in the world has been getting it wrong for hundreds of years.

    I'm seriously thinking of going on a KS binge on the weekend ;)

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  21. Nice Marmot

    Nice Marmot demonic possession did wonders for my flexibility

    Charlotte Area
    A Black Flag shirt? She can't be all bad.
  22. Mylene

    Mylene Forum Resident

    She's wearing a shirt in PS which says something ' .... Records' with a pic of a record on it but the scene's shot in total darkness so I couldn't make it out.


    I've seen The Runaways. She was okay in it but the whole film was wall to wall sleeze. I needed to take a shower after watching it.
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  23. Manimal

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    Southern US
    Rogue One. Not bad.
    Not great. "sigh"
  24. skybluestoday

    skybluestoday Forum Resident

    Near Dark (Bigelow, '87) at the Aero on Friday night. Ostensibly part of a Bill Paxton retrospective, but such a groovy opportunity in any case to catch what is quite frankly my favourite genre flick of the Crazy 80s in 35mm.

    I had never seen this particular movie on the big screen before.

    Kathryn Bigelow's solo directorial debut is ultra-stylish and intense as all hell. This is one beautiful film. All of a piece? Check. Lean and mean? You betcha! Painterly? Uh-HUH!

    Bigelow shares a co-writing credit with Eric Red. Adam Greenberg lensed it, according the proceedings an absolutely gorgeous noir sensibility. Tangerine Dream contributes the propulsive, bitchin' score.
  25. keefer1970

    keefer1970 Metal, Movies, Beer!

    New Jersey
    "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story" (2016)

    A prequel to "A New Hope" which tells the tale of the Rebel spy mission to infiltrate the Empire and steal the top-secret plans for the still-under-construction Death Star. Essentially, it's a good ol'fashioned shoot em up war movie ala "The Dirty Dozen," in Star Wars wrapping.
    This old fanboy was very pleased by this kick-ass addition to the saga. Bring on "The Last Jedi!"

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