The last movie you watched was...? (take five)

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  1. Standoffish

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    Resident Evil: Retribution

    B-movie awesome sauce!

    I like this series for what it's worth, but this installment rose above. Really nice production values for a low budget film. And Milla Jovovich looked especially nice.
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  2. Yovra

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    Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales... It's a strange series; still referring it being a swashbuckling/action-comedy-series, but if you look through the over-acting it might well be a horror movie with hundreds of deaths, kidnapping and executions with a noisy soundtrack. The thing is; I think is one of the better movies of the lot!
  3. Claus LH

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    "Texas Chainsaw Massacre: the Beginning" (2006, Liebesman)

    Pre-quel to the original, tracing the family background.
    A brutal, bludgeoning experience, the film, once in high gear, remains an assault on the senses to the end, and one is surprised to find it is only about 90 mins long when it's all over.
    The (by 2006) usual Disposable Young People have an accident in Texas and wind up in the home of Leatherface and clan. Mayhem follows.
    "Full Metal Jacket" drill sergeant R. Lee Ermey is great ghoulish fun in the film; he gives the only real performance.

    Unlike the original film, which had some interest in characters, and time to build up suspense, this one is like a machine.
    We don't care about who is dying, in any real sense, and deep down, we are not supposed to. The script is clearly on the side of the killers, giving them black humor galore and a focus that's mostly lacking with the protagonists.

    It is well done, must say that. Relentless editing, well-planned cinematography, and gruesome effects work. The score is pounding, with heavy "scare" hits for even trivial moments, to the point that you start to forget it's even there.

    However, it's not pleasant to endure. At the end, I felt a kind of nervous exhaustion that had less to do with the story and more to do with the audio-visual overload of the film's approach. Being jack-hammered for more than an hour is maybe something some people get off on, but not me. Once is enough.
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  4. Nice Marmot

    Nice Marmot demonic possession did wonders for my flexibility

    Charlotte Area
    Mesrine Part 1: Killer Instinct
  5. Borgia

    Borgia Forum Resident

    Demolition with Jake Gyllenhaal. Surprisingly good.
  6. Bingo Bongo

    Bingo Bongo No music, no Life

    CHIPS. Fun movie.
  7. keefer1970

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    New Jersey
    "What's Up Nurse" (1977)
    Cringe-worthy '70s British "adult comedy" about a klutzy young doctor whose first assignment at a small town hospital is full of wacky hi-jinks involving large breasted nurses.
    ...apparently British anti-pornography laws were so strict in the '70s that sex comedies like these were the closest things you could get to "dirty" movies in the U.K. This flick was pretty much just a bunch of 30 second "naughty" comedy skits stitched together to make a feature length film. This sort of movie might have raised eyebrows in the '70s, but it's tame as milk now.
  8. keefer1970

    keefer1970 Metal, Movies, Beer!

    New Jersey
    "Death Spa" (1989)
    A high tech Hollywood health spa is the site of several mysterious and horrific murders, which may have been caused by a supernatural force.
    This surprisingly gory, so-'80s-it-hurts flick is cheap n' cheesy in all the right ways and is actually much better than you'd expect, given its totally ludicrous premise.

    "Old 37" (2015)
    A pair of backwoods brothers (Kane "Jason" Hodder and Bill Mosely) cruise the remote roads of a small town in an old ambulance, posing as paramedics so they can take accident victims back to their junkyard lair to do unspeakable things to them.
    Sounds like a simple enough premise but this disappointing slasher flick fumbles the ball all over the spends so much time on set up involving the idiot teenybopper cannon fodder we don't care about, that eventually the whole thing devolves into a boring muddle. Skip it.

    "Be Afraid" (2017)
    A small town doctor and his family encounter "shadow people" who come out of an abandoned tunnel in the woods in the middle of the night to steal children away from their parents. It's fairly predictable, familiar stuff but it sports fine performances and a decent amount of creeping dread.
  9. beat_truck

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    SW PA
    World War Z

    Meh, it was OK.
  10. longdist01

    longdist01 Forum Resident

    Chicago, IL USA
    A Year In Burgundy (2012)
  11. longdist01

    longdist01 Forum Resident

    Chicago, IL USA
    Note By Note ~ The Making of Steinway #L1037 (from Forest to Concert Hall)
  12. Dude111

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    I last saw MY BODYGUARD (1980) on VHS :)
  13. keefer1970

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    New Jersey
    "The Saint" (2017)
    Adam Rayner is the latest actor to play ultra-suave Simon Templar, a jet setting master thief with a heart of gold, who dates back to the pulp paperbacks of the 1930s. In this 21st century reboot, Templar has to recover several billion dollars in stolen money from an ultra-secure location and rescue a kidnapped girl from some very bad people. Fortunately, his sidekick is a foxy tech expert (Eliza "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Dushku) who helps him get the job done.

    Part 007, part Robin Hood, part "Mission Impossible," this "Saint" is entertaining enough but the globe-trotting vibe is hampered by the obvious made-for-TV budget. The cameo by Sir Roger Moore himself, in one of his final film appearances (he played Templar in the early '60s "Saint" TV series) was a nice surprise, though.
  14. Road Ratt

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    Disorganized Crime
  15. I enjoyed Death Spa. Nice looking transfer on Amazon Prime, I believe. We're in a golden age of bad movies, that assume most people assumed would disappear after VHS, coming out on really decent to really excellent blu-rays. Love it.
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  16. Dead-end Drive-in
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  17. Somewhat Damaged

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    You might find this doc interesting (I saw it on UK Netflix):

    Respectable - The Mary Millington Story (2016)

    It’s a national embarrassment that she made a ****ty Carry On-style comedy with bits of full frontal nudity and it was a GIGANTIC hit that ran for YEARS and YEARS in cinemas. I cringe that 70s Brits were so starved for a bit of nudity that something so bad could be so successful. Americans should be proud they were watching things like Deep Throat as those films at least had actual rudeness in them.
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  18. keefer1970

    keefer1970 Metal, Movies, Beer!

    New Jersey
    I saw that doc on Netflix here in the US about a year ago. Interesting (not to mention tragic) stuff. I wasn't familiar with Mary beforehand but it was quite a story.
  19. Jazzmonkie

    Jazzmonkie Can't stop buying music.

    Tempe, AZ
    Ozu's "Floating Weeds." I've been reading Roger Ebert's Great Movies books so I've been revisiting some titles he included and it is a great movie.
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  20. keefer1970

    keefer1970 Metal, Movies, Beer!

    New Jersey
    "The Video Dead" (1987)
    While moving into a new house, a brother and sister find a beat-up old TV set in the basement. When Bro plugs it in, he finds out it's not just a TV - it's a portal, which allows zombies to crawl out of an old horror movie and into the real world. Yeah, that's not good.
    This cheap, one-joke movie has a couple of good gore bits and decent zombie makeup but otherwise "The Video Dead" is dumb as a box of rocks.
  21. MikaelaArsenault

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    New Hampshire
    :righton: and a :edthumbs: for you.
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  22. longdist01

    longdist01 Forum Resident

    Chicago, IL USA
    If God Is willing And The Creek Don't Rise (HBO/Spike Lee)
  23. Road Ratt

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  24. Splungeworthy

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    Jersey Shore
    Alien: Covenant
  25. ando here

    ando here Forum Resident

    new york, ny
    REDS (1981, Warren Beatty)
    Probably Beatty's best film. It's essentially about the romance between real life journalists John Reed and Louise Bryant, who immerse themselves in the 1917 revolution in Russia. Based on Reed's book, 10 Days That Shook The World, the film is a beautiful snapshot evocation of that turbulent period in world politics and war through the perspective of the love affair. Beatty and Diane Keaton, especially Keaton, are real and compelling and Jack Nicholson as Eugene O'Neill makes the recurrent ménage-à-trois intriguing. The supporting cast is first rate, the camerawork is impressive and the addition of talking head commentary from actual associates of the reknown lovers is the real stroke of genius. Vincent Canby back when it premiered nailed it:
    If you're in the mood to watch these particular "innocents" abroad for 3 hours go for it. The confection does get a bit thick, though. Recommended.
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