"The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" thread.

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by AKA, Jun 3, 2015.

  1. misterdecibel

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    Most of us won't be able to tell until it airs tonight.
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  2. OldSoul

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    When I was watching religiously the first couple of months, I noticed a lot of episodes being edited.
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  3. forthlin

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    Maybe I'm confused (worst Macca song ever) but the 2/17 show airs tonight, Friday 2/17, I think that's right. Anyway if you mean the show from Thursday 2/16 I noticed that there might have been some audio do-over in post at the end of the big furry hat bit (which also seemed short.) I only watched the monologue, Sally Field, and the ending with Delaney & Bonnie...I mean Lady Antebellum. ;)
  4. Gems-A-Bems

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    I mistyped the date. I did mean the Thursday 16 show.

    There were numerous edits that I noticed during every segment but especially during the monologue. That and Sally Field must have run especially long.
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  5. CraigVC

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    I've noticed edits during most episodes' monologues - unless I'm mistaken, every time there is a cut to a fixed-camera crowd shot (one of those generic-looking shots of people laughing), that indicates that some content was edited out. And I seem to notice that generic crowd-shot cut at least 2-3 times a week. (Edit: I'm not saying that's the only indication of an edit, but it seems to be a technique that they go to fairly often.)

    I'm sure it's more common when there is "late-breaking" news that they want to comment on, and it sounds like they only had a few hours (or less) to write jokes, compile clips, and create graphics for the president's new conference. It doesn't surprise me at all that they allowed the monologue to go longer than they knew they had time for, so that they could edit it down to the "best bits" for the show that aired.

  6. I do too. I haven't seen many episodes since those first couple months (I too religiously DVR'ed every episode, and watched most of them - or at least parts of most of them).

    Haven't bothered since, but it sounds like I need to give Colbert another chance. I was an absolute devout fan of the old Colbert Report, and miss that 'character' of his dearly. Maybe he's found his footing better, now. Will have to check in and see for myself.
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  7. forthlin

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    Rooster you should give it another shot. It's still not the Colbert Report but he's firing on all cylinders on most shows. Some of the monologues have shared the brilliance of the old CR days. I also think some his is recurring bits like the Big Furry Hat & the confessions segments are a sort of nod to Johnny Carson.

    The only down-side for me is that there are a number of guests that just aren't interesting to me. Probably some of that has to do with CBS forcing some of the stars from their other shows down his throat(that's just a hunch on my part.) When they feature truly interesting guests the show is fine.
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  8. curbach

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    I have no doubt those show-bizzy guests are being forced on him. When the show first started he seemed to make a point of having unusual guests for late night. Not any more.
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  9. Splungeworthy

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    And to Colbert, apparently. It's hard to watch some of these interviews where he tries so hard to force a connection to the guest, and you can really tell when he's reaching by the number of "uuhh"s he utters. But his monologues are easily the best in the biz.
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  10. misterjones

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    Goodness. I have to slow down. I thought this was "The Late Stephen Colbert Thread".
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  11. forthlin

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    That happens when he realizes no matter what he does, the person just isn't very compelling.

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