"The Leftovers" (HBO series)

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by AKA, Jun 29, 2014.

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    All the time.
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  3. Vidiot

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    Looks very, very depressing. The reviews I've read so far say it's a frustrating show to watch with no answers to difficult questions. I'm shocked, shocked do you hear, that Lost co-creator/producer Damon Lindelof has done a show like this. I ain't-a gonna watch it.
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  4. chacha

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    Doesn't look interesting to me. Terrible title as well.
  5. rjp

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    it wasn't bad, however.......................yes, there were tons of set-up questions..............and of course ala lost, will they be answered......................or not?

    we'll keep watching.....for now.
  6. Bender Rodriguez

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    I won't be watching again. Who enjoys seeing violence against dogs?
    The one thing I did enjoy was there seemed to be many characters saying things such as "we may never know why this happened" and "as a scientist I can say I have no idea why this happened." Maybe Lindelof did learn something from Lost.
  7. Old Mac

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    Boy, you guys are pretty quick to jump on this because of Lindelof's involvement. Yeah, it's depressing but so was True Detective which I loved. The dog stuff was very strange. I expected my wife to leave the room after that scene but she stuck with it. At the end she said she liked it a lot (so did I). Dark depressing stuff is not a problem for me, I just want something literate and intriguing. Anyway, I'm in for the long run.

    Disclaimer: I really liked Lost, even the finale and my wife loved it so... there you go.
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  8. kwadguy

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    Those who have read the book say the dog stuff is not gratuitous.
  9. vince

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    Yes.... we can see the "LOST"-style 'set-up', but, I'm still gonna give it a chance.
    Also, Mr. Other-Guy-From-LOST, Carlton Cuse has a new show starting this month.
  10. MekkaGodzilla

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    I quite liked Tom Perrotta's previous novels, but The Leftovers is his weakest by far.

    One reviewer on Amazon accurately summed it up by saying, "It felt like the author got tired of his own book 3/4 of the way through it."

    I'm amazed it is being turned into a series.
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  11. jlc76

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    No thanks, I'll go back to reading books on Sunday until Boardwalk Empire starts back up.
  12. Scotian

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    I'll go on record as saying I liked it. I'm pretty sure no actual dogs were injured and no babies went missing during the filming of this. The smoking cult was pretty freaky.
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  13. Jamey K

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    I'll watch it one more time, but I wasn't really excited about it.
  14. tommy-thewho

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    Weird show. Not sure how much longer I'll be watching this.
  15. Belsnickel

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    To me it seems to have jumped onto the "The Returned" & "Resurrection" band wagon with a little less finesse and on more violent scale?
  16. Mike from NYC

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    I thought it was pretty interesting. Depressing yes, but interesting nonetheless. It's more psychological than exciting and a study (in the view of the writers) about people's reactions to the loss of loved ones and friends.

    I'm going to continue watching to see where the show goes.
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  17. tommy-thewho

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    I also loved True Detective but this show is way out there....
  18. Steve D.

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    Totally depressing. Just the latest in a string of apocalyptic movies & TV shows. I guess real world problems aren't depressing enough.
  19. Squealy

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    I wonder how Perotta settled on 2%. Not that 2% wouldn't be a whole lot of people considering the entire population but why not go for an even more dramatic number like 25%, or 50, where a sizeable chunk of the people you personally knew would be gone?
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  20. Scotian

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    The premise of this and the way the show is handling it is interesting to me. The 'Left Behind" series of books are based on the rapture as well but are targeted for a christian audience. With the language and violence, this doesn't seem to have the same target audience. So a show based on a biblical event is being targeted to a mainstream audience that may not have a clue what the central idea of it is even about. I'm not a religious person at all but I can watch this with the same mindset as when I watch Walking Dead or Resurrection. It's just entertainment to me. If it's well done and stays interesting, I'm in for the whole run.
  21. Dee Zee

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    Totally not watching this program. Are the people behind John From Cincinatti involved by any chance?
  22. My wife read the book. The fact that Lindelof had solid source material to work with makes me a bit more comfortable to watch it.

    The book ain't a joyride. The book is more about the aftermath and not explaning things so Lindelof should feel reassured.

    Lots. Unfortunately, most of them are leftover.
  23. spudco

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    Unrelenting downer with contrived conflicts between stereotypical characters. If I needed this kind of drama in my life, I can simply visit my relatives or neighbors. I'm done after a single episode.
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  24. chrischerm

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    This is what the book was about. Can't see this going more than a season. It's not a big book...
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  25. BurgerKing

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    Because life has to go on more or less as before. A 25 or 50% population loss would throw the world into chaos

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