The Mentalist - any fans?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by bencasey, Oct 2, 2009.

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  1. bencasey

    bencasey New Member Thread Starter

    I gave it a try last year since I thought Simon Baker was very good on The Guardian, which I thought was a very underrated show. And I have stayed with it. It keeps my interest. And I have to say that although I'm not really much of a fan of brunettes, Robin Tunney is really good looking:


  2. Al Kuenster

    Al Kuenster Well-Known Member

    Las Vegas, NV - US
    I just wish CBS had left it on Tuesday after NCIS now it's an hour later, makes it harder to stay awake for it ( don't have a DVR). I enjoy the show when I can stay awake.
  3. soundboy

    soundboy Forum Resident

    I started watching it, but mostly for Robin Tunney :D

    Actually, it's a decent show.
  4. Batigol

    Batigol Active Member

    New Haven CT. USA
    Great show and one of the best shows on in my opinion. It has a fair share of lightheartedness that balances its very dark undercurrent. A very enjoyable watch if you enjoy the subject matter.
  5. I'm not a huge fan, but I watch it fairly regularly and enjoy it. I got into it because I was interested in the premise - I've long been fascinated by criminal profilers and their work, and the hook here is of a broadly similar bent. Simon Baker has an easygoing but engaging screen presence too.
  6. TOCJ-4091

    TOCJ-4091 New Member

    Arlington, VA
    My wife is a bigger fan than I, but it's not too bad. His smile bugs me though.
  7. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    I do like it, but the lead character's cocky smugness is almost a deal-breaker for me.

    The smart-alec insider/outsider with all the answers is the new overused television cliche, IMHO: House, Lie To Me, Mental...and this.
  8. bababooey

    bababooey Forum Resident

    Houston, TX USA
    It bugged me too when I saw the commercials but now that I actually watch the show I can really appreciate him.

    Great show.
  9. shokhead

    shokhead Let's get back to basics!

    Love the show and he is great. As far as Robin Tunney goes, she isn't tall, not blonde or big boobed but something I can't put my finger on that makes her very sexy.
  10. monewe

    monewe Well-Known Member

    Love it especially the sexual tension between two sets of the characters.
  11. shokhead

    shokhead Let's get back to basics!

    Now Amanda Righetti is all that.
  12. nosticker

    nosticker Forum Resident

    Ringwood, NJ
    I'm a huge fan of the show. I watched an episode last season just to see what the fuss was all about, and there it was: engaging writing, great chemistry between the cast members, etc., but Simon Baker makes the show. He's the perfect smarmy smart-azz. Great mind games. Funny. And, I find Patrick's back story moving. To see him pull off being a joker, then having to go into another room and cry over his loss....impressive actor.

    Got the DVD's last week. I'm hooked!

  13. CaptainOzone

    CaptainOzone On Air Cowbell

    Beaumont, CA, USA
    I like it and watch it. Several of the previous posters explained why better than I could.
  14. yesstiles

    yesstiles Forum Resident

    Excellent show!

    Maybe my favorite one-hour program. Simon Baker is absolutely charming in the title role.
  15. pdenny

    pdenny Blow up your TV

    That's mighty open-minded of you! :rolleyes:
  16. shokhead

    shokhead Let's get back to basics!

    Thanks. The typical tall, blonde and big boobed what I see as the hollywood hot stuff. Not my cup of tea mind you.
  17. bencasey

    bencasey New Member Thread Starter

    That's what I think as well. Except for the tall part, I like busty blondes as well. But Tunney has something about her that makes her very appealing. And she's even sexier this season with those bangs.
  18. Mike from NYC

    Mike from NYC Forum Resident

    Surprise, AZ
    I enjoy the show. I think the chemistry between the actors is pretty good and it's not too serious. Entertaining.
  19. JMT

    JMT Forum Resident

    Rocklin, CA
    Her character seems to wear more make up this season too.
  20. white wolf

    white wolf Forum Resident

    United States
    Did you see the Psych ad where Sean mentions that the Mentalist is his favorite show?
  21. Marty Milton

    Marty Milton Well-Known Member

    Urbana, Illinois
    That is basically how I would describe the show.
  22. LouReed9

    LouReed9 Village Idiot

    Philly Burbs
    Odd. That's what bugged me at first too. That **** eating grin of his. Almost constantly. Then there were a few episodes that showed the troubled, tortured soul he actually is and that grin was easier to handle. It's a facade. Good show. :thumbsup:

    I'm hoping "Eleventh Hour" returns. Haven't seen anything about that one yet.
  23. eddiel

    eddiel Forum Resident

    Toronto, Canada
    I really like this show. I'm waiting for the next season to start here in the UK.

    I kind of what them to end this Red John thing though. It;ll start to get on my nerves soon.

  24. buckeye1010

    buckeye1010 Well-Known Member

    Dayton, OH
    Love the show! Good story lines with good looking people.
  25. monewe

    monewe Well-Known Member

    I actually like the Red John thing that rears it's ugly head throughout the series as it just reminds us of his own frailties. It counterbalances his apparent smugness and I know what you are thinking act.
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