The Midnight Special (music show)

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    And I'm killing myself that I was so anxious to got the whole series at once that I called and instead of getting one volume at a time, I bought the while thing and I paid a heck of a lot more than that! Initially it was one of those subscription deals where you got one a month. $50 for the whole thing, if you love music, is a steal for all those performances imo.
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    What a great, great guitar performance. And a great performance from the band overall. I get a rush watching it all these years later. You can even see Kevin Cronin smiling at what Gary is doing. That is the excitement that the show brought to me as a kid.
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    Nobody can play like Gary does, but for the sake of a closeup view, here is a fine guitarist showing you some of Gary's magic:

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    They now have a Best Offer button, and I offered $35.00 all in, and they accepted. :bdance:
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    That was when the talent outweighed the special effects. My opinion.
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