The New Beat: What Brazilian music are you listening to now?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Lonson, Jul 5, 2013.

  1. Lonson

    Lonson Don't get around much anymore Thread Starter

    Chardon, Ohio
    I've been posting a lot of Brazilian music in the Jazz Beat thread where I think it sort of can belong. but I'm listening to it more and more now as my parents are big Jobim fans and I am spending all my time at their house helping them take care of themselves, so I brought over many of my Brazilian cds and have been spinning them a lot.

    Thought it might be fun if there are others out there listening to Brazilian music to list what we're listening to.

    Right now, here in Bay Village very far from Brasil it's:

  2. ShockControl

    ShockControl Forum Resident

    Recently picked up Hard Bossa, a UK two-disc comp of hard bossa stuff from Elenco, early-to-mid sixties, but with a few later things. I have some of this on vinyl already, but it's always having it on CD.
  3. Scott in DC

    Scott in DC Forum Resident

    Washington, DC
    I like Uakti. You should check them out.

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  4. Lonson

    Lonson Don't get around much anymore Thread Starter

    Chardon, Ohio
    [​IMG] Right now
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  5. onionmaster

    onionmaster Tropical new waver from the future

    I love "A Minha Menina" on this Os Mutantes album. I got into it through Beck's championing of the band (and his style pastiche Tropicalia). I'd like to explore more Brazilian music in future.

  6. WiredChuck

    WiredChuck Forum Resident

    Bay Area
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  7. Mr Bass

    Mr Bass Chevelle Ma Belle

    Mid Atlantic
    Is it OK to listen to the Old Beat?


    Listening to the vinyl though. Roberto had a US LP issued around this time but it never caught on due to the language barrier I assume. I also listen occasionally to Baden Powell, Nascimento, Jobim, Elis Regina.
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    SATLOS Forum Resident

    "Natural" is a GREAT bossa album. This is one of the few albums I wish I had never traded away once I decided to "go vinyl". ****.
  9. Lonson

    Lonson Don't get around much anymore Thread Starter

    Chardon, Ohio

    Absolutely okay to listen to the Old Beat! :D
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  10. Lonson

    Lonson Don't get around much anymore Thread Starter

    Chardon, Ohio

    Yes, it's a great album.

    Now listening to
  11. brew ziggins

    brew ziggins Forum Prisoner

    The Village
    Great thread! Think I'll dive into the Brazilian section of my collection when I get home from vacation, now that summer is in Full Effect.
  12. Sneaky Pete

    Sneaky Pete Forum Resident

    I was just spinning Edu Lobo last night. Summer and Brazilian music do seem to go together. I love Brazilian music.
  13. Lonson

    Lonson Don't get around much anymore Thread Starter

    Chardon, Ohio
    That Edu Lobo on A&M is AMAZING.
  14. Sneaky Pete

    Sneaky Pete Forum Resident

  15. SteelyTom

    SteelyTom Forum Resident

    Boston, Mass.
    Just bought a DSD-remastered, Bomba Records (Japan) reissue of Wanda Sa's Vagamente. There's a innocence to early bossa records like this, as if they were making it up as they went along in the studio-- it's very compelling. I'd place this record right up there with early Edu, Marcos, Nara et al.

    Btw, speaking of early bossa-era records-- is anyone familiar with Ana Lucia's album Canta Triste? That one's also available from Bomba in DSD remastering by Seigen Ono.
  16. Voynich

    Voynich Forum Resident

    Alboran Sea
    I've really been enjoying the tribute album to Joao Gilberto ("Amorosa") that Rosa Passos made with Al Schmitt's masterful engineering. Truly lovely work, all around.
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  17. veloso2

    veloso2 Forum Resident

    pedro luis e a paredes
  18. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    Ariel Stream is playing a lot of Bebel Gilberto, and a little Ceu

    Now playing on Ariel Stream: Everything But The Girl - Before Today
  19. panasoffkee

    panasoffkee Forum Resident

    St. Petersburg, Fl
    I love Brazilian music but, don't have as much as I'd like too. Lately I've been listining to Os Afro Sambas - Baden Powell and Vinicius de Moraes and The Hips of Tradition Brazil 5 - Tom Ze.

    Can anyone recommend some good Brazilian compilations?
  20. thoutah

    thoutah Forum Resident

    SF Bay Area
    That Celso Fonseca album is quite good. Most of Brazilian music that I listen to comes from the 60s though.

    Here are a few that get a lot of play in my house.




  21. WalterDigsTunes

    WalterDigsTunes Forum Resident


    Another one of David Byrne's compilations from the Brazil Classics series. This one veers away from the well-trod avenues of Bossa Nova and MPB in favor of a the marginal genre know as Forró. Although vastly popular, it also carries a deep regional and class stigma. This isn't the beachside lilt of the well-to-do or the agitpop fuzz of sly students. Its been called "music for maids and taxis drivers." Fortunately, outsiders like Byrne and myself haven't been internalized the stereotypes; this makes it easier to latch onto the accordion solos and insistent grooves.
  22. noahjld

    noahjld Witchfinder General/ Das Boz Boz

    "Chupacabra Attack!!" - white label from Jazzman Records,no artist info whatsoever. Sounds great.
  23. Lonson

    Lonson Don't get around much anymore Thread Starter

    Chardon, Ohio
  24. caupina

    caupina Forum Resident

    Santiago, Chile
    Ivan Lins is my all time favorite, Caetano Veloso comes in second
  25. rob68

    rob68 Forum Resident

    Michigan USA
    Triste Janero

    This is a fun, soft pop-bossa-Brazilian influenced American band from Dallas that I just discovered through Steve Stanley.

    They just had the one album, Meet Triste Janero...

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