The new Sony UHP-H1 plays everything - Blu-ray, SACD, CD, even DVD-Audio

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by back2vinyl, May 20, 2016.

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    Thank you for this nformation. That makes perfect sense. What I glean from this is that the DAC in the Sony is not that good, because the 4x downsampled file played through S/PDIF coax sounds noticeably worse than the full resolution version, in my opinion.
    I can't usually discern this sort of thing on my equipment. I was fooled, because, usually, if the DSD version and the redbook vesion are from the same mastering, I don't readily hear the difference. On that particular disc, the masterings are different, so my assumptions were wrong.

    Sounds like the HDMI converter is the way to go here.
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  2. back2vinyl

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    London, UK
    I was about to ask how you could plug an HDMI into a DAC and then I realised you had a NAD 51 Direct Digital DAC. I have a NAD M32 Direct Digital amp so I guess we're among the very few people in the world who can plug an HDMI cable into a DAC or a stereo hi-fi amp!

    I can't say I noticed a difference between the 44.1 kHz and the 176.4 kHz stream, not that I listened for more than a moment or two. My intuition tells me there'd be no difference in the tonal quality since all you're doing is resampling, not putting the signal through the DAC or any other processing. But I didn't really listen and you did so I'm happy just to leave it at that.
  3. RocketUSA

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    On hybrid SACDs, does the UHP-H1 play the SACD layer by default?
  4. dbsea

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    Seattle, WA
    Yes, that is the default setting for this player.
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  5. darkmass

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    Of course some HDMI de-embedders also offer coax output. :)

    Naturally that means the amp used by @Tartifless would have to also offer coax input (and Tartifless said the amp had coax in). Tartifless, should you be reading this, an HDMI de-embedder with coax out (as in: here) could be exactly the right solution for you.

    Back to you, back2vinyl: in the bit depth test, if the S/PDIF output can be recorded as 44.1k/24, playing the recording back while using the Bitter plug-in could reveal the active bit depth.
  6. Tartifless

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    Hello, i received a german-made hdmi de-embedder today with coax output that can manage up to 24/192.

    I will try and plug it today between the hdmi 2 output and the coax input of my cambridge cxa60 and listen to the result.

    I tried a bit further yesterday with my tv optical out but could not get any sound to my amp, whatever the settings in the uhp h1 ... It works for cd, bluray, netflix, etc... But for sacd i could only get sound through the rca outputs of my tv (i changed the settings and set default to stereo layer, the lowest frequency of output and of course pcm format, still did not work...).
    This is particularly strange as 24/48 files played from my nuc work perfectly through hdmi / optical to the very same amp...

    Anyway, i'd rather go for de-embedder / coax as i already have the 2 optical cables reserved for my squeezebox and the tv...
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  7. sparkydog

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    This Sony is a pretty darned nice player! I'm using an HDMI to my TV and an optical out to an old Yamaha RX-V995 5.1 Receiver and all seems fine surround-wise (DTS-CD, DVD-Video, BD movies and audio, SACD) except I get an error message and no sound on the receiver when trying the Chicago V DVD-Audio. Luckily I still have 2 other players to handle such events. :p
  8. darkmass

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    If you run into problems using the de-embedder, I recommend reading through this thread: Ripping SACDs.

    Pay particular attention to back2vinyl's posts and matters relating to his posts. Back2vinyl may have run into some unforeseen complications, but he got de-embedding to work...and at this point he could well be the SH forum member with the most HDMI de-embedder experience.
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  9. back2vinyl

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    London, UK
    Darkmass, good to hear from you again! I did wonder about the Bitter plugin for checking bit depth, and I do have it, but my memory is that if the signal goes through any kind of processing, then Bitter can only show the reprocessed bit depth and not the original bit depth. So I would have to be sure the signal was completely clean.

    No matter - Tartifless has a de-embedder now. That was good advice you gave him.

    Tartifless, there is one problem you could run up against with the de-embedder. The HDMI output of the de-embedder needs to carry out a handshake with the HDMI input of the NAD DAC, otherwise it does not know what sample rate or bit depth to send. If we're lucky, your NAD DAC will be capable of sending this handshake and will tell the de-embedder it wants 176 kHz at 24 bits. (You may have to set the sample rate on the DAC first.) However, if the NAD is not capable of sending an HDMI-compliant handshake, the de-embedder will not know what sample rate is required and will almost certainly default to 44 kHz and 16 bits. However, without knowing the make and model of your de-embedder, I don't know if this will be a problem or not. There are ways around this if it is.

    It's strange that you can't get the downsampled signal from the optical out but I guess it doesn't matter now you have de-embedder. I'll try to replicate that next time I use the UHP-H1.
  10. Tartifless

    Tartifless Forum Resident

    Hello, my de-embedder works fine, i don't use the hdmi output but the coax output straight to my amp (cambridge not nad).

    I hooked it up to the audio hdmi output of the uhp h1.
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  11. BMWCCA

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    Central Virginia
    Nobody with an iPod to try? Just curious.
    My Classic V7 with all lossless files is very handy going room-to-room.
  12. darkmass

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    I'm around, though mostly cruising at periscope depth. If I see a post of yours I always read it, and if there is a thread you've initiated, I tend to keep looking in to see how it's coming along.

    You are correct about the complication of using the Bitter plugin to gain absolute insight where there could be multiple elements making up the signal chain. Bitter is not without merit, and there are questions it may answer better than many other tools. But like any tool Bitter is best used thoughtfully.

    And you are correct that all that is entirely moot now that Tartifless has a functioning HDMI/coax de-embedder.
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  13. raq0915

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    \New Jersey
    Im thinking about buying this. I cant make up my mind.
  14. Blair G.

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    Delta, BC, Canada
    $198 at B&H Photo

    Edit: Upon further digging that looks like a pretty common price
  15. DLD

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    Dallas, Tx
    That's what I paid at Amazon last week/
  16. back2vinyl

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    London, UK
    Sorry, it was late and I was talking nonsense. What I meant to say is:

    The HDMI output of the UHP-H1 needs to carry out a handshake with the HDMI input of the de-embedder, otherwise it does not know what sample rate or bit depth to send. If the de-embedder is not equipped to offer this handshake, the UHP-H1 may assume the worst and default to 44.1 kHz.

    It's excellent news that you're not getting this problem. Can you say what de-embedder you're using? It may help other people, if you've found a good one.
  17. grx8

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    Santiago, Chile
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  18. acdc7369

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    The reason I stayed away from this product is because everything I've bought from SONY in the past has stopped working way sooner than it should. Their products are cheaply made junk
  19. Bill Mac

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    So. ME USA
    Unfortunately I've had the same experience with Sony disc players. But at $200 for a universal player it's an excellent deal.
  20. John1026

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    Can anyone comment on how good the analog outputs sound when playing CDs or SACDs? Thanks.
  21. Brother_Rael

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    Scottish Borders
    My old BDP-S370 six years old and still going strong.
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  22. High Fidelity

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    Buy the Sony UBP-X800
  23. High Fidelity

    High Fidelity Active Member

    My Sony combo STR-DA5400ES AVR & DA5400ES player, 8 years old still excellent so is my Sony BDP-1000ES BD player
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  24. Classicrock

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    Pretty much impossible to get external DAC with HDMI which makes internal DACs only way of playing SACD. Therefore useless without analogue outputs.
  25. randy9700

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    The only issue is that the UBP-X800 has no analog or optical output....
  26. raq0915

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    \New Jersey
    Id probably go with that instead. I need a UHD Bluray player anyway

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