The Pad and How to Use It (movie)

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by James Slattery, Jan 1, 2018.

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    I just re-watched this again this week after not seeing it in many years. To give a short summary, a music geek, into classical, meets an attractive woman at a concert and gets a date with her. His work friend, who is a swinger or whoremaster, depending on your perspective, offers to help with tips and to cook dinner for the date. Unlike most films where the sensitive nice guy triumphs at the end, in this film the woman is attracted to the jerk (as in real life), while the good guy ends up broken up and listening to his stereo. As a geek myself, I've always found the film to be painful to watch but also realistic and easy to relate to. Thoughts?
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    Sounds too depressing to watch.
  3. vince

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    Awwww... I though this was about the invention of the sanitary pad!:yikes::hide::biglaugh:
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    what year was this released, sounds familiar
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    I haven't seen this in decades (not sure I ever watched all of it).

    This was producer Ross Hunter's attempt to join/cash in on the British (film) Invasion and the indie/NY theater movement. The title emulates The Knack (And How To Get It). Per Wiki the budget was only $300K, so it wasn't an expensive experiment.

    As I recall British actor Brian Bedford and Universal contractee James Farentino are supposed to be best friends/roommates, though they have all the chemistry of General Custer and Sitting Bull.
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    They were actually co-workers. Yes, zero in common. The movie seemed kind of stagey so I was thinking that maybe it was based on a play. Movie came out in 1966 I believe. I never saw The Knack but I'll see if I can find it now.
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    It was indeed based on a play: The Private Ear, by Amadeus author Peter Shaffer, first performed in Britain in 1962.

    I've never seen the film but I know the play well.

    Shaffer was homosexual but he obviously understood how heterosexual relationships work. In the play, the 'geek' character is so clueless he tries to 'make out' with the girl by the playing her the Lynch Chorus from Peter Grimes (a bit like playing a girl you've just met the second side of Brain Salad Surgery, in the hope that you'll get lucky).
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    50 years ago film.

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