The Planets Analogue Productions Hybrid SACD pre-order.Will it be released?

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    I bought theJapanese SHM-SACD around 6 months ago and though it sounds good I'm not entirely satisfied with it. After I bought this I got the 2016 Universal-Decca vinyl rerelease mastered at Abbey Road and this literally trounces the Japanese SHM-SACD.
    Analogue Productions anounced some months ago the release of this recording on hybrid SACD mastered by Willem Makkee from the first gen original master tape. I'm sure this would be the release to get along with the vinyl LP I already own, but the hybrid SACD has been preorder for some months and this doesn't change up to the point now I'm wondering if it's really going to be released. It doesn't have a release date by the way.
    Is this normal for Analogue Productions?
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    Yes, this is standard. Something's do not come out for years.

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