The Rolling Stones On Air In The Sixties Book and Album

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by joe1320, Jul 6, 2017.

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    There was a Bear Family release? This is the first I've heard of that. The 2004 Purple Chick and 2011 Hobnail boots are the only more-or-less complete collections that I know about.
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    I would have liked them to touch up the intros, but I assume some folks would be opposed to that.
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    As far as I know, the 2 CD Ass Blaster "Complete BBC Sessions 1963-1965", and others before it, tells the whole BBC story, minus five of six songs apparently not in circulation, including their very first BBC session.
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    No I think that would probably be ok but I'm intrigued as to whether they actually approached the BBC to get a copy of the tape which presumably has an intact intro. I'm a semi-purist. If they can unobtrusively clean up or drastically improve sound quality I'm all in favour but the starting point is the best tape.
    I feel sure that in recent years the BBC broadcast a radio programme that discussed pop radio auditions and played Come On. If anyone knows the show I'm talking about and can give me the title I'd be grateful. I seem to remember it had some discussion of Shane Fenton too and most likely the usual Beatles audition story but the interesting bit would be whether Come On was a new transfer from the archive.
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    I ordered from the Stones website but have not received anything yet....

    I saw a reference above while skimming about a problem on The Last Time. What is the problem?
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    It's been pointed out to me that Ass Blaster appears to be missing Not Fade Away from the April 64 Joe Loss Pop Show. That was on disc 5 of the Another Time Another Place boot set.
    Currently the missing in action tracks are
    1963 rec september 23 tx saturday club october 26. talking about you / money and the bo diddley tracks - bo diddley / road runner / pretty thing / hey bo diddley which feature Bill, Brian and Charlie.

    1964 24 jan go man go (live broadcast) i wanna be your man/pretty thing/bye bye johnny/you better move on/i want to be loved/
    (roll over beethoven is the performance credited to various March 1964 Saturday Club dates)

    27 April Top Beat (live tx) walking the dog 3.00 you can make it if you try 2.05
    Beautiful Delilah is the performance usually credited to a March 1964 Saturday Club.

    8 oct tx rhythm and blues general overseas service 31 oct. dust my pyramids .25 / around and around/if you need me/i wanna love you (1.45 pitney)/mona/
    I believe I Wanna Love You may in fact be a miswritten I (just) Wanna (make) Love (to) You

    That's 14 missing plus the 4 Bo Diddley tracks. Not bad all things considered. Obviously all corrections gratefully received.
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    Has anyone discussed the post-1965 content in the CD booklet? Booklet photos and graphics (and one photo? What the heck?) kinda imply we're going to 1969. But, no.

    I'd just like to go to 1967 to get a clean 'London Palladium' 1967 performance of "It's all Over Now". Or were the TV appearances not strictly "BBC"?
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    It would appear to be lacking in attention to detail in the project control and quality control departments. Happen they originally intended to cover the complete date range and it got reduced at some stage? It could be ineptitude of those involved or it could be interference from management and licensing.

    On the plus side I like 7 tracks. Of those I love 3 - two in true stereo and one in regurgitated mono. I am pleased that they opted for digipak rather than cardboard sleeves. And it is good to have these as an official release - just as it was nice to get the 1963 IBC demos officially in that box set.
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    Not sure why there should be any post-65 content in the booklet given what's on the cd.
    In terms of TV appearances, the band only made 2 fully live BBC TV appearances as far as I'm aware - Top Beat April 27 1964 (performed on TV after the BBC radio concert but with a different setlist) and Open House on May 9th 1964. Neither appearance survives, even as audio off air unless someone's holding out on us.
    I do wonder if ABKCO would have the backing tracks from the 1967 London Palladium which was an ITV broadcast. Is it the case that the band recorded the instrumental tracks at Olympic and for the broadcast Mick did a live vocal ? Unfortunately we have little idea exactly what ABKCO have in their archives in terms of "non-core" studio work.
    I think the only fully live UK TV that survives in visual and audio from the Jones / Decca era is the Arthur Haynes Show from early 1964 (I Wanna Be Your Man and You Better Move On) and the two NME Pollwinners Shows though strictly speaking they weren't TV appearances as such. That might be it ??
    I forget if any of the surviving Ready Steady Go's feature true live performances, possibly one or two. Restored versions of those shows are well overdue in any format. Fortunately Dave Clark is preserving them for future generations.
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    Thanks for pointing that out. I was skeptical that it was actually from the Joe Loss Pop Show and not the Saturday Club performance from three days later, but after comparing the two, it's clear they are different. Not just the audience, which could be faked, but it is indeed a different performance. I wonder how Ass Blaster missed this?

    Thanks for your other info about the missing tracks.
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    You're welcome. I'm pretty up to speed BBC-wise but I didn't know about that extra Joe Loss track till a couple of days ago when a kind chap called Alex pointed it out to me so I'm not surprised Ass Blaster missed it. All these grey market / boot cds tend to have the same old stuff so unless you buy and play them all, something like this can slip through the net pretty easily. Funnily enough, the chaps at Ass Blaster missed the Joe Loss tracks by Cream on their otherwise magnificent Cream BBC set. As some wag pointed out, maybe it was because the set needed to be "Loss-less".
    Much as we're complaining about issues with this Stones set, it's way better than the official Cream and Hollies sets in my opinion. The Hollies set has some seriously excruciating intro / outro edits to remove Brian Bathtubes banter and the net result is that Bobby Elliott sounds like he can't start or end a song in time when in fact he was one of the great 60's drummers. It's a shame that collectors have to rely on someone / some people / some "thing" (?) like Ass Blaster to get it (almost 100% !) right. Mr (or Mrs) Blaster should be working for Universal who now appear to own all the music in the entire known Universe as it may exist from time to time.
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    NB. The Beatles BBC sessions box set was issued by Great Dane (boot label), not Bear Family (legit label). A different animal completely, so to speak....
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    Help me out here, please? I'm not only trying to navigate the different versions of this release, but also (possibly) dealing with reginal variants, or maybe different marketing tactics.

    I've finally seen this in the store today. There were 18 tracks on the CD, and in two stores, there were no other CD versions.

    One of the stores had the vinyl, and that had 32 tracks.

    Could someone just confirm that the full tracklist has 32 tracks please?

    (And I'm guessing that, tracklist aside, paying extra for the vinyl isn't necessarily worth it, what with these being radio broadcasts?)
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    There is a deluxe 2 cd version with all 32 of the tracks and a single disc version with 18 tracks.
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    Which ones are your favorites?
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    You Better Move On
    Route 66
    Memphis Tennessee
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    Approximately 2 years ago I was visiting a friend who works at a printers in Mayfair London & spotted a familiar looking fellow pouring over proofs of RSG DVD Sleeves - it was none other than Dave Clark.
    I actually thought to myself it's finally coming out - but of course it hasn't............................
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    Which box set are these on?
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    grrrr super deluxe
  24. Their 9/2/65 three-song set on Ready Steady Go is fully live and readily available on YouTube. Terrific performance featuring "Oh Baby (We've Got a Good Thing Goin')", "That's How Strong My Love Is" (with horns!), and a titanic closing "Satisfaction" (making its UK televised debut). A must-see for any Stones fan. (Oops - see now that someone beat me to it up thread...)
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    Hi there,
    my question is quite simple...
    does the songs appeeared in these new stones' release are in the (at the time ) most complete Stones BBC compilation called "Beat beat beat at the beeb"?(2 cds) Are there a never heard version?
    thanks a lot!

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