The Rolling Stones On Air In The Sixties Book and Album

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by joe1320, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. detroit muscle

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    I had thought about doing that - any issues ?
  2. Carl80

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    United Kingdom
    The Rolling Stones store are all over the place, ridiculous how many issues people are having with them and that’s just on this forum.

    I’ve had a few issues with them in the past, one item I received from them was unsealed and you could tell it had been opened by someone else and probably sent back cause it wasn’t in new condition.
  3. Dee Zee

    Dee Zee Forum Resident

    Nope and the sound quality is more consistent when arranged chronologically by date. Much bette flow for my ears.
  4. tmccool1

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    Lafayette, Indiana
    My previous order went smoothly, no problems. I ordered a No Filter key fob in October. Arrived within 2-4 weeks window. Before that was 1 1/2 years ago, ordered Zip Code tour merch. Again, went smoothly, no issues. So the slowness of this most recent On Air yellow vinyl order is concerning, but I'm not ready to blow it up just yet.
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  5. tmccool1

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    Lafayette, Indiana
    You won't believe this, but maybe you will. After posting this yesterday, I went home and arrived just as my mail was being delivered, including my copy of On Air. The yellow vinyl is beautiful, I must say.
  6. Captain Leo

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    Did anything from the 60s get released?

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