The Spirit of 67 (Paul Revere) What a GREAT LP !!!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by white wolf, Jan 31, 2008.

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    If there is I sure can't find it or any live TV shows. On the YouTube 'Him or Me' with Jack Benny it seems the instruments were recorded live prior to the show so one can hear that they were a good live band.
    About the uniforms- Has there ever been a better gimmick in rock history?
    The perfect answer to the British Invasion. Weren't they the forerunners of the Beatles ultra-hip Sgt. Pepper outfits? The H.O.F. kept the Rascals waiting for years due to the school boy unis they wore for one year but Angus Young is still wearing his. Put The Raiders in the H.O.F.!!!
  2. QuestionMark?

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    I pulled out my hullabaloo DVD to see if the Raiders version of 'Ooh Poo Pah Doo' was live and it was not. Still was fun to watch with Mark Lindsay dancing on top of Paul Revere's piano with all the groovy Hullabaloo dancers around them.
  3. Sunset Sam

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    I just could not get into the earlier Raiders albums....outside of the 45s, I found the material to be very weak.

    However, "Hard 'n Heavy" is a completely different story. One of my favorite albums of the 1960s.
  4. Mr Tudball

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    I've been a PR&R fan since I stumbled on a cache of their albums at yard sale in the late 70's (all of which I still have). I agree with the assessment that they are probably THE forgotten group of the 60's. I was unaware that beginning with Revolution! it was pretty much Lindsay solo in the studio (it kind of spoiled my day for a moment, actually). Regardless, though, Midnight Ride, Spirit of 67, Revolution, and Hard & Heavy) are 4 very solid albums (Revolution in mono is my favorite) that any band would have been proud to release. The remaining albums may not all have been consistent, but the singles that they released were all great.
    I used to wonder why PR&R got no recognition, while a prefab band like the Monkees (aka PR&R Lite) still have a devoted fan base. My theory is that the Monkees get more respect because they were a pre-fab band that fought to be recognized as legitimate musicians, whereas PR&R were legitimate musicians who allowed Dick Clark to pre-fab them for TV with those ridiculous costumes.
    Sundazed tried to rectify the preconceptions people had with the Raiders by putting out "The Essential Ride" with a non-costumed cover shot, but until those costumes are completely eradicated from the artwork, I don't think people are going to be able to listen to the music and judge it soley on its own merits. Back in college (mid 80's) I would play the double Lp "All -Time Greatest" and would typically be asked who the band was. "All-Time greatest" had no costume shots!
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  5. jgreen

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    St. Louis,MO.
    Embrace the costumes! It was a different time. They get more heat for that than Kiss does for their comic book make up. The uniforms looked great on stage and fit the choreography. I love the picture of them in the desert with Lindsey up front and each member wearing a different color uniform. Super cool!!!
    Also I'd like to put my 2 cents in for the late Mike 'Smitty' Smith as being the most kickass solid rock and roll drummer I ever saw live. Nothing fancy, just slammin' that back beat and kickin' that bass drum. Rock on Smitty! The greatest rock and roll show I ever saw. ('66 with Harpo)
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  6. rene smalldridge

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    ...........Actually they were way ahead of the curve with those tights unashamedly flaunting their rock n' roll packages. Musta drove the little girls in the front rows wild!
  7. Larry Geller

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    It actually started with Midnight Ride, and Essential Ride was put out by Columbia, NOT Sundazed. Revolution is the LP that touched off my love affair with stereo (I Had A Dream's vocal separation was what did it for me).
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  8. QuestionMark?

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    'I Had A Dream' is a much forgotten Raider song that I love. I only wish they had made it longer and gone back into the organ part of it again.
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  9. jconsolmagno

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    Thanks for the insight!
  10. jconsolmagno

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    Just stole The Spirit of 67 original album on Mono from my Dad last night. After having his Good Times 45 for years, this is the first I'm hearing the full album tonight.
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  11. apple-richard

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    These guys RAWK! I'm seeing Mark with Flo and Eddie tomorrow on the Happy Together Tour.

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  12. varispeed

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    Here's something from towards the end..... a real hodge podge sound, sort of resembling the Grass Roots meet Grand Funk Railroad.......the band certainly had some relevancy issues there by 1970 imo........I think George Michael saw this and later adopted Mark's look for a bit..... Joe the drummer of course was later known as Mac Davis :), Keith Allison here in the video just before shaving the beard (as you know, he was previously a bass player in the Beatles), changing his name to Richie Sambora, and moving onwards and upwards....Freddy playing the guitar and wondering if today is the day he finally escapes the band and runs away to Nashville, and of course Paul, not really playing organ (as usual), but rather, running a Farfisa/Continental-looking calculator to tally up the proceeds from the gig....
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  13. McLover

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    Love Paul Revere & The Raiders and have for many years. Especially those punchy mono 45 singles. The Spirit Of '67 is a classic! One of their best LP discs.
  14. Rubber Soul

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    Guess I'll add my 2 Cents. The Raiders ROCK! The Singles are almost always great. Not sure that the Revolution LP was the start of the end though(as it is one of their best). After that LP came Going To Memphis(strange move for this band and IMHO not a very good one). Then they turn around and release a Christmas LP?? Nothing wrong with X Mas LPs but in those heady days it just seems wrong(although it's not bad). The Next LPs all have some greatness to them but as over-all LPs they fall short(nice to see some love for Hard and Heavy). No one has mentioned Collage but I think it's a great LP taking the Raiders into the next decade. However while receiving great reviews sales were not strong. Then Indian Reservation and their first Number One Song(believe it or not).

    Then a quickly thrown together LP to capitalize and unfortunately not a very good one(although sales were good). One more so so LP and that's all she wrote(again there are some good 45s that didn't make it to the LPs). I think the Raiders definitely had some identity crisis issues but made quite a bit of Great Music.
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  15. apple-richard

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    Just saw Mark Lindsay at the Happy Together Again concert. He was great and for a 71 year old really energetic on stage. The voice is still there and he looks excellent. He played Good Thing, Just Like Me, Stepping Out, Kicks, a great version of Louie, Louie Indian Reservation and Arizona.

    The third song he played was my all time favorite Raiders tune Hungry. I have played this song so many times in the house, blaring in the car, watching him do it on TV. I actually welled up and had to keep wiping tears from my face. I doubt he'll ever know how much joy he has given me since I was a little 5 year old running home from school to watch Where The Action Is and playing their records for the last 48 years.

    She's Just My Style by Gary Lewis was just amazing. Mark and Howard doing Elenore sealed the deal. If I had a bucket list seeing Mark Lindsay, Gary Lewis and Flo and Eddie this afternoon they would be able to be crossed off the list.
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  16. PhilBorder

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    Right about let's give Terry Melcher some credit. This was a band that needed a producer. That's not a slight, lots of great bands do. But I think Terry was able to channel their considerable energy into records that were also commercial. That's quite an accomplishment. I also have a very clear memory of their records blasting out of the radio. They could sound in your face even from a 9 volt transitor.

    Some of those producers back then - Richie Podolor, Jack Richardson, Gary Usher, Melcher - they really knew what to do with that raw talent, and they made it seem natural.
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  17. Hep Alien

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    Great thread, white wolf!

    I do enjoy this LP, but have always found out a little weak in spots. Here is a fantasy version of it that I have been working on for some time now. It is an attempt to make it more of a group effort:
    My fantasy The Spirit Of ‘67 February 1967 LP recorded 1966 (lead vocal by Mark Lindsay, except as noted) produced by Terry Melcher, except as noted; *Drake Levin, +Steve Barri

    Side One (15:15)
    Good Thing (Mark Lindsay/Terry Melcher) 3:03
    (You’re a) Bad Girl (Mark Lindsay/Terry Melcher) 1:58 7/66
    In My Community (Phil Volk) 2:09 Phil
    Louise (Jesse Lee Kincaid a.k.a. Nick Gerlach) 2:08
    Why? Why? Why? (Is It So Hard) (Phil Volk) 2:57 Phil
    *On the Road to Mexico (Drake Levin) 3:00 Drake

    Side Two (15:53)
    Hungry (Barry Mann/Cynthia Weil) 2:57
    Leslie (Mark Lindsay/Terry Melcher) 2:20 Paul
    +Try, Try, Try (Jim Valley) 2:15 Jim
    Our Candidate (Michael Smith) 2:49 Michael
    *Glory Train (Drake Levin) 2:25 Drake
    The Great Airplane Strike (Mark Lindsay/Paul Revere/Terry Melcher) 3:07

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